Types of Website menus

Website menus are a crucial part of any website because the first appearance of any website is the menu. They not only inform people of what you have on your website but they also help in determining your website’s ranking. Good knowledge of ranking helps in enhancing site traffic and helps you in getting a better ROI. The way you curate your website menus and label the different items determines how much usable your website will be to the end-users. Being descriptive can be helpful but you should avoid format based navigation and drop-down menus. You should be intuitive and can consider using structured navigation like main and sub-navigation. Through Tihalt Technologies, you get an attractive and professional menu for your business website.

In this article, we will take a sneak-peek into the different types of website menus.

1. Standard Horizontal Menu

This is the most common design that is followed by most of the websites. Here you can get a horizontal list of the main pages and users can navigate easily. This indicates a low bounce rate and higher conversions. Hence if you are looking for higher website traffic then this may be the ideal design that you should aim to get.

2. Sidebar Static Navigation

In this category, the links are effectively displayed all-important links. The user can utilize the right side for scrolling down and the left side of getting a bird’s view of everything. Thus this provides an effective solution to the users where he can have everything at his fingertips.

3. Hamburger Menu

This menu is rather pragmatic and creates a sleek view of your website menus. This is highly famous for users due to its dynamic and subtle nature. This was initially created by the Xerox product designer and it gained huge popularity in some time.

4. Multi-media Based Menu

Here you can incorporate a lot of multimedia to improve the functionalities. This menu helps in making your website more users friendly.

5. Mega Menu

This menu offers a drop-down interface to the users. This option facilitates the user in seeing everything on one page. This provides a mobile view to the users and hence has gained huge popularity with many companies. However, you must avoid using too many items in your navigation. You must aim to limit your navigation to a maximum of five items.

6. Vertical Sidebar Navigation

This is another popular category that is mostly utilized by real estate companies.

7. Sticky Fixed Menus

This is commonly referred to as the persistent navigation bars. Here the menus do not disappear when the user scrolls through the website. This type is utilized when the highlighting points are generally mentioned in the horizontal bars.

8. Streamlined Navbar

This is a trendy way of showing the main links to the project. This category was in high demand last year.

9. Slide-out Menu

This concept was inspired by mobile UIs. Here the menu can slide from the left side, right side, top or bottom. The user generally admires the visual effects of the text or icons.

10. Footer Navigation

This is quite similar to the static navigation bar and the menu appears on the bottom of the page which sometimes creates a menu for the users.

11. Interactive Navigation

This category is in high demand and helps in maximizing revenues. The dynamic features grab quick attention controls a lot of eyeballs and help in increasing the website traffic. However, one drawback of this is that this is not fully compatible with all the browsers and devices.

For curating an interesting navigation menu you can take the help of any of the website design company in Bangalore. However, before deciding the menu you must settle on something that will be best suited for you. You should design the website menus in such a manner so that the navigation highlights your products and services. In such cases, your site will communicate instantly with end-users and you can notice higher conversions. You should also pay more attention to which items appear at the top or bottom of this list. This is commonly referred to as the ‘serial position’ some studies show that the serial position influences the attention level of the users to a considerable extent. Ideally, you must put the most important item at the beginning of the navigation and the least important items should be kept in the middle. The contacts should appear as the last item on the list.

Web Design Tricks To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Many business firms have excellent products or services with good marketing teams and SEO experts but it fails to increase their website conversion rate. Increasing the conversion rate helps in boosting your return on investment. So it is worth knowing the important website design tips for higher conversion rates.
Developing a good website is crucial not only to attract visitors to your page but also to convert them into your customers. Even making a small change in your website design will help to boost your website conversion rate.
This article explains the eight best web design practices that you need to implement through a website design company in Bangalore on your website to grab visitors to your website and convert them as customers.

Know Your Audience

You must know the type of audience visiting your website. Different segments of the audience have different expectations and the way they understand your content differs widely. It is essential to develop a good website design with excellent content that meets your audience’s expectations. So, you must first understand your audience type and their expectations before starting your website design

Add High-quality And Large Size Images

Use the images that are relevant to your website content as this can clearly express the message of your product. Usually, the website with a high conversion rate use images with the same coloring, style, and flavor for all the images. You must ensure to add fewer images which are simple, clear, and high quality for the webpage. You should never add images bland to the website. Adding high-quality and convincing images attracts more views to the website so you should be very careful when adding images to your blog or website.

Color Matters A Lot

Color plays a crucial role in website design for usability and expressing the overall view of your products or services. The use of various colors on a page can express different reactions and emotions. It is a good practice to create a different color combination of a website that promotes the emotions you want your brand to communicate.

Decrease The Page Load Time

The page load time of your website has a great impact on conversion rates. Always ensure that the page takes only minimal seconds to load since a second setback reduces the conversion rate widely. You can check your website loading speed using the tools like Pingdom and GTmetrix. With Tihalt Technologies, you can increase the speed of any business website.

Ensure Clear Branding

You should make sure to use the same design and layout throughout your website. The logos used on every webpage must be the same color and style. Branding for your product starts from slogans and, logos used on the website. Visitors judge not only the bulk text you use on the website but also the titles, layouts, and images. It is vital to consistently brand the three elements – images, layouts, and titles to reduce chaos for your readers.

Use Negative Space Properly

The space lines of text, paragraphs, and letters refer to negative space. A good website must use properly the black space when giving information. The latest web design involves strategic methods to use negative spacing effectively. Using the negative space appropriately makes the content easy for the users to understand and easy for their eyes.

Minimize User Clicks

Design a good website that is easy to navigate and allows the users to get the required details with minimal clicks. It is good to prevent pop-ups and other interventions since this will increase the number of clicks by the user to get the services or details they are looking for. Check the number of clicks for the user to reach their desired information and think about how to reduce it.

Mobile-friendly Website

The recent website templates and designs are developed by default. So they always fit automatically to all types of devices that trying to use these sites. If you are not sure of this, then you can test your website in Google’s mobile-friendly. Since most of the users are accessing the website on their mobile phones most web traffic is happening on mobile. Users face complications on filling data, read the information on small screens, and clicking interactive options on mobile. So you want to make sure whether your website is comfortable and highly accessible in all types of devices

Now you have understood the important website design principles you want to implement in your website design process to enhance your conversion rates. Apply these tricks through a website development company to see improvement in your website conversion rate.

How to create web presence amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected our lives to a great extent. The crown-shaped virus has spread a pandemic and has confined us within the four walls of our room. Social isolation has brought about a huge metamorphosis in the way businesses operate. Now we can see many emerging trends to cope up with the varying needs of the customers. We must not restrain our lives in washing hands and wearing masks but we need to find out better ways to manipulate the situation and to earn more profit.
Maintaining a strong web presence amidst this challenging situation may be a hard nut to crack and may require you to burn the midnight oil for achieving a better ROI

During this COVID-19 situation, it would be highly beneficial to provide immediate assistance to the public. Gaining online visibility and earn the confidence of users can be a little complex but it is not impossible to attain if you have the right strategies in place and right web design company and digital marketing company. Nowadays customers want to get services in one click and hence developing a one-stop solution for the customers will be appreciated by all. In this article, we will help you to get a detailed understanding of how to create your web presence amidst this pandemic.

Keep the information up to date and build a good brand value

It may be a great idea to keep all the information up to date so that customers can access the information Sans Souci.
Branding becomes important for every business because customers are knowledgeable and they look for companies whose online credibility is strongest on the web. Hence you must focus on building a brand value first.

Create a Social Media Account

By creating a Facebook Page> and an Instagram Business Account, companies can establish a digital presence and share important information proactively with clients. Such tools enable businesses to tell consumers who they are and what they will deliver. This becomes particularly useful as in the retail stores the working hours are limited and hence with a strong digital presence you provide more options to the customers to avail your services out of business hours as well.

Be Active Online

Did you get a website now? Yes means fantastic! No means design an attractive website through a website designing company. But you have not finished yet. Ensure that all information is accurate. When you have a news or forum site, contribute to it regularly; do not have a news section or journal if you cannot handle the daily articles. It is important to increase customer engagement to build online traffic. An inactive website creates a bad impression on the customers and hence can deteriorate your brand value. Prove that you are still in business, and show your potential clients that you care about their needs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or MSN will allow all of the consumers to use keywords and identify products and services. Optimizing your website for search engines with SEO Company can guarantee that such keywords are present on your website. Tihalt Technologies will boost your ranking and allow more traffic to your website. This traffic can then be used to convert regular visitors to potential customers.

Create Value

In general, the aim is to make money from your brand or business. Yet you have to create trust and be customer-centric until you can earn profits. One method of building interest is by offering free online educational material. Not only can your clients benefit from this, but through this, the visibility of your site will also increase. Focus on the pain areas and try to find out what should be done to improve things. Put yourself in the shoes of the clients and try to get more familiar with his requirement Another way to create online trust is by providing advice. You can do that by posting informative things, answering comments, and appearing on a podcast.

Google My Business Listing

Google’s company listing is an affordable and flexible forum for reaching local clients. GMB lists you on Google Maps which is one of the most preferred tools for many users worldwide. GMB lists all types of business, whether it is a restaurant or beauty salon. Customers can contact you directly via e-mail or by phone and can provide opinions through feedback, evaluations, and suggestions.

Keep Improving Using analytics

We should also track how we perform online regularly, just like we track business performance with good accounting software. If you want to create a strong web presence it is important to know to compare the past analytics and you must aim for achieving more. We need to track our progress from day 1 and continue to improve until we achieve our objectives.

You should begin by monitoring visits to the website. Google Analytics is an outstanding online website data tracking device. It gives you important information on the people visiting your homepage. You learn about their demographics, their location, their age, browser, or devices used. If you have all this information handy then you will know your customers better and can understand their needs and requirements in a better way.

Create an easy interface

Your website should have an easy interface so that anyone can access your site easily. Also, you must focus on engaging content. Remember content is king. A good content management strategy will attract more people to your website and will increase your brand value.

Analyze your results

When you start building your web presence with a few tactics, it is crucial that you analyze your findings. You should check your methods and see what works and what does not.
Start by determining which measures you are using to measure the performance. You can watch your search engine results on Google if you are working on your SEO. In this way, you can monitor the number of users, including the open and clicking patterns while you are building an email list.
Also, note that such approaches are long-term. So you need to wait patiently before you can see results. You must not be afraid of taking the risk and making new experiments.

Be safe for COVID-19 pandemic and Choose the right digital marketing company to make a strong web presence is crucial to let your present and potential customers get in touch with your business. Follow these methods with Tihalt Technologies.

Please let us know if you have any queries about your business.

Web Design Trends 2020

Trends in web design are changing significantly. In the year 2020, we witness web design playing with extreme measures, reinventing earlier fashions, and continually experimenting with new technology.
We love visual things, and graphic architecture influences our perception to a considerable extent. Therefore, integrating modern web design in the promotional campaign is more critical than ever. Only assume that you have invested a great deal of time and energy integrating a specific style into the web design company in Bangalore standards to just get the perfect design.
So, what are the 2020 trends for web design? You will need assistance from the professionals if you want to settle for the latest trends. The following web design trends for 2020 ensure that websites are rich in content and visual effects to get the maximum traffic.

1. Overlarge Mode and Elements:

Most businesses have a specific typeface that allows consumers to recognize them instantly against their contenders. Overlarge mode and elements provide consistency of typographic expressions for brands.

Features and Benefits

  • Overlarge mode and elements are popularly utilized by the websites for effective and instant communications.
  • The overlarge mode and elements look mesmerizing on any screen resolution.
  • This scale can be applied to almost everything on a website, from large, courageous typography to full-screen pictures and videos, and even overcast menu fonts on websites.

2) Immersive 3D Elements:

There existed a time where 3D web designs were found in some popular games, however with the advent of technology, the 3D elements are popularly utilized in some of the popular websites as well. The 3D elements add realism to the sites and enhance the user interface.

Features and Benefits

  • 3D visuals always have pleased people; they feel more connected to reality through the 3D elements.
  • A genuine awareness of realism is generated by the addition of depth to a design.
  • Until VR is more general and economical, hyper-realistic 3D, which often utilizes the entire screen, is a great way to build an enjoyable experience for the user.

3) Liquid Animation:

Liquid animation is an exciting trend that is utilized by web designers in Bangalore. The pointer also has a fluid sensation with a cursor blog and a realistic feel to the movement on display. The cursor of a blob almost slows down to the other elements’ movement.

Features and Benefits

  • This trend can be utilized in various ways to meet your needs.
  • The slow flowy water like movements in the screen creates exciting patterns.
  • The liquid animation facilities skimming of the words on the screen. The images shift with mouse movement.
  • Almost every site on which you arrive seems to be moving in any form. This facilitates liquid hover animations.
  • Underwater motion is another powerful feature of this trend. This illustration is used to capture many realistic images underwater.
  • Liquid animation also has a liquid topography feature. The text is pulled and stretched, and yet of readability of words is maintained.

4) Digital Illustrations:

This popular trend allows us to create Illustrations in the shape of beautiful sceneries, animals and branding mascots, or even authors’ cartoon versions. Web developers can be found throughout the world’s web-design portfolios. Web illustrators and branding geniuses have become a significant part of the web design world and are becoming highly popular.

Features and Benefits

  • Relevant digital illustrations may distinguish your layout from an audience and create a genuine emotional connection with guests.
  • Digital illustrations for different purposes can be used by the design team
  • Pen tool illustration is an essential feature of this web design trend. This helps in the creation of an endless variety of lines and shapes
  • Digital illustrations allow illustrating with geographic shapes. This feature works best when different tools are combined, and it is now popularly utilized by graphic designers.

5) Increased focus on UX/UI:

It includes the coordination of the full product web development and introduction cycle, including naming, architecture, accessibility, and practical aspects.

Features and Benefits

  • Web designers are creative in wrapping functions to create a great UX that leans on clean design and is original and unique every way they can.
  • It helps to provide easy-to-read information and implementations to visitors.
  • A UX designer deals with the entire process of product acquisition and integration, which include branding, design, usability, and functional aspects. 

6) Split Content:

This trend is particularly useful once you have two aspects of advertising that are split-screen. This method helps you to highlight the two and encourage the consumer to pick them easily. Splitting the screen into two significant parts offers a way to assist the user to your site, something more than just a simple graphic trend.

Features and Benefits

  • With the help of this feature, you can display many as one powerful message on a single page using split content web design techniques.
  • It makes your site more attractive and structured.
  • It creates a design model that works with several other methods and trends in web design.
  • Create a view that differentiates between content on the site and so many full-screen make the websites hero.

7) Gradients:

Gradients refer to an inclination is the continuous mixing starting with one shading then onto the next. It makes objects stand apart by adding another measurement to the structure and adding authenticity to the article. In straightforward terms, angles include profundity.

Features and Benefits

  • Gradients include some profundity in level formats and make them all the more outwardly intriguing.
  • Gradients allow mixing of the colors, and the outcome is wonderful.
  • They can be utilized in different settings, for example, a foundation for content, shading channels over the pictures or outlines, or a highlight for useful components. For example, the source of inspiration catches.


Website design trends 2020 are a flat out blend of the visual side of visual computerization and the cutting edge side of advancing innovation. We cannot conceal that we have been thoroughly intrigued by the cutting-edge website architecture once we began exploring. Website specialists in Bangalore are getting unbelievably imaginative. They strive to create designs that stand out. We should not wait anymore and dive directly into website architecture patterns 2020. 

2020 will involve a stunning involvement in website designing. The web design trends of 2020 suggest interesting amalgamation of lively hues and inventive blends, which increases your website visibility to the customers and helps in getting more leads. It also helps in enhancing your brand value and gives you an edge over your competitors.

By watching out for the patterns we have sketched out in this article – you will give yourself the ideal possibility of remaining on top of things, pleasing your customers, and accomplishing incredible work for a considerable length of time to come.

Digital Marketing is important for every business these days. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big or just a startup, Titalt Technologies can help everyone with digital marketing. Digital marketing activities can take the business up by significant levels. There is no other way of marketing or promotion nowadays that is half as good as Digital marketing. There are many reasons for that and the biggest reason is the internet. No one in this world can stay without the internet these days and that opens up so many gates for marketing.
Where there are people, there are endless opportunities to promote a product/service/idea. To choose why you need a digital marketing company in Bangalore, it is important to know the need for digital marketing at first. This article will take you through all the reasons why your business needs digital marketing irrespective of the scale, the type or the location of your business.

Reasons why every business needs Digital Marketing

1. Reaches to maximum people

This is the point that gets justified with only one fact. Most of the people are using digital devices like Laptops, PCs, and smartphones. These are the spaces which when connected to the internet have more people than any physical location hence, it is the place that can maximize the reach of a website or a brand. Digital marketing services in Bangalore can be related to the audience of the whole world. There are no boundaries of cities, states, or even countries. Anyone anywhere can see the ad campaign running on the internet if it is promoted well.

2. Levels the market competition for small businesses

The opportunities for all the companies are equal in the digital marketing spheres. It all depends on the quality of the campaign and how well it is strategized and planned. There are situations in which a small company with an attractive campaign can overshadow the marketing campaign of a successful company. It is all about finding the target audience, catering to what they want, and keeping attention to what is working in the market. Using the latest technologies is one of the few ways through which companies can excel in digital marketing. It is also important to pay attention to the content. It is one of the ways that builds trust and improves the engagement of consumers with the brand.

3. More targeted

This is one of the best benefits of digital marketing that can be done on a targeted group of people. This way enterprises have to spend less and they can grow more. Everything is not meant for everyone. Medicines of diabetes will only help the people who have it, football can only be sold to the people who love sports. Digital marketing activities provide enterprises with an opportunity to design marketing campaigns that are targeted. These demand extensive research and then content writing is done for those groups. Content and research are two parts that can never be taken away from digital marketing. Good research and then content to support it can make wonders happen for an enterprise. ‘Tihalt’ also specialized in digital marketing to a targeted group.

4. Personalization is possible

This is one thing that was never possible in traditional marketing and will never be. With digital marketing, enterprises can make their marketing content and campaigns personalized. They can design posts/messages/emails for specific groups/people so that they get attracted and engaged with them. When a person sees a mail with their name and some other personal information that they have willingly shared with the brand, they feel connected. This is one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing. There are many new ways that are making personalization better and easier. There is much software in the market that allows the enterprises to design distinctive newsletters for every subscriber. Personalization has improved the scope for growth. This also keeps the consumers engaged with the brand even if they are not buying something new.

5. More advanced analytics

Marketing needs data analytics and it can be done very efficiently in digital marketing. All digital marketing campaigns run on data analytics. Hence, there are many ways and tools designed only for this purpose. There are solutions and tricks for advanced data analysis, and it is important to make the campaigns successful and increase the reach of a brand. It can also be used to convert prospects into buyers. Advanced data analytics is the reason why digital marketing campaigns become successful. ‘Tihalt technologies’ have expertise in advanced analytics and their use in digital marketing campaigns.

6. Easy to scale and adapt

It is very easy to scale the campaigns and adapt to digital marketing activities for enterprises. They don’t need to do any major change in their infrastructure or buy any new resources for it. Everything is digital so they only need good PCs or laptops and a fast internet connection, all other work is of the employees of the digital marketing agency that is hired to do the specific work. It is very easy to scale both the campaigns and business, there is no need for more employees or a big team for scaling. Few digital marketing employees who have good experience and skills in the field can do that easily. This is one of the reasons why enterprises have started using digital marketing services in Bangalore over all other types of marketing.

7. Best ROI

ROI or Return on Investment is the best in digital marketing. The investment is returned in terms of traffic generated on the website or in terms of prospects that turned into customers. This also has the capability to increase sales to a great extent. A good marketing campaign can do all these things, it can attract people who don’t know much about the brand, can change the prospect consumers into normal customers and also improve the trust of loyal customers. There is no other way of marketing that can provide this much return on the investment done by the business. This is the best way to grow in this world that has gone 70% digital.

8. Cost-Effective

Traditional ways of marketing are very expensive, be it TV marketing, Radio marketing, or flex printing. They are neither effective nor in the budget. Print marketing is still in the budget but no one nowadays pays attention to them. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is very much cost-effective, all the money that enterprises spend on marketing returns something. It is never blank, the more they spend, the more will be in their reach. Sometimes, there is not even a requirement to pay, most of the digital marketing activities can be done for free. Content marketing that is becoming one of the most important parts of marketing is all based on quality and creativity. There is no money involved in it. Yes, content writers are paid but the benefit they provide to enterprises is much more than what they get. ‘Tihalt’ provides enterprises with affordable digital marketing solutions.

9. Is Good For Building Trust With New Generation Of Consumers

Trust of the people, brands cater to is very important. Most of the brands nowadays cater to the new generation and they are all on the internet. There is no better way of building trust with them than a good digital marketing campaign giving the best digital marketing services in Bangalore and content that can explain all the services and products.


The number of reason to invest in digital marketing is innumerous while the best out of them are illustrated above. While to increase your customer base and boost your business, we suggest you make a digital strategy if you don’t have any.

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