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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services, at present, have become the best performing marketing channel. Also, it has the potential to give instant results and drive potential customers towards the business. If the solutions are backed with a team of experienced professionals and results can facilitate the discovery of various dynamics of search result rankings. Our SEO Services in Bangalore are grounded with efficient skills in content creation and meticulous activities working under the SEO relevant factors. SEO services can easily outperform any other marketing channel by successfully driving the business directly to it.

SEO company in bangalore

Efficient Coverage as an SEO Firm in Bangalore

Some online platforms believe that creating a website is enough for business owners but it is not true. In fact, creating just a website can be an initial step in your long journey towards a successful business. Our SEO company helps the businesses to easily navigate their way in a strategic manner as well as covering the competitive edge. In order to produce desired results, we do not always use a precise formula rather our team experts solve the problem in a comprehensive manner.
Our company enables small or large-sized businesses to gain various business opportunities from the outcomes of search engines. This is done by fulfilling primary motives which involve-

  • Creating suitable content,
  • Development of high-quality links for building links,
  • Analyzing the search results and adjust them accordingly.

Through Tihalt Technologies, we make sure that the research, analysis, and audit process remains intact for the online businesses. It is obvious that every business platform is different and so are its requirements and that is why our company makes certain predictions including plenty of variables which can work extremely well for almost everyone.

SEO workflow

Phases of the SEO and Development Process

Find & fix on-page/off-page problems


Evaluate yourself against competitors


Identify opportunities for growth


Enrich your keyword list


Create content


Track and report your results

Site Audit

When checking the website you will over 50 technical issues & warnings and there you will find out how to fix them.

Backlink Audit

Find and get rid of toxic backlinks to get out of search engine penalties.

On Page SEO Checker

Get to know and fix what are the issues in the web pages and optimized as soon as possible before starting SEO.

Gap Analysis

Analyze and get an idea by comparing up to 5 domains. Know their common keywords and unique keywords and analyze their position in organic search results. It will give you a clear view of your competitor.

Competitors Discovery Report

Do the deep competitor analysis to know which keywords bring the most relevant traffic.

On Page SEO Checker

Take a report for top 10 websites ranking and know their targeting keywords.

On Page SEO Checker

Take a list of works which one gives high rank in the search results. Add semantically related keywords in your keywords list and optimize the webpage. Many things need to do according to the report.

Organic Traffic Insights

Insert “not provided” keywords, and analyze how much traffic they bought to our website and identify the particular pages, optimize that ranking pages. Backlinks checker helps to identify all pages linking with website and URL.

Keyword Magic

We can get more than a million keyword ideas and build long tail and short tails keywords using keyword grouping feature. Finalize which keywords having more search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP features and competition density. Choose up to 50 best keyword list for each client or website.

Phrase Match Report

Take a list of extended keywords variations which one is related to our targeted query in order to boost our keywords.

Related Keywords Report

Find out the terms which are related to our keywords like target keywords, including synonyms, misspellings, acronyms, abbreviations, singular and plural forms to get more search.

SEO Content Template

Create best SEO optimized content for your focusing keywords might be 10 or 15 keywords that you want to focus on. Get recommendations on related words, text length, readability and keyword usage in the meta tag and many.

Position Tracking Monitor

We can able to check our keyword rankings in many tools. Compare our position against our competitors. Try to manage a group of keywords by adding related tags and view keyword rankings as they appear on different devices and different browser.

My Reports

Create the best reports from SEMrush. There you can find how much clicks they got for each keyword and they can track how many conversions happened over there. We can get a clear idea of our keywords.

Why Pick Our SEO Services?

White-Hat SEO Techniques

Our team of skilled SEO experts in Bangalore opts for excellent techniques that are in compliance with the terms and conditions of different search engines. 

Experienced SEO Consultants

We boast of a crew of SEO consultants in Bangalore with years of expertise. Besides, we adopt unique strategies and are aware of the latest trends in SEO.

Latest SEO Practices

We understand the importance of implementing the latest SEO trends to improve search engine ranking. For that, we attach relevant links, improve user experience, etc.

New-Age SEO

Our professional SEO experts use modern tactics to drive organic traffic to your website. Moreover, we customize strategies as per the needs of the client.

Qualified SEO Specialists

Our team of SEO specialists is certified, skilled, and highly experienced. Moreover, they have up-to-date training and have extensive knowledge in that domain.

Highly Structured Approach

In order to provide excellent results, we adopt a well-structured plan. Besides, you can rely on our crew of SEO experts to offer exceptional yet hassle-free SEO services.

Some of the key benefits of SEO services

It is significant that the perfect combination of business strategies and services of Tihalt Technologies can accelerate your business and bring it to top on Google search engine. Perfect SEO has plenty of benefits for the organization some of the most significant are mentioned below-

Improvise Website Ranking

We implement the SEO services and business strategies in the right way so that you can remain at the top of the competition.

Increase In Search Engine Visibility

You will be surprised to know that more than 70% of the users never scroll the search results after one page. Hence it is extremely important that you get potential users whenever they search for the keywords. Our SEO makes sure that your business remains visible to the users whenever they search for the industry-specific keywords.

Enhancing Brand Value

This is the most recognized benefit of our SEO services in Bangalore in which we have to make businesses secure a particular share on the search engine results. This is an absolute component to ensure the brand value and establish a stable identity.

Conversion Ratio

A well-devised business strategy and a perfect SEO plan can attract maximum clients for your platform. We indulge condensation, on and off-page optimization and various other measures strategies to make your business more compelling. Altogether strategies can contribute to boosting your leads and sales.

SEO Process

Your Goal & Current SEO standing

Firstly, our team of SEO experts assesses the needs of the clients. For that, we ask a wide range of questions from you. Moreover, we also enquire about the current SEO campaign. This will give an idea about the areas that need improvement. Ultimately, we need to know your requirements in order to set up the best SEO campaign. Here, communication plays a crucial role. Our SEO experts will take details from you in an attempt to understand your desires or outcomes from the campaign. Plus, it is also the perfect time to ask questions (if you have any) from our professionals.

Research & Discovery

After that, we move on to the next phase – research. Here, we conduct extensive research in order to devise the best SEO plan for your business. In this case, we take into consideration the previous campaign (if any) and proceed from there. From the wide variety of SEO tactics, we choose the ones that fit perfectly with your brand. Moreover, we also adopt measures that will allow us to satisfy our clients’ expectations with ease. Some of the most common SEO techniques include high-quality, inbound links, relevant keywords, etc. We also take your suggestions into consideration while setting up the SEO campaign.

Technical Audit

Then, we opt for the technical SEO audit. It is the process that involves making sure that the technical aspects of the SEO of a website are working perfectly. Moreover, during this check-up, one can also find out the areas that need improvement. It will allow you to fix the areas of the website that are not up-to-the-mark. The different crucial elements of the technical audit are –

  1. Taking note of the XML sitemap status
  2. Checking out the HTTPS status codes
  3. Assessing the loading time of the site
  4. Make sure there is no keyword cannibalization
  5. Looking out for duplicate metadata
Brain Storming

Now, our team of experienced SEO specialists brainstorms different ideas. Here, we throw various suggestions and ideas into the mix. After that, we ponder on each concept and think about its viability. If the SEO technique fits perfectly with the needs of the client, we keep it. Otherwise, we move on to the next idea. The main aim is to mix different techniques and tips and set up a reliable SEO campaign. Our team of certified SEO experts allows creativity to flow in these brainstorming sessions. All ideas are given equal importance before picking or discarding them for the brand.

Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of an SEO strategy. Without relevant keywords, you cannot get the results you desire. In essence, keyword research is the procedure of searching popular terms associated with your business on search engines. Then, you need to add these keywords in your content at strategic positions for excellent results. It will enable your site or content to have a higher ranking on the search engine results page. For this, we make a list of the topics that are associated with the client’s business. Besides, we also opt for different keywords types such as longtail, short tail, long-term, etc.

Competitor Analysis

In SEO marketing, competitor analysis is one of the fundamental aspects. It involves researching various elements that contribute to the good SEO content of your adversary. These include looking up the keywords used or links that the competitor has used. Apart from being aware of the latest trends, it also helps you know what you can do to stay a step ahead. In the SEO industry, analyzing the competitor is of paramount importance. It can be used as a standard to see where you can make improvements in your SEO campaign. However, for this, there is a need to find your true competitors in the market.

Road-map for Business Growth

After this, we build an effective SEO roadmap. It is a document that states the elements that need to be implemented right away in an SEO campaign. This allows smooth communication within the team and aids them in making changes with ease. Besides, it enables the prioritization of various aspects. The detailed step-by-step plan will assist you in executing the SEO techniques efficiently. Here, the SEO roadmap must include technical aspects, site performance, link building, content marketing, usability, etc. Developing a reliable SEO roadmap requires exploring different options and assessing the competitors. It aids in enabling the scaling of various businesses.

On-Page & Content Optimization

On-page, also known as on-site optimization, is the process of optimization of web pages in terms of particular keywords. This will increase organic traffic and search visibility to the site. It involves the synchronization of keywords with different elements in a web page. This includes headings, tags, internal links, and content. There are various ways to optimize on-page SEO content. For this, including the target keyword in the first 100-150 words is a must. Other techniques are using H1 tags for headings, H2 tags for subheadings, multiple usages of keywords, usage of external or outbound links, using optimized URL, etc.

Off-Page or Link Building

Off-page SEO is an important part of a successful SEO strategy. In essence, off-page SEO is the tactics that occur outside the brand’s site. This includes link building, citation building, brand building, social media, content marketing, etc. Our team of professional SEO skilled experts uses backlinks to make the webpage more SEO-friendly. Backlinks are an indication that your website is worth mentioning to others.

Moreover, it also aids in the increase of online traffic of the site. We use a wide array of techniques to maintain off-page SEO with ease. You can count on us to make your website SEO-optimized. 

Reporting & ROI Calculation

Lastly, we measure the ROI of the SEO campaign. This gives a clear indication of whether the SEO tactics you used have actually worked or not. Here, a list of leads, traffic, and sales generated from SEO is taken into account. We calculate the ROI or return on investment on SEO by assessing the website’s organic traffic, rankings on the search engine, completion of objectives, and more. For accurate results, we set up conversion tracking by using different tools. This makes it easy for us to measure the ROI by assessing the conversion rate. We generate yearly, quarterly, and monthly ROI reports.

Ultimate Reasons To Choose Our Top SEO Company In Bangalore

You might be convinced by the fact that services work quite differently for different types of businesses. Probably, if you are not certain with its powerful impact then go through some of the top reasons which make our SEO services in Bangalore absolutely effective and reliable for the online businesses.

We understand the investment: Bearing the costs of SEO Services is not just an amount but it is also an investment. The results of which are visible after a while.

Our SEO turns the spotlight on: The Search Engine Optimization services have the potential to lavishly enhance attention towards your sales. This can also generate the performance by laying a positive impact and emphasis on your digital marketing arsenal.

Our SEO is crucial for marketing combination: It is extremely important to understand that SEO Services alone cannot help you to reach the highest potential. In order to complement SEO, you would require social media marketing and branding strategies that can segue into it. We help you create diversity in the services.

Our SEO accelerates the buying cycle: Our SEO Services can enhance your sales without actually proportionately increasing the branding and marketing costs. It can also become your business objective with better ROI and it will help you increase the buying cycle with a minimal incremental cost.

Our SEO service price is variable: Under specialization, SEO services are significant and involve a wide range of services. This also has coverage for the responsibilities of stellar outcomes from the restrained efforts.

SEO services in Bangalore
best SEO company in Bnagalore

How To Generate Maximum Traffic For Online Business

As a Top SEO company in Bangalore, we help you get the best services from on or off-page optimization, content creation, bad link removal, visual implication and lots of other services. Our services are perfect for the platforms looking to boost their SEO as we also tend to assist in the same. We have a team of professionals having a dedicated approach with search engine optimization to make sure that your websites can have unlimited exposure to organic motives. We have an efficient panel of content writers, link creators, page consultants, web development area units, and individuals in the above levels. All of these contribute to boosting your online ranking irrespective of the field you are trading in. We efficiently cultivate the significance of digital marketing for the businesses and make sure that their website gains maximum traffic flow. In the big picture, it also helps them in getting the audience base and lead conversion.

Trust And Credibility Of Our SEO Services

This is an authentic source to maximize business efforts in order to optimize search results. It is obvious that if your website will remain on high rankings for a long time then customers can review your platform for its trust and credibility with the audience base. Also, when you are listed on the highest rankings then you do not have to bear the pay per click services or for any advertising. To secure all the gifts of search engine optimization services you need to get the best things on your plate. If you are choosing the best SEO services from Tihalt Technologies then there are higher chances that your platform will be open for thousands of potential visitors. This will put you into a position of a very strong online platform expanding to the server for accommodating the maximum traffic flow. The creative team at our platform thrives to make responsive websites having presentable and highest-ranking features. Lastly, once we deliver our services we remain in touch just to make sure that all of our efforts with SEO Services are bearing fruitful results for you.

Best SEO services in Bangalore
Top SEO company in Bangalore

Our SEO Services Are Important For Your Business

Even if you have spent a good fortune on your latest website and it is also looking incredible you still have to work on a lot of things. The last task is followed by an active consultation from the one who seeks to invest more in order to improve your search engine results and make them more visible. Search Engine Optimization services effectively weave your business in the possible spotlight so that maximum yet potential traffic can reach it. SEO is capable of creating a massive impact on your website to get into the light of targeted eyeballs. Also, it is absolutely convenient to get the professionals to do the job. Ultimately you can count the digital visibility of your business to its height along with securing qualified leads and client conversion.

Discover our SEO services to launch your next SEO campaign

  1. Website Audit: In essence, a website audit is the complete assessment of the different factors that influence the visibility of the site in various search engines. These include detailed insight on the individual web pages and the overall traffic the website gets. This helps to set up the best SEO campaign for the site.
  2. Content Designing: From us, you can get excellent content designing services. Our team of expert professionals is skilled in various media platforms. These include creating compelling text, stunning images, and mesmerizing videos. The aim is to improve user experience and grab their attention. Here, we pay special attention to extensive research.
  3. Keyword Research & Game Plan: Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful SEO strategy. It is vital to make sure that you have the right targeted keywords in order to gain more traffic to the site. Apart from this, we also devise an effective plan to make sure that the SEO is implemented in the right way.
  4. On-Page SEO: On-page SEO includes optimization of the content within your website. It means that you are in total control of what needs to be done to increase traffic and enhance search visibility. Our crew of experienced SEO professionals focuses on building internal links, title tags, high-quality content, accurate description, etc.
  5. Off-Page SEO: Also known as off-site SEO, off-page SEO is the steps that we take outside the brand website to improve rankings on the search engine result page. Here, the aim of on-page SEO and off-page SEO is to increase brand visibility and get more customers.
  6. Technical SEO: In technical SEO, the technical aspects of the websites are assessed and optimized. It aids in assisting the spiders of the search engine algorithm crawl and rank the site efficiently. Our team of SEO experts considers various factors. These include HTTPS status codes, removing keyword cannibalization, XML sitemap status, etc.
  7. Google Penalty Removal: Google has a comprehensive list of rules, and violating any of them can lead to a penalty. There are two types of Google Penalties – manual actions and algorithmic penalties. To make sure that you don’t suffer from the repercussions of the Google Penalty, we fix the website and adhere to the guidelines of Google.
  8. Google My Business: Enlisting your business profile on Google My Business is a must. It will improve customer engagement and help customers find your business on Google Maps and searches with ease. We will help you create an account here. Listing your profile is completely free and hence is an excellent idea for improving brand visibility.
  9. Google Analytics: With Google Analytics, it is now easy to keep track of your SEO campaign. Moreover, you can assess your ROI. It is the perfect way to make necessary changes. Our team of experienced SEO experts is well-versed in Google Analytics and knows how to use it for your business’s benefit.
  10. Google Webmaster: Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster, is one of the most vital web services that Google offers. It helps webmasters assess the indexing status of the site and make necessary changes to optimize the visibility. Our SEO specialist can handle the Google Webmaster Tools with ease.

Free SEO Audit

Find out more by filling out the form and get a list of opportunities where your agency can generate more customers.


    Questions and Answers

    Can You Help Me with Local SEO Traffic in Bangalore region?

    Yes, we can definitely help you with local SEO traffic in the Bangalore region. There are various techniques that we adopt. For starters, we create your Google My Business Account. There is a need to optimize the Google listing in order to gain higher rankings on Google search engine results and Google Maps. Apart from this, encouraging customers to leave reviews on Google My Business is an excellent strategy.
    Moreover, we also write top-quality content related to local activities or news. That aids in immediate capturing of the attention of your local customers. Besides, we also opt for relevant and accurate local keywords.

    What Sets You Apart from other SEO Services in Bangalore?

    We boast of providing exceptional SEO services in Bangalore. What sets us apart from others is our team of certified and skilled SEO professionals. They are highly experienced and can come up with a wide range of SEO strategies. With us, you never have to worry about the quality of the services. Rest assured, your website and brand will thrive with our SEO campaign. Moreover, we understand the importance of investing in SEO and thus make sure that our strategies aid in generating leads and increasing overall sales and revenue. We integrate our SEO services with your existing branding and social media marketing campaigns with ease.

    How Soon Can I Expect First Page Rankings for My Business?

    Unfortunately, giving an exact answer to how much time it will take to reach to the first page rankings for my business is difficult. That is because first page rankings depend on a wide range of factors. These include accessible website, page speed, user experience, technical audit, etc. Generally, for brand new sites, it will take 1-4 months with non-competitive keywords. With competitive keywords, it will take 9-12 months. However, for popular sites, it will take much less time. With competitive keywords, it will take 3-6 months, and with non-competitive keywords, the time taken will be one month or even less.

    Should I Discontinue SEO After Hitting the Top Spot on Google?

    No, discontinuing SEO after reaching the top spot on Google is not a good idea. If you think that reaching the top means relaxing and enjoying the visitor traffic, it could lead to loss. Keep in mind that your competitors are always trying their best to take away your spot. That is why it falls on you to maintain your ranking. After all, who wants to lose leads? Moreover, the algorithm that search engines use to rank sites keeps on changing multiple times a year. Being reckless can lead your website to go down in the ranking list without your notice.

    Should I invest in SEO services as an offline merchant or store owner?

    Yes, investing in SEO services as an offline merchant or store owner is an excellent idea. In order to thrive in this highly competitive landscape, having a digital presence is a must. Even brick-and-mortar businesses need an increase in sales to attain more success. Ultimately, the aim is to maximize the ROI as much as possible. Apart from boosting the sales of the offline store, SEO can also bring new customers.
    Moreover, the customer reviews will lend brand credibility and increase brand exposure. It will help you to expand the loyal customer base. You can increase customer engagement rate with excellent SEO services.

    What techniques are included in your SEO Services?

    There are numerous techniques that we include in our SEO services. These include creating top-quality content and auditing the website. It is vital to make sure that the technical aspects of the content are maintained perfectly. Moreover, we also specialize in the expert understanding of Core Web Vitals and make sure that the site is optimized for Google Passage Ranking. Other techniques that we use include using longtail keywords and applying the EAT or expertise, authority, and trustworthiness principle. Apart from this, we also make sure that the old content is updated and relevant. Besides, we focus on improving the user experience and using appropriate images.

    What are SEO trends for 2021?

    The SEO trends for 2021 are :

    • Optimizing Google’s BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers to make sure that your website content has matching intent.
    • Using the Core Web Vitals to measure user experience.
    • The increased importance of keyword research
    • Posting authentic content to increase the accuracy and relevancy of the website
    • Making a Google My Business account to increase brand visibility
    • Increased usage of internal linking
    • Video SEO has two recent structured data. These include Clip Markup and Seek Markup.
    • Understanding MUM or Multitask United Model for efficient SEO
    • Proper structuring of the content
    • The emergence of Passage Indexing
    • Focus on user behavior

    What would you say is the most important aspect for successful SEO?

    The most important aspect for successful SEO is heading tags and webpage titles. When the algorithm of major search engines uses spiders to evaluate websites, it is the heading tags and titles that they check out first. If this is not optimized, then you will lose out on the very first round. However, this doesn’t mean that the other factors are not important. These include using optimized images, link building, high-quality content, easy navigation, page speed, etc. All of them need to be up-to-the-mark to ensure that your site is on the first page of the search engine result page.

    Do you guarantee results in search engines?

    No genuine SEO agency can guarantee results in search engines. Take a look at the official statement of Google – “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.” This clearly indicates that promising the number one spot on Google or any other search engine is not possible. On the contrary, if any SEO firm does offer this, you need to be more cautious. It is most likely that they are trying to scam you.
    Moreover, the rankings for different keyword search varies from time to time. That is why guaranteeing such results is a tricky promise. We guarantee round the clock SEO services for excellent results.

    Can I make a one-time investment in SEO, or does it need to be an ongoing exercise?

    No, SEO is not a one-time investment. In fact, it is an ongoing event that needs constant attention. That is because the landscape, competitions, and trends keep on changing all the time. Besides, the rules of the search engine ranking also change with time. With these factors evolving, you need to adjust your campaign accordingly. However, the extra effort and money that you invest are worth it in the end. Apart from getting increased visitors to your site, you will also witness a dramatic increase in overall sales and revenue. Moreover, you also rank higher on the search engine result page.

    How should I determine my budget for SEO?

    Determining the budget for SEO is a tricky affair. Here, you need to take into consideration various factors. For instance, the quality of the content that will help you attract more customers. It is imperative to understand that the more you pay, the better-quality services you get. If you are expecting top-grade SEO services at a nominal rate, that is simply not possible. Apart from this, other factors include targeted keywords, Google rankings, and within how much time you want the desired results. Moreover, you also need to decide if you want local customers or you are trying to expand your brand to other areas.

    How long does it normally take to see results?

    Generally, it takes 4-6 months to see SEO results. However, this is a generic statement. You might see your desired result after 12 months. The better the research while setting up the SEO campaign, the better will be the result. Moreover, here, your focus must be on increasing leads. This will automatically translate to more customers, which in turn will increase your sales. Besides, you also need to gain a higher ranking on the search engine result page for more exposure. That is why the time it takes to see results vary on your needs and the capability of the SEO firm you choose.

    After reaching the top position of Google, can we expect to remain there indefinitely?

    No, you cannot expect to remain in the top position of Google after reaching there for an indefinite amount of time. You need to constantly work on the SEO campaign in order to maintain that position on the search engine result page. There is no time for relaxation because it is important to understand that your competitors in the market are working to take away your rank. That is how much important the search engine result page ranking is. Reputed SEO agencies constantly tweak the campaigns and experiment with different parameters to make your site unique and friendly to the search engine algorithm.

    Will SEO work for my business?

    Yes, SEO will work for your business, irrespective of the size and industry you are in. If you have an existing website for your business, SEO is externally crucial. You need to make sure that your digital presence is impressive. Why lose out on customers when you can expand your customer base with ease? Besides, with effective SEO strategies, you can gain online success. It is evident that SEO is crucial for the growth of your business. Developing the brand value will ultimately help you to gain more customers. For excellent results, choosing the best SEO agency is of paramount importance.

    What makes Bangalore such a hub for SEO Companies?

    The dramatic transformation of the green farmlands to being home to different domestic and international technology companies has brought Bangalore to the spotlight. Known as the IT hub of India, Bangalore is flourishing in terms of SEO services too. It has gradually mastered digital marketing services and is now considered the hub for SEO companies. Apart from the excellent infrastructure that the city offers, there are numerous SEO agencies here. That makes it easy for clients to make a choice. Moreover, the high salary package and the availability of different job positions have also attracted talented professionals to seek a career here.