The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce SEO Optimization in 2021

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Are you running an eCommerce Website?, you are spending more months maybe even months for creating an eCommerce website but still, your website didn’t get traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then You must need eCommerce website SEO this article only for you.

Every Ecommerce Website Owner is looking to bring the ranking on google, but no one knows about SEO tips and tricks for getting the top ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc. If you don’t know the SEO and how to get a ranking on google then you are losing massive traffic and probably also losing the sales and orders. Do you want to know how to rank your eCommerce website? Read Top 10 ultimate tips and tricks guide. Otherwise, you could contact Tihalt Technologies. We are the Number one E-commerce Website SEO Service Provider in Bangalore.

Why SEO Is Crucial for Your eCommerce Site

According to Neil Patel, 30.5% of traffic coming from major search engines like google, yahoo. Still not convinced to use SEO for Ecommerce Website, According to Point GroupLLC every eCommerce owers are gain 4.76$ when they spent 1$ for SEO. And major reason focus on SEO for Every Ecommerce websites 23.6% of eCommerce orders are directly tied to organic traffic.

SEO is one of the best tools for increasing the high converting traffic and increase sales for your eCommerce business website.

Top 6 E-commerce SEO Optimization Tips:

Apply those best 5 E-commerce website SEO steps to your business website and get top rank on major search engines particularly Google.

  1. Responsive or Mobile Friendly Website
  2. Avoid cluttered, complicated URLs
  3. Create the Simple Website Structure
  4. Use Sales Keywords
  5. Create the Quality Content

1. Responsive or Mobile Friendly Website

Nowadays customers don’t buy an online product using a desktop or laptop, rather many use their Smartphones to browse, compare the prices and make purchases. Google officially announced mobile searches are beaten desktop so that google declares mobile friendly is one of the ranking factors. Also, another major reason 53% of peoples are abandoning a website purchase if the website takes more than 3 mins to load. Slow-loading websites are making poor users experience. So create your eCommerce business website on the user and mobile-friendly. Here are the tips to creating your eCommerce website mobile-friendly.

  • Make sure your page loads quickly
  • Add clear calls to action
  • Optimize your user experience
  • Streamline the checkout process
  • Integrate your e-commerce site with social media<

2. Avoid cluttered, complicated URLs

URL is notable weight in the opportunity of Search Engine Optimization. And also URL has given the visitors a sense of the content containing on the page. If you are using a dynamic URL on your e-commerce website pages, a search engine like google is not taking any kind of information from your website URL. So it hurts your website of top ranking in search engine results. That’s why you need to focus on SEO-friendly website URLs.

Dynamic URL:

Static URL:

How to Create the SEO Friendly Website URL:

  • Keywords in URLs
  • Utilize Lower Case
  • Use Hyphens, Don’t use Underscores
  • Utilize Canonical Tags for Multiple URLs
  • Keep It Short and Sweet
  • Categorize Content Correctly
  • Check Your Spelling

3. Create the Simple Website Structure

Ecommerce Website Structure is one the best ON-Page checklist for SEO, Because it’s easy to navigate your eCommerce business website and easy to crawl website also it helps your business website visitors a great experience. When your website has lots of products and lots of pages and it’s necessary to plan a great website structure for your business website visitors and search engines like google.

Why Ecommerce Site Structure matter?

  • Good eCommerce website structures are used to increase website speed. When you are using a clear structure of your website URLs requires less number source codes like CSS and Javascripts, So server request is less and they load speed.
  • Search Engines are easily able to crawl and understand the website and discover more pages. This helps to a big impact on search engine optimization.
  • When your consumer searches your business name or Brand Name on google, your website’s inner pages are showing on search engine result pages. This is Called Sitelinks, it helps to increase website clicks.
  • Your Consumers are no need to spend more of finding the product, also no need to click more time, Website structure helps to find what they want and make and buying a product.

How to Create the Website URL Structure:

  • Create a Menu structure with no more than 3 Clicks
  • Create a Menu That Replicates the Site Structure
  • Consider creating a separate menu for desktop and mobile
  • Optimize Your URL structure
  • Add a breadcrumb menu to all your pages
  • Create a User Sitemap

4. Use Sales Keywords

Optimize the right Keywords are the most important ranking factor in Google, without keywords you can’t able to optimize your products and categories pages. Keywords are also used for creating and optimizing the content for the right searches on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing But finding the right keywords for an eCommerce website is big deal. If you are optimizing your eCommerce business website product, categories and content you can able to bring traffic and sales to your eCommerce websites. So follow the steps to find the right keywords for your eCommerce business website.

Types of Keywords:

  • Navigational
  • Informational
  • Investigational
  • Transactional

How to Create the Keywords List:

  • Find the Broad Keywords
  • Search the Board Keywords on Keywords Planner Tool
  • Create the Keywords LSI List
  • Utilize Google Search Console
  • Use SEMrush
  • Utilize Ahrefs
  • Focus on Amazon search

5. Create the Quality Content

“Content is the King of SEO for Any Websites”

Creating and Optimizing the Contents plays a massive role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), It helps to bring the ranking and increase the more conversion on Search Engine Result Pages. Also, product contents make your website professionals, but more importantly, you should speak about what you are selling and why it’s worth purchasing here. Because 9 out 10 unique Customers do their research and read about the product reviews before deciding to buy a product.

One of the major mistakes most eCommerce business website product descriptions are sent over to the manufacturers, let think about If you are an easy way to optimize the content to your product descriptions your competitors also using the same.

If you want to bring the ranking and conversion to your eCommerce business website you simply can not use the duplicate content rather create your content which is explained to your customers what you are selling and why it’s worth buying here.

How to Create the Quality Content:

  • Start from your selling point
  • Identify hot trends
  • Use what works
  • Get those creativity gears turning
  • Change it up
  • Optimize your content
  • Pick your channels carefully
  • Gather data

6. Improve Your Customer Reviews

“Your Review is your first impression”

Testimonial and product reviews are one of your major Sales tools. Over 70% of Customers are looking the product reviews before buying products. Website Review is a trust signal that makes confidence in minds of your customers. Shoppers are read the positive reviews of a website if they are ready to buy a product from an eCommerce website. Reviews also boost the major search engine ranking like google, yahoo, bing, Etc. But Badly most of the E-commerce Business website owners don’t know how to collect reviews. Here are ways to increase your eCommerce website customer reviews.

  • Create your reviews front and center
  • Follow up with buyers
  • Ask the right questions
  • Contact those who leave you glowing reviews
  • Contact those who leave you negative reviews
  • Reward those who review
  • Give your customers a reason to review you


There are lots of reasons you should optimize the eCommerce website for search engines but the ultimate target is to increase sales and conversions. If you use those steps you will see the quality traffic which use to increase more sales and repeat customers. Do you have any questions? Or Still, you are struggling to bring the ranking on google, don’t hesitate to call or mail to Tihalt Technologies. We have well-experienced Digital Marketing Experts.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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