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Tihalt Technologies is one of Bangalore’s most experienced and
trusted website design and digital marketing company.

Welcome to Tihalt – Web Design Company in Bangalore

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Tihalt is the best web design company in Bangalore besides the top digital marketing and SEO Agency in Bangalore. We provide web development & design services, SEO & digital marketing consultancy services to bring your products and services to a wider public. Join with our branding and user-centered design, Clients are engaged & brand value grows.

About Us
web development company in bangalore

Website Design & Development

We are specialized in professional web design, website redesign, static and dynamic website design and customized web portals for all kind of organizations like non-profit, SME’s and corporate business that who are all looking for perfect professional services.

Best web design company in bangalore

Mobile Application Development

Are you looking for a customized mobile app for your business growth? We create your Mobile app in such a way visible to your customer, you can enlarge your business and gain more loyalty from them. Our team turns your extreme imagination into ex-ordinary reality.

Best web development company in bangalore

SEO-Digital Marketing Services

Tihalt will provide you with the best SEO tactics that make you the better one in your business. Tihalt can make good credibility among your clients and capable of bringing a good user experience to your website. We will promote your brand by the way of ads, social media promotions.

Website design company in bangalore

e-Commerce Site Development

Our team builds interactive, user-friendly, High-performance and profit gaining e-commerce portals. Tihalt Technologies has created niche e-commerce websites in the market. Our specialists provide end to end e-commerce platform that helps you to success the business.

Key Features

web design company

Cost & Quality

A good web development company knows the cost of services and quality of work at the end. Each project must be accomplished with the time frame and with good quality. Make sure you are hiring the best web designer.

web design company

Simple and Professional Web Design

Websites are the best medium that converts the visitor into buying the customer. So it should carry an attractive layout, clean and simple. Make it in a good way and choose the best service provider.

seo company in bangalore

Search Engine Optimization

When we are creating new websites the company should have the idea of SEO, then only they will create SEO optimized website for you. SEO gives various improvements to your business. Enable all SEO compatible components. 

web design company in bangalore


Look at our portfolio. It is the most important things to attract clients to hire the best web design company in Bangalore. Its show the credibility of the company and the skills, capability. It’s an effective tool to communicate with the customer.

web design company

Variety of Services

A company which is having various services that they having more exposure to web design and its related techniques. Before hiring check with them that they have SEO, SEM, SMM along web development.

web design company

Web Page Speed

Most peoples inherently lose patients very soon. If our website taking too much time it makes them get out of our site. So a techie should take care of minimizing all controllable factors slowing down your site speed. Check now your website speed in PageSpeed Insights.

web design company in bangalore

Responsive Design

Create a website is easy, but the challenge is to render the website ought to be easily fixed in different platforms like mobiles and laptops. When the size of the device increase it will not affect the functionality and view of the product.

web design company in bangalore

Relationship with Clients

The web design company must have a good relationship with their clients. Support them and handle every issue related to the applications or websites. Analyze them if they can able to give 24×7 support.

Are You Looking for a Best Web Design Company in Bangalore?

Tihalt is one of the best web design company in Bangalore. We are taken web design solutions as an art of our professional web design team and we have a belief which is everything in first impressions so crafted similar websites. We not only develop attractive websites but also we develop them in some of the ways that engage and encourages them to reach out you or your businesses so You develop professional, powerful, attractive and user-friendly websites for all businesses and NGO through web design company in Bangalore. At Tihalt, we build all types of websites, web portals, landing pages, static websites, dynamic websites, eCommerce websites and other website related services.

  • Website Designing and Development
  • Custom Designed Websites
  • Revamping Existing Websites
  • Website Maintenance
  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Take Care of Domain Name
  • eCommerce Websites Development

We drive your Business through Our Result Oriented SEO & Best Digital Marketing Services

Tihalt is providing the full range of digital marketing services in Bangalore. Nowadays the whole world is connected very well through the internet without the internet it does not possible besides internet users is being grown trend and smartphone users also. So our best way of digital marketing services gives you sufficient routes to boost your brand and products. When the business needs to reach all over the world it should be doing digital marketing, without SEO and digital marketing we can’t able to boost the business in Bangalore, India, and global. We are one of the best SEO company in Bangalore which one providing all kinds of solutions for your businesses with the following benefits that are increase leads, generate the best sales and retail customers.

Tihalt Offers Affordable SEO Services in Bangalore

Our SEO services offer a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase in sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy to create valuable and relevant content to attract customers to drive profitable customer action.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one kind of digital marketing to reach the audience to their mobile via websites, emails, SMS, social media and apps.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is one of the data science methods that focus on projects future trends, events and behaviors. It gives a clear view of various aspects of the operations

PPC Management

In PPC the Digital marketer analyses the strategy and budget. And they monitor each campaign and all keyword’s effectiveness. Just ensure PPC efforts are yielding a positive ROI.

Ads on Target

It’s one technique of online advertising model that is directed the audience based on the product or person the advertiser promoting.

Virtual Marketing

Virtual marketing is a contrast to traditional marketing methods such as printing and broadcast. It’s fully an online advertisement that fully focuses on clicks, impression, hits and its easily convert the viewer as a customer.

Social Media Services

Our social media strategies will help to grow your business and always maintain your social presence and engage the audience in a good manner.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the collection, measurement, analysis, and reporting of web and purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage by the user.


Phases of the Web Site Design and Development Process

Information Gathering













Information Gathering

Requirements gathering is more than just asking a few questions and then proceeding to the next step. We have some steps to process for gathering requirements that all projects should utilize to some degree. If we are doing a small or big project it takes some time to work through the process.
Initially analyses and ask the right question and then listen carefully to the answer. There are a lot of techniques used to collect the particular requirement. It contains the following steps interviews, facilitated sessions, prototypes, questionnaires and more.
After that, we just validate the collected requirements and confirm that it will reflect the client’s ideology. It includes consolidate requirements and molding the gaps and creating models that help to visualize the process. Then the documents and reports are created for tracking the life cycle of the development. After gathering all the required details give all this to the particular client for their approval.


The project planning comprises a lot of information such as end date, milestones, activities, and deliverables of the project. And it contains some additional things also that are responsibilities of the project management team and the resource required for the particular projects. It’s also having some more like what are all the software’s and hardware includes to develop this project and list of methods and standards to be used. Those methods and standards having algorithms, tools, design language, programming language, testing techniques and many.
The project plan gives the proper idea to the project manager to understand, monitor and control the development of the project. It keeps the understanding between the user and the project management team. These are all having a lot of advantages and some of the given below.

• Project planning ensures that the software or websites are developed according to the user's ideas, requirements, and scope of the project.
• It gives the proper role of each project development team members involves to develop this project.
• It’s given a good idea to monitor the progress of the project according to the plan of the project.
• Project planning is confirming the resources and their availability and the activities to be performed during the development of the project.
• Gives the overview to manage the cost of the software project, just plan this during the time of project planning.



The website design process is transforming user requirements into a suitable form. This one helps the programmer in coding and further implementation.
The web designing process has the user requirements documents that help to do the coding and implementation. The requirement documents comprise more details about the projects and its working flow. The output of this process can directly create the implementation in programing languages.

The design yields three levels of results:

Architectural Design

It is the initial level of design that contains the components which are all integrated. In this particular design helps the designers to get the idea of the project.

High-level Design

It a high-level design and it breaks the architectural design into different subsystems and modules. And it shows the details view of all integrations with other components. It recognizes the structure of each substructure and its relationship.

Detailed Design

In detailed design with the implementation part of what we have seen as a system and its subsystem in the previous two designs. Its a more detailed one among the previous two. It defines the logical structure of each module and their relationship with each other.


After getting the system design documents, the work is divided into small modules and units and the actual development of coding is started. This is a major part of the project. Initially, the development process started according to the requirements and design discussed in the previous parts.
The database created by the backend developer and the front end created by the UI developer. UI part is most important in the websites. After done the back end and front-end work both are integrated.
Developers involved all kinds of development and complete it at the period. Create all kind of acceptable functionality what they finalized in the designed documents.


Testing the process is an important part of launching the product to the customer. There we will use some kind of method.
• Errors - These are the coding mistakes done by the developers. Moreover, the most important thing is the difference between the current output and the desired output. This one is considering an error.
• Fault - When the errors remain, the code means the fault occurs. The fault also knows as a bug, these bugs can cause a system failure.
• Failure - Failure is the state of the system unable to do the desired task. Failure happens when some bugs in the system.

We have two types of testing :

Manual - Manual testing is done without the use of automated testing tools. Software tester prepares the case study of all functionalities, codes. They test all UI designs, functions, integrations and many. In testing the major role is manual testing only.
Automated - In this testing, we will use automated testing tools. Some limitations in manual testing can be overcome by using automated test tools.


Once the full web application or software has been fully tested and the no more high priority issues remain at anymore. This is the time to deploy the product to the customer.
After delivering the products the future developments and post-production issues handled by the development team. Usually, a maintenance team took this after the post-production.
If some issues encountered in the production the development team information to a particular problem and how much priority it has. Based on the priority of the problem to be fixed, some have to fix immediately. some will keep holding till the next version.


Many promotion techniques exist in the current market to promote our business. These may help us to reach among some of the peoples who all surround us. That not much helpful to enlarge your business all over the world. We some of the commonly known promotion techniques such as mouth marketing, Websites, Social media, Flyers, Newspaper Ads and many.
In this some of that giving a large scope to give much business. We can able to the website for our business and choose some digital marketing agency to do the SEO and Digital Marketing for your products or businesses. It is helpful to get many customers.

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