Choosing between Facebook ads and google ads can be a tough question. Finding which is right for your online business upon the different types of the checklist. Every business owner is asking one of the common questions when they’re expanding the business by using paid media. Where should I spend money to increase my business online? And another version of questions which is better for google ads or Facebook ads?

In our answer is both notable drivers for your online business and more agencies are using both incompatibilities to reach maximize their reach. Both advertising tools have billions of users and a very big data set that agencies get their paid ads in front of their target audiences. Thereafter time and money are bounded, where do you start to get the most business?

There just is not the rapid and indigent answer to the questions: “Which is best: Facebook ads or google ads”. Alternatively, we are trying to tell you which is good for your online business, keep reading.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are one of the paid advertising systems that allow the business to serve the branded message to your target audience around the world. Facebook is a powerful social media platform for a single person and business, According to a recent report 1.6 billons people worldwide connected to a business on Facebook.

Facebook ads are an effective way to increase the brand awareness of your business and generate business leads and driving traffic to your business website.

Basically, Facebook advertising is creating and running the campaign using the Facebook ads manager tool to reach our right audience based on their location, profile data, and demographics. Additionally, you can also choose where you are like to run the ads (Facebook news, feeds, messenger, Instagram ). And finally, you can also track your ads performance like clicks, views, impressions and reach, etc.

What are The Benefits of Facebook Ads?

Facebook is a huge benefit for your business. Organic traffic from the Facebook website also one of the best solution but this is not a right time, will be talking about later. On the one hand, content marketing, email marketing, stunning website design, and organic social media Facebook ads are more important. Because billions of peoples use Facebook landing per day.

Note: we are talking about Facebook Ads, not about the boost button on the Facebook feed.

  1. Yout Audience Spend Most of Their Time on Facebook: According to the report 80% of internet users are using Facebook. That’s why every SMO Agency company is referring to create a Facebook page and increase the like to your business page.
  2. Facebook Advertising is Very Cheap: Another one of the main benefits of Facebook ads, it that’s very cheap also it’s cost-effective. For example, if you are spent 100 INR per day you can reach 1000 people.
  3. Facebook Ads are Fast: Facebooks ads work very fast, it’s driving immediate results. You start the reaching the people 1000 per day. So if you are looking for an immediate solution or generating traffic and leads for your business Facebook ads are the best solutions.
  4. Facebook Ads Drives Brand Awareness: Facebook ads are will Substantially increase your business brand awareness. This is a great way to make people aware of what you have offer products or businesses.
  5. Facebook Ads Drives More Traffic: Facebook ads are the best way to increase website traffic. you can also run the campaign if you are looking to increase the traffic to your website. Accuracy and cost-effectiveness compared to other social media platforms.

What are Google Ads?

According to the research Every second 2.3 Million peoples are searching and using google. And most of the google search result pages have ads. Google Ads extraordinarily fruitful way for driving traffic and generating business when people searching for the types of your business or products.

Google Ads (previously Google Adwords and Google Adwords express) is an online advertisement solution provider. That’s business are used to promote their product and services on Google search result pages, youtube, and other websites all over the world. Google Ads account is based online so you can create the campaign at any time. There is no minimum cost while running any ads from google ads. Also, this tool offers you can control where ads appear and set the budget.

What are the benefits of google ads for business?

Google ads allow you to show your business ads to the people who are interested to buy your product and services. Also, you can track your ads performance link clicks, impression, Etc. And one of the major benefit google ads gives you the great opportunity to reach the correct target audiences as they use multiple devices like a smartphone, desktop, tablet, Etc.

If you looking for immediate sales for your business, then google ads is the best place because google ads show your ad to the right people, and in the right place, and at the right time.

  1. Adwords works faster than SEO: Google ads and Search engine optimization (SEO) both are search engine marketing strategies to generate traffic and sales from search engine result pages. But well-optimized google ads campaign can work much faster than SEO.
  2. Increase brand awareness: Google ads are used to increase the traffic to your business websites and also is a methodical way to inform your target audience about your product and services.
  3. Reconnect with visitors to your website: One of the great benefits of google ads is remarketing with your website visitors. For example, you are providing website design services in Bangalore, peoples are found your website, unfortunately, they did not take any action, in this case, you can remind them with using remarketing ads from google ads.
  4. Earn more conversions and Maximize ROI: Google ads can use increase the conversion rather than SEO because google ads are outranking your competitor in google search engine result pages. So you are getting more business from google ads and increase the Return on investment.
  5. Measure your success: You can get valuable data from google ads including how you spend on google ads, how you are working, and clicks impression and conversion rate. Also, you can able to use the Google analytics tool to learn about your website visitors’ shopping habits.

Comparison between Facebook and Google Ads:

If you are already running Facebook ads and google ads or if you are planning to run both ads for your business or products and want to know about which ads are best for your business or products to grab details from the following chart.

Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins WPForm Lite

Source from: Databox


In this case, Facebook ads and google ads are work together crucially when it comes to the remarketing campaign. When you coming to where can I spend more money there is no right answer because it’s based on your ads data. You could consider which ads platform gives lower cost and which platform provides to increase the traffic and conversion to your business. Also, it’s based on your requirements if you are looking to build brand awareness you can select Facebook ads and If you want to immediate business then you can select google ads.

Tihalt Technologies can help your business with Facebook Ads and Google Ads:

If you are looking to increase brand awareness from facebook or increase sales for your services or products, tihalt technologies can help you. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore. We have 10 years of experience and working with 100 clients and a variety of industries.

No matter what types of ads you are interested in, we will help your business or product goals, and conversation.

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Do you know what type of search engine optimization techniques you are using? it’s very hard to know where to start SEO. Most SEO experts have an opinion on what works and what does not work. In this article, we will explain the difference between white SEO, black hat SEO and highlight some important practices you will want to avoid for the cause of ranking at google result pages. By the end, you will be clear on most organic ways to use bring the ranking on Google result pages.

The white hat and black hat SEO is describing the process of ethical or organic and maleficent steps. If you are good at SEO Marketing you already know what is white hat and black hat SEO. However, if you are new to this field and don’t know about white hat SEO and Black Hat SEO keep read this article.

If you want to improve the ranking of your website to google’s first-page you will love this article.

First Let me start by most common questions,

  •  What is White Hat SEO
  • What is Black Hat SEO
  • What is Gray Hat SEO

This is the time to learn about White Hat SEO,

What is White Hat SEO and Its Most Common and Effective Steps:-

White Hat SEO is the process of bringing the ranking at major search engines like google, yahoo, bing with using search engine guidelines. White Hat SEO helps to increase the positive signal by search engines. White Hat SEO is performed by ethical link building in other words creating the backlinks to another website manually.

Generally, we would like to highly recommend white SEO practice, while maintaining the honesty of your website.

First thing first, Before read about white hat SEO steps you need to understand about White Hat SEO Rules.

  • Follow the Google Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions.
  • Optimize your website User, not for Search Engines.
  • Create Quality and Informative content that is used for your target audience.
  • Create the Good User Interface Website  

Should You Implement White Hat SEO Methods?

Yes, Implementing the white hat SEO practices is the best way to create an organic and successful website and business. Here are the top five steps are you should follow to make sure your SEO strategy is White Hat.

  • Offer Quality Content – Content is King of SEO. Write and Optimize the High Quality of content for your business website is one of the most remarkable search engine ranking factors.
  • Use Descriptive, Keyword-Rich Meta Tags – Follow the good practice when creating the meta descriptions for all pages on your business website to help to search engines and target audience understand your website content.
  • Make Your Site Easy to Navigate – Be careful when designing your business website information architecture. Business websites are easy for users to get entrench oversee to perform better in organic search results too.
  • Fast site loading times – it’s very important because business websites don’t frustrate the audience or encourage bounce. In SEO Point of Fast loading website is one of the best-ranking signals to bring the ranking at google.
  • Creating backlinks from high domain authority websites – Still generating the Authoritative Backlinks is the most important element in SEO. Building the Quality backlink is take time and dedication but a massive impact on how your business website ranks on Search engine result pages and increases the traffic makes it well worth the effort.

Next, this the time to learn about Black Hat SEO (Strictly don’t follow these Steps)

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO strategy as opposed to white hat SEO or Search engine guidelines is used to improve the website ranking in search engine result pages. These inorganic steps do not solve the user problems and ordinarily, the end is a penalty from search engine. Getting the business website ranking at search engines is important, but there is a right way or wrong way of doing a search engine optimization. The Balck Hat SEO Strategy is the wrong way. These steps are didn’t solve the user problem rather is seeks the search engine guidelines. Also, Black Hat is damage you’re your online presence in search engines and trustworthiness for your business website.

Black Hat SEO Techniques List:

Here we mention top black hat SEO tactics to avoid when improving your business website ranking at major search engine result pages like google, yahoo, bing.

  • Keyword Stuffing – It refers to create content with irrelevant keywords to manipulate where the website rank on search results pages at google. Optimizing the more keywords on content there is no value and it creates a bad experience for users.
  • Meta Keyword Stuffing – abnormally placing more keywords on-page meta tags, page titles, and backlinks but it does not positively impact the ranking at search engine results page. And also it can turn away from the search engine bots.
  • Paid Links – Major search engines like google ban when buying or selling the links. You should avoid buying the links from any irrelevant websites. If you are buying the backlinks without realizing the risky your business website goes to SPAM.
  • Cloaking Your Content – Its process shows one piece of content to users and different pieces of content to search engines. Spam websites will repeatedly do this to try and avoid search engine crawlers detecting the out of the spam content they serve to website visitors.
  • Publishing Bad Content – It’s the process of providing the no value piece of content to search visitors. If you provide the Duplicate contents or poor quality content major search engine like google automatically down the rank from the search results, because search engines have an algorithm which detecting the poor and duplicate contents.

Before we discuss white hat SEO and why it’s important and black hat SEO why it’s a dangerous practice but what about gray hat SEO.

What is Grey/Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO is dangerous than white hat SEO but one that may or may not results in your business website being banned from the major search engines. Normally Gray Hat SEO is a tactic that belongs to neither Black Hat SEO nor White Hat SEO because it’s the terms of services regarding the issues are not clear.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques List:
  • Purchasing old domains – This strategy refers to buying the old expired domains and improve the ranking at major search engine result pages.
  • Social media automation and purchasing followers – Buying the Follower to your social media account is a good idea but if there is no engaging means is risky.
  • Using Private Blogging Network (PBN) – Maybe you are heard that using the PNB concept is Black Hat SEO, Yes it’s true only if you are using poor quality backlinks and duplicate contents. If you are creating great original content and good quality backlinks relevant to your website it becomes a Grey Hat SEO.

Yes Grey Hat SEO is the best practice to improve the ranking at google but it’s a guarantee for a long time. So we did not recommend these techniques.


SEO process can help to improve your business success, but before you start the SEO you could select the HAT which is helpful for a Long Time. White Hat SEO is Powerhouse, provides good quality content, creating high domain authority backlinks, increases the ranking, and generates more conversions. So White SEO tactics are much better to approach search engine optimization. Don’t follow the Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO is might affect your business website credibility.

Don’t forget to share this post! And If we missed something about White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat SEO, Comments Below.


Certainly, you have spent more time creating, researching, and writing the content. Exactly creating the content is Important but it’s equally as promotes your article. But the biggest mistake content creators make that they did not promote the content. If you don’t market your business article you missed the lots of traffic for your business website and Sales.

Creating a proper content marketing strategy is vital to building Business awareness. Knowing who your business target audience and what they are looking for and concerns about how your business services or product can assistance to those demands are vital to building the strategy. Content marketing is one of the best tools to improve customer trust and increase business sales. Promoting new content on social media is an excellent start but it’s not a complete strategy it’s a basic step of promoting the content.

Your online existence is an important section of the target audience expedition. Whether consolidate with your business target people through the blog post, social media, or e-books it’s important to take the time to initiate a well-thought-out blueprint to reach your business consumers.

If you are looking to take your business content to the next level, here are the top 10 ultimate tips, tricks, and tools that you can improve your business article even more.

Pro Tips: Creating custom content is an extensive technique to get to recognize your target audience while building goodwill.

Why You Should Be Promoting Your Content

Imagine your marketing steps, you are promoting your business, might be spending money for ads, and most likely spent more time creating the business listing for your business. Yes, these steps are wonderful marketing steps.  You also have social media once you are created the content you are likely to share the content on social media. Why you do this? To be frank you want to be a part of the crowd and build business awareness.

Promoting a Content is Vital, Because:

  1. Creating good informative content and share your content on multiple platforms helps to improve brand awareness because contents are an Energy resource to be seen by new customers on each marketing channel. When your target customer reads your article they begin to consider your brand. If your article is engaging, educational, and valuable then your readers start to consider the same things about your business.
  2. Content marketing provides a conversation rate of about 6% higher compared to other online marketing strategies.
  3. According to 74% of Companies Surveyed, Content Marketing help to increase the marketing sales both quantity and quality.
  4. Optimized content helps improve your SEO efforts on Google search results pages.
  5. Creating the most valuable contents will help to improve the business ROI (Return On Investment)

Pro Tips: Great content-marketing can Substantially assist you to improve your website ROI.

Top 5 Ways To Maximize Your Content Reach

Your work is not finished once you have created the well-qualified content. You must need to promote that content to assure its gain as many eyes pairs as possible. This great content could be generating more sales and revenue otherwise unseen and wasted.

There are many ways to maximize your content reach, These ideas we are and trying some new ideas to expand your target audience. Here few promotional steps we use for our blog post articles that you can try next time to your blog post.

  1. Post-Great Content:-

According to the marketing insider group, 50% of the target audience does not spend the time to read the branded content if is not related to their interest. Because people only trust facts and figures. They believe in the deep researching contents.

First, find the right people allows you to superior understand the direction in which is you take your content marketing. Once you find the target audience do some research about their Pain Points. Sometimes the contents you put out are not needful around the marketing sales.

Pro Tips: If you do not have time and budget for researching your customer needs, You can use graphs, previous research papers, and infographics to increase the content’s credibility.

  1. Use SEO optimized content:-

One of the very biggest challenges that bloggers and content marketing peoples face is writing content that is optimized to search engines like google, yahoo, bing. According to the Copyblogger Search engine optimization is misunderstood topic online, but it’s not complicated. Once you understand the people come first before search algorithms.

  1. Decide Before: Once you find what question your target audience is using and what kind of content they looking for you can design a content strategy.
  2. Design: Good design is Good SEO, When your target audience is engaged, they consume more content interact with it, and share it. So before publishing the content make sure your article design is good.
  3. Optimize: Once you created great content this is time to optimize the keywords. First thing first you can research topic keywords and optimize your content. Here are some tips to optimize the content.
  •  URL: Use the short and sweet URL with using target keywords.
  • Meta Tags: Write for your target audience also consider search engines, Insert the right target keywords on the title tag, description tag, and heading tag.
  • Image: Use good LSI keywords at image alt and title tags.
  • First 100 Words Keyword: Make sure your target keywords on the first 100 words paragraph.
  • Loading Time: Before publishing your great article make sure your content loads below 3 Secs and also make sure your images and other media files loads quickly.
  • Sitemap: Once you published the content add your post URL on XML sitemap, Google can easily understand your content.

Pro Tips: Your content compulsory to Succeed two objectives: first, attract to the end-user and second, solve their particular difficulty or problem

  1. Promote Content on Multiple Channels:-

Every day every brand needs to share new information on their website, however, you can work cleverly to share your post on one website to another website that has enough traffic. Spreading the social media platform is a good way to maximize the content reach. One of the to increasing the content reach you could share great content regularly. Curating and publishing the content daily creates more traffics, engages more, and gathers more leads.

  1. Focus on Influencer Marketing:-

Connecting with an influencer in your field scope to increase the interactivity and trust the product and services. A top influencer in the field can help to find and reach your target audience. They can guide people to believe in your product and services by connecting with peoples who care about them. As the result, you can get more traffic and more sales.

Collaborating with the top influencers is a great way to maximize the content reach and drive more traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  1. Invest in Digital Advertisement:-

Paid Promotion One of the fast end effective ways to build the audience and traffic to your content. Once you create and publish the content from your blog or article you can spend some money on social media for reaching the audience. Also, you could spend money Pay Per Click, Referral Marketing, and influencer marketing, and email marketing who have enough list.

When you run paid campaign for your article, you can reach a very broad and large audience. Paid advertising can be very specific and allows you to reach an audience who are interested in your brand and information.

Pro Tips: Each dollar and minute you invest in an Online marketing strategy has a clear ROI that impacts your bottom line


As you can see there are varius techniques and ways to you can maximize content reach. Promoting content is vital once you are creating great and informative content, before creating the content you must consider who your target audience, what type of information they looking for, and how your product and services helping them. If you keep that in mind you are well on your way to maximize the content reach.

If you are ready to get more traffic and sales to a business website with quality content published consistently, reach Tihalt Technologies – One of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore.

Pro Tips: You can start including more visuals like videos, Images, GIFs Images, which will be not only For view graceful for your audience but also engaging for them.


Google ranking drop can be affected for multiple reasons, similar to meta tags changing, content changing, algorithm update, technical issues, and competitor beats, etc. Mainly most websites are affecting with google penalty with the google panda algorithm and google penguin algorithm.

Even If your website suddenly dropped the ranking from the google result page. You must be aware of how to recognize and establish your website ranking again from the google search results when they drop.

That’s why we are going to explain conveniently the top 10 steps to recover from your website ranking drop, Keep reading.

Initially, make sure your website ranking dropped or Not?

First thing first, before reading those steps, you make sure your website was dropped or not? Your website ranking may not be working properly. Use the following steps to predict.

  1. Check your website Traffic Through Google Analytics – Compare your traffic which is affected page with week over the week, and check both before and after.
  2. Analyze Your Google Search Console – Use the google search console performance tracking section to analyze clicks, impressions, Click Through Rate, and average position.

If you have just seen for dropping the clicks, impression, CTR, and Average from the search console and dropping the traffic from google analytics keep eye on those things and don’t panic. Just Start reading these steps to figure out your issues and fix them.

Okay, this is time to learn how to recover if website ranking suddenly drops.

Pro Tips: Whenever your website’s rankings start dropping, keep quiet and start paying attention to causes and solutions.

Ultimate 10 Steps to Recover from Website Ranking Drop:

  1. Lost backlinks

Check your lost backlinks by the Ahrefs tool. If you see an abundance of backlinks this might be affected drop in the ranking from google search results. If those are backlinks deliberately removed by the google webmaster tool, because of google’s point of view those backlinks are unnatural links or spammy links, so we did not recommend create the backlinks again.

Sometimes your backlinks website is might be updating the content or republish the content, that time you losing the backlinks, this is happening all time.

Most Common Reason For Losing the Backlinks:

  1. Backlinks are might be a break, like 404 Error.
  2. Your content restrain with backlinks might be updated and unpublish, That time your backlinks will lose.
  3. The website was a redesign and most of the links are unpublished including yours.
  4. Creating the Unnatural or Spammy Links.


You can create backlinks manually using the following three criteria. Before creating the backlinks you must check Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score.

  1. Recent website changes

Google rankings drop repeatedly by changing or updating the website. When you have carried away more pages at the same time, rolling the redesign, or rework your website content, you will able to see some big dancing in your ranking. This is Natural but you should consider if website ranking doesn’t come back to the previous one.

How to Check:

Inquire your team or agency to see if they are high consequence changes to your website. And also ask them to see if any changes were done recently.


Continuously check your website traffic might be increase or not, if an increase means no problem your website come back to the previous one but it does not increase you could considerably increase the traffic to your website by using content marketing.

  1. Technical changes

Sometimes website developers are making some issues while developing or redesign the website. So check following information working fine or not.

  1. Indexed Or Not: Check your website is still indexed or not by using the following query If your website still appears on the google search engine result page, that’s a piece of good news. Otherwise, you can check your technical issues.
  2. Noindex Robots Tag: And Check your website have robots tag code “NoIndex”, these robots tags inform google doesn’t crawl and index my page on search results. If you are seeing this tag then you must change the “Index” robots tag. Also, go to google search console ask to google reindex your page.
  3. Robots Txt: Equivalent to the same Robots Noindex tag, The robot’s text disallow protocol tells do not to crawl and index your entire site or particular pages. Again its typically happen while developing the website or redesign the websites. This is very easy to check your website robots text file. Just enter your domain name followed by /robots.txt and Mainly you can focus on “Disallow: /” which tells google do not to crawl and index on result pages. If you are able in your website this tag then you can remove ‘’/” and goto the google search console resubmit the website.
  4. HTTP to HTTPS: If you are recently changed the HTTP status code to HTTPS, It might be deindexed to google. So we would like to suggest after redirect HTTP to HTTPS create the new property through the google search console. After confirmation has been done then you can create the XML sitemap to your website and sitemap the newly created google search console.
  5. Website hacked:Unluckily hacking is an active line business. If your website is hacked and once they put it inside some malicious code, spammy content, and links. It’s very harmful to your website ranking on google search results.

How to Check My Website Hacked Or Not?

The good news is within 10 Secs you can able check your website’s malicious report from the google search console. Because google scans your website code and malicious activity, If a google search crawler finds your website is hacked they will inform you through the google search console.


Just login to your website search console and goto the Security Issues sections. If you see a green tick with no issues detected then your website safe, Otherside use the following steps,

  1. First Login your website Cpanel server, and delete the website.
  2. And Upload the backup website which recently taken.
  3. Install the SSL Certificate for your website
  4. Change the website backend and Cpanel Server.
  5. Competitors making moves

Your business constantly moves and trying to overtake your website. If Competitors got more number keywords good ranking from google search results then they probably implemented some sitewide advancement. In this case, analyze their website through woorank, seositecheckup tools, and check their technical optimization for how they outrank you.

Track their website backlinks, Contents, and Keywords optimization and borrow those steps to your website, and beat them.

Questions Ask yourself:

  • Did they get a snippet featured on the google search result for your target keywords?
  • Analyze and compare your content and its contents.
  • Check your Competitors get good and quality backlinks
  • Analyze their website loading time and website user experience
  1. Google Just Updated Their Algorithm

The final cause why your website ranking dropping the google search results may be google changing their algorithm. If you feel the google algorithm affected the ranking, check search engine news is there any information about it. Sometimes Google will confirm their algorithm rollout and this information immediately published to search engine news websites like a Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch. If Google updates are covered in the news you will find the type of algorithm and what needs to fix your website. Otherwise, ask to google webmaster community they will help you.


Now you have a good list to run through when your website gets to drop the ranking on google search results. I would like to suggest again if your website gets drop ranking don’t panic just analyze your website and your competitor websites and You can easily bring back from a ranking drop.

Let me know if we missed any steps about the sudden ranking drop. We are always ready to absorb if you have experienced ranking drop and how you are bring back them.


Every Small Business owner is asking the same question “Do I Need a Website”, The Answer is “YES”.  You must need a business website.  A Business website offers a wide variety of benefits to your small or medium business and those are used to improve brand visibility and lead conversions. Still, you are not convinced here we are listed why does every business needs a website, Keep Reading.

But why website necessary for a business?

As Said by Mr. Bill Gates “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”. Customers attitude was changing for Every Year. Nowadays they are adapted for the Internet and evolving technologies in the digital world. According to Adaptive Marketing, In 2017 97% of customers are using the internet to find a local business and 88% of people will search for the product or service information before purchase it on the internet. Therefore If you want to grow your business then a website necessary for your business.

Pro Tips: If you want to create a Stunning Website for your small business at Low cost and need to increase the online presence then you can reach Tihalt Website Design and Development Company, We have well-experienced Developers.

Does your business have a website if yes how does it help the company?

Today, the Website is the Backbone of Business, Mainly they are increasing the website conversion rate. If you want to run a successful business then you should consider creating a website for your small business or medium business.

Does my business need a website if I’m on social media?

Maybe already you have a Facebook page or Instagram, and there you get some good reviews and business. Most small business owners are thinking social media profiles are enough to bring sales. But there are main problems with this strategy, first thing you always depend upon the social media platform, Constantly they are changing the algorithms and making the new rules. So some more you lose your business to overcome whatever are they changing right? But here your business not like this, you are the king for your business website you can control your information and message.

There is Five Reason, Why I Think Every Business Need Website?

  1. Your Business Customers are Expect Online Information:

Right now everyone has tech mobiles and internet, If customers are want to buy any product or services directly they are turning on the internet and search on google.  Before making the purchase 10.3% of consumers are read the sources. In your point of view, an online website increases sales more without affecting direct customers. Taking of this way, Your website servicing 24/7 hours or 365 Days a year.

  1. A Website Proves Your Brand Credibility

Without a website, peoples don’t trust your business. If your business having a website is a good opportunity of creating a first impression about your business and makes feel comfortable it is a real business. That’s why a website is required for a business. More than 50% of Mobile users are coming across a new company or product while searching their mobiles with Google, if your business does having a website it can damage your business Credibility.

  1. Websites are Increase Return on Investment

The website can help to reach your most targeted audience to promote your business services or products. If your business website has well-optimized content that determines buying decision and increase the transactions.

  1. Having a website will end up saving you time

Anyway, You are taking a call, reply the mail, and sending a proposal to your potential customers its takes time right? If you are creating the website with whatever clients asking questions and pain points you could able to spend more time on other things.

  1. It’s not as hard, or as expensive, as you think

If you are planning to market your business, then the website is your priority. Because Business websites are offering the best return on investment. You don’t need a technology intelligence website, Many web development companies in Bangalore offering a very simple process for creating the website also it’s cost-effective. A business website does not only improve the ROI it’s a better choice to increase your business Online.

Pro Tips: According to research, an average human being has to spend attention of 8 seconds per website. This means you have 8 seconds to leave an impression of your brand.

Tips to Get a Business website:

Now we believe that you have to understand what is business website why it’s important for every business. Here are the tips to create the website, first thing first, choose a business domain name.

  1. Choose a Domain Name:

Preferably, you should consider your business name on Domain name then only your customers can able to understand.  Perhaps your business name not available, then you can consider choosing another name but that’s name reflects your business.

  1. Find the Best Hosting Provider:

Choose the best hosting provider as per your needs. Mainly here you can consider they are offering the service with quickly and economically if changes required.

  1. Design the Website

Your website design is a major important division in online marketing, According to research, every consumer has given 15 Mins graze on the content and 66% of consumers are preferred to see something different. You must create the Website Design Before creating the website, Still, you don’t know how to design the website then you can read this article. 10 Things to Choose a Best Web Design Company in Bangalore

  1. Development the Website

Create a well-optimized website with mobile friendly and quick loading business. Then only you can able to reach your target audience, because according to the research if a website takes 3mine or more to load peoples are close to the websites.

  1. Launch your business website:

Once your website developed with mobile-friendly, then you can connect the domain name server with your hosting provider then you can launch the website. All The Best for Your Future Endeavors.

Pro Tips:   Tips for Creating a Website for Your Local Business:

  1. Make Sure it is optimized for Mobile
  2. Make Sure It Looks, Professional
  3. Have a Good Web Host for Loading Time
  4. Feature Your Name, Address, and Phone Number
  5. Do SEO for your business at least Yourself.


Today website becomes a crucial part of business, we strongly recommend creating the business if an already does not have one.  Make it a reality by creating an online business website with Tihalt Technologies and see how it increase your business.

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