Google My Business (GMB) is a free Google tool that helps business owners to manage and organize their search results and maps. With the help of this tool, business owners can claim their listings on Google and incorporate multiple options such as contact information, business hours, services, pictures, and many more. You can hire the best Digital Marketing Service in Bangalore to optimize search solutions for your platform.

Why Is Google My Business Important?

Whether you agree or not, your business is more likely to appear on the Google listings. With the help of the GMB tool backed by the Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, your profile can appear frequently on Google search and map results. Optimizing the Google business listing allows business owners to provide useful business details to the users looking for relevant information. The top Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore indulges in efforts to enhance the overall online presence of all kinds of businesses.

How To Set Up Google My Business (GMB)?

Setting up Google My Business is much easier with a laptop or a desktop. The Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore can help you get an edge over your Google search results and magnify your digital presence. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to create Google My Business:

  • Visit the official website at, and set the name, address, and location of your business
  • Now you can categorize your business across primary and secondary categories
  • Analyze the contact information that is visible to the users. You can take help from the renowned SEO Company in Bangalore
  • Finish the process and verify your business.

For verifying your business there are multiple options to choose from depending upon the type of business listing you are willing to create. To verify your Google My Business listings, you have to follow through with a sequence mentioned below.

  • Verified by mail
  • Verify by phone
  • Verify by email
  • Quick verification
  • Bulk verification

A word of caution while you are waiting for the verification, do not edit your business details.
That’s it! You have successfully created Google My Business. You can also use the most reliable SEO Services in Bangalore to help you with the process.

How To Optimize Google My Business Listings?

The Google search results showcase businesses corresponding to the business locations. You would be amazed to know that more than 25% of the clicks usually go to the top result. Otherwise, around 19% of clicks go to organic results and 9% of the clicks go to featured snippets. So, to achieve a higher ranking, you need to optimize your business info section. This information is inclusive of your address, hours of operation, website address, phone number, services, business description, date of business, pictures, etc. The leading SEO Agency in Bangalore can help you optimize Google My Business listings with absolute convenience.

  • Make sure the business information is comprehensive and accurate
  • Ask the users for reviews and respond to them
  • Directly speak to your users through the Google My Business messages
  • Include the posts that you want to share with your business updates
  • Track your customer’s path through GMB listings

A Few Final Words

Claiming your business profile on Google can greatly improve your digital presence and thus sales. You can also hire the Best SEO Company in Bangalore for GMB optimization in case you face any difficulties during the process.

Designing a website is constantly changing. In 2020, technical possibilities seem endless and we see designers play with reinvent previous styles and ceaselessly experiments with new techniques.  There are some popular styles that just won’t go away, such as like colorful flat illustrations we have been seeing for some time now. If you want to discern the newest trends of 2020 early on you will need help from the experts.  So we Tihalt Technologies requested top designers in the 99desgins community what they looking forward in 2020. Best Website Design Company in Bangalore came up with based on their knowledge of the craft.

Website design trends 2020:

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Imperfections that add personality
  3. Immersive 3D elements
  4. Soft shadows, layers and floating elements
  5. Mixing photography with graphics
  6. Solid frames of white space
  7. Glowing luminous color schemes
  8. Ultra minimalist navigation

Dark Mode:

I believe that one of the main trends of 2020 would be dark design that is mainly focusing on UI design that gives user to enable dark theme. Dark backgrounds make design stand out more. 

Dark mode designs look ultra modern and also they are easy on the eyes and put design elements pop. At times the most visually stunning website trends have normal beginnings and these themes are better for OLED screens and good for saving power and extending screen lifespan. The utility does not stop them from looking good. Tihalt provides dark backgrounds which improves the visibility of other accent for truly dynamic design. 

Imperfections that add personality:

Imperfect hand drawn design elements are like humanity into websites, which users seems to be craving for a perfected yet impersonal graphics web design for years. In 2020 adding new hand drawn web designs find appealing for the heart and soul visitors.

Indeed, who doesn’t need a little extra these days, unique and stylized hand drawn icon and shows your brand personality and stand out from the other market competitors. This Rebellious trend is almost a countermovement to pixel perfect flat designs. Best website design company in Bangalore flaunts your scratchy edges and open shapes to show the world how your brand is.

Soft shadows, layers and floating elements:

This method is all about creating something deep like the 3D effect from the other trend. Soft shadows and floating elements add interest and a depth in your webpage like a 3D look. It is not just a graphics either and also you can use this in text and photos too.

However, taking the rules of material designs further, designers can add a little extra to 2D layouts with soft drop shadows with layering elements on top of each other for a sharp path. Website Design Company in Bangalore wraps these effects give the design with lightweight as if the elements are floating over each other. Well flat, a sharp contrast from classic, impenetrable designs where the layer seem.

Mixing photography with graphics:

  Overwriting original graphics on top of real photos creates a memorable view, which lends itself to your creativity go crazy. Collage like method is a vital one, could be able to add a special cuteness and charm to bland product photo (TSP stoneware) you can use it more serious to better communication or abstract concepts like tech or finance. It’s a way to customize your dream and add more informative creation.

Tihalt Technologies is most of this trend’s flexibility. But be sure to match the style of illustrations and graphics with brand personality. Style can sway how people interpret the snaps cartoon squiggles for something more playful, detailed for something more sophisticated.

Solid frames of white space:

Full bleed layouts has been trending in website for quite some time, Now designers are moving towards solid structures and popping with different ways to use lots of white space (space of any color) to give their designs more structure and make use of clean framing to add-on their designs stability and canvas to jump off.

In 2020, Tihalt will definitely see huge frames of white space giving website a solid structure by allowing each element on the webpage a wide amount of space that creates the perfect foundation for making visuals shine. Clear structured frames around the web page with satisfying sense of order and help prioritize all the different parts of web site.

Glowing, luminous color schemes:

As we are in 2020, website Design Company in Bangalore will be seeing courageous color matching’s which strategically used to make web designs jump off the screen, it becomes more bold and daring used to glow in the dark neon’s and highly saturated color combination and muted shades gives the design a luminous feel. 

Duotone web designs in particular make this trend shine keeps reinventing it to manage its place at the forefront. Latest iteration is the boldest yet, relying on futuristic neon pops of color and stark color make veritably vivacious visuals. Intriguing color schemes will play a major role in web design with trends like extreme minimalism and dark mode on the rise of glowing luminous colors can really shine.

Ultra minimalist navigation:

Rise of wearable devices like smart watches web site is generally thinking smaller and the most affected area by this movement is glue that holds a web page together. Last few years navigation has been getting smaller and easier to accommodate small devices and extremely smaller attention spans.

Minimal navigation takes away much of the troubles in usability mean a lesser a user has to think about moving around. More time they spend immersed in site is actually a thing of moving around instead of wondering how to. At the same time imagination is vitally important, large scale photos and videos are your chance to impress users while using the bare minimum of text.

Less text on the page big images are being pulled to the foreground and represent the main focus of composition because image gets the lion’s share of attention and make sure it is worthy with the powerful or artful visual  that says it all. This is the best part of website design services in Bangalore.

Web design trends 2020:

Generally, with those annoying 2010’s coming to a close. Trends of 2002 are embracing futurism like never before. Attention grabbing visuals and colors, 3D designs are all clear indicators of this new 2020 style, movement extends beyond the screen as well with modern web page emphasizing  more user friendly site experiences with minimalist navigation and less eye straining dark designs.

At the brink of this new way, Best website design company in Bangalore are simultaneously looking forward to the future and the past for inspiration and thanks to multitude of opposing new trends in web design movements. It is safe to say that web design in 2020 with Tihalt Technologies will be full of surprises. 



In these days, not only the digital world is changing and expanding, but the website should also do the same. It is needed to keep the customers occupied and keep the content advantageous, you have to be sure that you are on the right track and you should know about the latest trends. If the website appears the same for long period and if it is not updated with interesting new content, then the website is at a risk. There are so many ways to do this. What to do is, just make sure that everything is up-to-date and working perfectly, or it is needed to do a great change like alternating the primary keywords in the site. Tihalt Technologies is the best website design company in Bangalore. Use this professional web builder to give the website a freshening update.

Steps To Update a Website

Analyze the Present Content and Design

Evaluate the present website thoroughly without creating content. Examine the website what works and what doesn’t. At this juncture, you are not creating any new content.

Visual content

First, it is necessary to check the quality and significance of the visual assets, such as images and videos. If it is necessary to erase all the images together, use online editing tools to bring the images to light.

Written content

By viewing the site’s images, scan it through the written website content. Search for the incorrect information. For example, the old blog on your website has become useless and it doesn’t serve more information to the customers. It may not convey the brand’s information’s anymore because everything has become old. Now it is necessary to update it.

Examine the website’s data

Checking the website often is much important for running a business. Assimilating tracking tools and analytics into the website will enable us to view the site’s trading. It is necessary to check on which page does the visitors spend more time in. Also, it is important to see whether the visitors leave a page without giving any feedback or comment on it. After understanding the behavior of the customers, it is necessary to analyze why they didn’t react to the page and what made them do so. Find out, whether the page has more text than others or whether it takes more time load. You will get deep knowledge when updating the website pages.

Evaluate the Competitors Websites

While working on the upgrading of website design service in Bangalore busily, don’t forget to check the competitor’s website too by conducting some market research. Comparing the findings of Tihalt Technologies is a must after browsing through the competitor’s website. Maybe they are missing information or content in the website, or maybe you would have come across a good point, by viewing and comparing the competitor’s website, it will be able to develop the website more and more day by day. The competitor’s data makes to evaluate the website data and makes it perfect.

Collect Inspiration

Gather inspired by browsing website design examples from the best website design company in Bangalore, from both the own website and other companies website that attracts the owner. Find inspiration from alternative resources like design, museums, or graphic design magazines. Once receiving more inspiration from other resources, it is essential to apply it to the findings and update them on your website. But be cautious that it must not be enraptured by changing too many details from the website. Few changes will be so good and will improve the site.

Add Strong Multimedia Elements

There may be high standard and well-developed content on the website but if it doesn’t look good, everything that has done to improve the website will be a failure. Research says that when comes to web designing, the first impression is the most important thing. If the visitors find website designing more appealing, they will spend more time to get information from the website. In order to create a lively feel to the website, remodel the website with videos or pictures into personal advancement videos by using online video editors.

Align Your Design to Current Trends

Keep yourself updated in web designing. It doesn’t mean that one must be a professional web designer but just go through the content page and websites of the competitor more often. Keep the eyes wide open to make you confident and ready. One should have the ability to trace and find any changes that were being made on the competitor’s website, like adding a new page or inserting a new picture or video to promote their web.
By constantly reading blogs and magazines, one must stay updated. By browsing the design-oriented website such as Tihalt, you can always stay sharp. They have a strong prominence on graphic design; vary from UI design inspiration to illustration, typography animation, and so on. Through this route, you will be very clear about the total graphic design and it is possible to apply all the techniques to the website.

Execute Simple A/B Testing

Use the A/B testing method in order to check the website, if it is updated already. This testing is done by creating two versions on the website to get the data about the usage of the customers and the business. Add any information to the website after the checking process. Check the two versions and find which one is doing its work better.

Enhance Your SEO

It is very much important that the customers or the audience must be able to find out a particular site easily. The particular website must be easily available in the search engines like Google. Already the SEO would have been updated and made trendy. It must be catchy to the views of the audience. Website designing must get the first place which surfing through the net because it is one of the best website developing companies in Bangalore. If the company needs high ranking than the other competitors, it is necessary to use the right words sentences, and phrases to make it perfect and professional. 


All the above information provided to update the website focuses on the most important and familiar signs to make you know when the contents of the website have become old. There is more information’s to know about the update of the website in the previous points. It will take hours on the right path the website is needed.


Best CMS For Website Development

CMS (content management system) is software that helps to manage the content and allows creating a website and blogs. For creating a website or page, usually, programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML were needed, but CMS helps to sort out this issue. It helps to create a website without using code or programming languages. It can be used in all kinds of project works.

How to choose the best CMS for website development

Before working with the CMS, first, it is necessary to choose the best CMS platform for the website. There are so many CMS there; here are some points to check a good CMS.

Easy to use

A CMS must make the work easy to create and edit website content. After publishing content, it must help to make an easy and spontaneous change or adding new information into the web content.

Design options

A CMS must provide so many website design templates to choose and it should easily personalize the designs to their necessities.

Data Portability

A good CMS platform should have all the tools and techniques to make it easy to move all the files to another device or elsewhere when needed. It must give complete independence to move all the files wherever a person wishes to take. Data Portability is the most option it must have.

Extensions and add-ons

It is nothing but installing separate software for more features in the CMS software. To get more features and settings, by adding new software it can be done.

Help and support options

There may be few questions that arise when working on the CMS platform. Good CMS must provide a great service team to clear the doubts day and night. Few were completely free and some charges monthly fees. It is necessary to check before working on it.

Best CMS For Website


Word press was launched in the year 2003 and it is one of the major CMS, which is used worldwide with more than 18 million installations. It is best for simple and medium organized websites. Particularly, for bloggers, it is very useful to show their visitors regularly modifying content with impressive layouts and designs, mainly for the website development in Bangalore. WordPress sets high demand on the server correspondingly when the customers dealing raises. Because of its ease of use and large scale of customization, it is recommended to the users like Tihalt Technologies, one of the best website development companies in Bangalore. To create a personalized site, WordPress gives all sorts of information’s a person needed. It works with all the industries. It improves its software so often to make it the best CMS. It also gives one-click installation to the customers.


Joomla was launched in the year 2005. It has a lot of templates and extensions. It is free to use, but need a host and a user name. It is perfect for the developers and website creators like website development company in Bangalore. For beginners, it is not a good idea to use. Joomla shows a wide variety of options to develop your idea. Particularly, it is very useful for the developer, who doesn’t want to use the code for editing or creating their content. As same to word press, Joomla also has a lot of support, if work stopped in-between. There are many extensions available to use an e-commerce store. It has multilingual support. Joomla is one of the best software that is flexible to the users, but it is not beginner-friendly software.


Drupal is another open-source in CMS development. It covers so many specifications as Joomla does. It also has multilingual support with flexibility. It is a strong and powerful software amongst its competitors. It shows a wide range of options, modules, and templates to develop the site. Moreover, it is considered as the most secure platform to work with than Joomla and Word Press. Only by having web development experience once can use Drupal comfortably. It is the best option for business enterprise sites for its development.
For a few great and popular websites, Drupal is the CMS helping them to develop their sites, which includes The Economist’s site and some University websites. It is a better option for a personalized site handling more data. Drupal is eminent for its extensibility and certainty.


Typo3 was launched in the year 1998. It is one of the best open sources available because there are huge varieties of extensions for Typo3. More than 6,000 extensions and applications are accessible which includes new features. It can pick up large websites and multiple websites with different languages with a single installation to save much work. It is kept updated always by a team of expert developers, thus Typo3 is widely used in corporate and e-commerce platforms. Typo3 provides a huge community that offers fast and simple help for beginners with technical problems and questions. Typo3 has many features such as multilingual support to web developers like Tihalt website developers.


Wix is one of the popular CMS platforms. It is a cloud-based website development system that helps to make HTML5 and mobile-optimized websites so effortlessly. It is a beginner-friendly CMS. Its drag and drop connection makes it easy to create a good look at the website page. There are a lot of templates already there in Wix. It can be good looking in mobiles and computers with fully responsive. Wix app market gives enormous apps to the site.


Squarespace is another famous CMS platform that started at the same time when Word Press was started. It is very famous for its omnipresent podcast advertisements. It is not an open-source so it cannot be downloaded and installed in the server. It is the main difference it has from the other CMS software. If a person doesn’t have any web development experience, this platform helps them to make it easy.


Impresspages is not a well known CMS platform, even though it gives the best blogging experience to the website developers. It also contains drag and drop builder, so creating a new page is not a great task. Using plugins and themes it can be customized. It permits us to use or add some elements that other CMS software doesn’t have. It can be done without extensions they are maps and forms. Impresspages acquire a high mark when coming to its design. The dashboard of the Impresspages looks so modern, thus it makes it easy to use. It also promotes more options to edit the pages of the site looks attractive.


To choose the best CMS software, there are so many choices and options. The best CMS will lead to the best way the website and the team could get for attaining success. WordPress is completely planned only for bloggers, it needs extensions. About 35% of all websites were worked with WordPress. By using WordPress one could handle an eCommerce store, online forums LMS, a membership site, auction site, a market site. It is easy to work anything by WordPress. But for Typo3, the basic installment is made and it has a large scale of functions. It is not much required for mini-projects online. To create a difficult multi-domain project with a multilingual focus, users must pick a CMS like TYPO3 for Word Press for their content or website blog. Drupal started from a community project but now it distributes an extensive range of web functions to its users. Joomla provides a huge range of extensions to adjust to each system in different situations. Deciding which CMS to use is like choosing a personal OS to the system. Choosing the best makes the work best in every way.

Why Your Website Need SEO Services

An Introduction to SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tactic for developing a site by raising the ranking in search engine results. It is the process by which the standard and sum of website traffic are increased by expanding the afterimage of a website or a web page used by the users of a web search engine.

SEO leads to different types of search engines, which include image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. Another important SEO strategy is upgrading a site to raise the number of backlinks, or inbound links.

An enhanced website acquire much more trading, (eg. tihalt) Ostensibly, the main aim of SEO services is to develop the site’s class while searching for results. Above all, the motive of attaining top-level is to captivate more trading and to transfigured that tradings into customers.

Nowadays most of the customers depend on search engines to help them. They rely on it to find everything they need. It means that, whatever you get outside the web, you wish to search for the products and services on search engines like Google.

If you want to attract them, you need search engine optimization. You mush have heard about Tihalt Technologies and the SEO services in Bangalore if you are spending more time in researching. So if u need to bring the customers to your website, we need Search Engine Optimization. Now the question is how to do Search engine optimization? Here you can see the explanation of what makes SEO much important and some search engine optimization techniques and search engine optimization tools to develop the SERP Ranking.

8 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO

Nowadays SEO is considered an important part of every effective marketing strategy. To know it elaborately let’s see few reasons you must be optimizing the site.

SEO helps you to build your brand

To build a brand, it needs both what you provide and also what others say about it. Factors are similar in optimizing a site. To improve the Tihalt Technologies website, first, you need to create content with the needs and interests of the audience and then from other sites find a way to get links to that content. If you are very clear in this, when u create the SEO strategy, you have to select the keywords and create content with the image your brand wishes to have.

An Optimized Website Earns More Traffic

Mainly SEO aims to achieve higher rank sites. But other than this, it must attract more trading or traffic and it should convert that traffic into customers. If you need to bring more users and customers to your business website, SEO is the best way to attain your destination.

SEO Doesn’t Require You to Pay For Ad

The greatest plus of SEO is that it doesn’t need to pay for additional space. For the advertisement, you need to fix an area where your brand should appear, it may be a T.V channel or a radio station or a page in a magazine or in the newspaper. Advertisements of your brand can be played only a few seconds, but it should be done with only payments. But the sites which are appearing in the organic rankings, below those ads don’t need to pay. Thus Tihalt Company spends only a limited time and money in order to create pages for their brand ads. As a result, they are getting rewards in traffic without even spending a cent.

Helps Your Target Audience Find Your Site

SEO helps businesses to get in front of the target because they actively search for the information. It is a good opportunity for the consumers to use the search engines to get all the information about the products and services they are in need of. A survey shows that 62% of the consumers using the search engine to learn about a new business, product, or service, and 41% of them use search engines when they are ready to buy. 48% of the consumers are very much interested to visit the business’s official website in order to learn from it.

Boosts Your Credibility and Authority

When Tihalt creates informative and valuable content, you will get a great chance to build the trust and credibility of the talented customers in the beginning stage itself.

  • First, a user searches and finds your services or products, by viewing one of your course or scheme in the search results.
  • After reading the resource or course or scheme, they might share it with their friends and will subscribe to your email list, if they like it.
  • The user will view your site regularly several times without doing any action for a few months. But whatever they read from the website, your brand’s trustworthiness will be proved.

Because of this, the customer finally is ready to make a purchase or ready to speak with the sales representative in company. They are very comfortable in choosing which company they need to go for. All the information that you made without any cost made them go for the right decision.

Helps You to Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

When you are optimizing the website, you are not only developing and raising site ranks on result pages but also that could go above your competitors. As a result of this, People earn more percentage in the clicks for the target keywords and competitors will earn very low.

It Improves User Experience

Nowadays, technical factors like mobile-friendliness, serviceability, and Site’s speed play a major role in the ranking than before. So optimizing Site needs some more professional help, it means that you are ceaselessly improving your site needs.

It Is Easy To Measure

Eventually, one of the biggest lead of SEO is that you could measure every aspect of your own results virtually. Unlike the traditional methods that mainly depend on looking for a connection between the ad and its sale, it is so easy to view the rewards you are getting from the SEO investment.

SEO Tools

  • Tools to improve keyword research.
  • Tools to simplify on-page optimization.
  • Tools to improve off-stage optimization.
  • Tools to monitor results.
  • Tools to improve conversion rate.


SEO is a great way to enhance the overall experience of the target that the customer has with your brand. When you create content useful with their needs, they have to make it easily available on a user-friendly site, your company has for a helpful resource. Search engine optimization is one of the important ways to reach a marketing destination.

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