Different between WordPress Website and html website

WordPress and HTML is the most used one to develop websites in recent times. All web development people used these two to create all kinds of website like static and dynamic websites.

If you don’t have an idea in coding, the concept of creating the website in HTML from the scratch is very difficult. Fortunately, today we have WordPress, it allows us to create and update all kinds of websites without any coding knowledge. Many of the best web development companies using WordPress to provide easy and attractive websites. Tihalt Technologies is the best web development company in Bangalore having 150+ happiest customers in the last 5 years. Ask us how to start good websites.
However, both WordPress and HTML have their pros and cons. We will have a look at the following article. It will help you to take a concrete decision.

Know More About WordPress

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to create, update and modify website content easily without any knowledge of coding. Specifically, it fully designed user-friendly. In any part, it will not force the user to do the coding.

More than 30% of the websites are built in WordPress. It’s a big number when we compare it with other CMS, so it’s a well-known platform for all on the market. WordPress used massive media companies such as “The New York Times, MTV News” and many other companies.

There are two different WordPress platforms are available in the market. One is and another one is We should know the idea of both. It is very important not to confuse both of them. WordPress is the open-source CMS that is available in On the other side, is a blog hosting service.

Advantages of WordPress

Easy to Use: 

The user can log in to their WordPress admin and add the pages if they required any changes in that they can update and modify the pages. WordPress has an intuitive user-friendly interface. It gives the user just open their admin panel and start their works without knowing any programming knowledge.

Attractive Templates: 

There are millions of ready to use templates available in the market. By using that templates user can start the websites which one they like most. Just choose the paid or free templates and do the changes as their wish. All themes are developed by professionals all over the world.

More Add-ons: 

WordPress websites are easily extended by the use of plugins. If we need any new functionalities needed to enlarge the website. It’s just like that. Choose the plugin and activate that. Our new functionality is almost ready. The lot and lots of plugins available such as contact form, gallery, booking system, multi-language and many.

Full control: 

The user will get full control of your website, its domain name, hosting control, all content on the website. They can make changes when they want. There is no limit on traffic, sales, and users.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Learning Part:

As I said WordPress is allowing using very easily. But before using that we should learn something about how to set up and install themes and many. It will take plenty of time to lean. Many WordPress leaning websites guide you on how to start WordPress sites. It needs some effort too.


The use is the full responsibility for WordPress, plugin and theme updates, whenever that are all getting updates the user should update manually. Also, the hosting part managed by the user.

Know Something About Static HTML Website

HTML is a mark-up language, its useful to create the web pages. Most of the websites are designed by HTML on the internet. By using HTML, we will create a variety of websites what the user thinks in their mind. Customized websites are created by HTML only.
When you are planning to create a website by using HTML you should hire a web developer with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some other technologies too. Then only they can build a full-fledged website.
CMS websites stores their data’s in the database, but HTML sites are store all content in static files. When you need to change anything on the websites you should contact the web developer to do the needful. Now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of HTML websites.

Advantages of HTML websites

No Maintenance:

Once the website development did we just take the site live and just relax. Because you don’t need to install or update plugins and no need to take regular backups. If nothing is changed then you take backup once and forget about it.

Low Requirements Needed:

HTML websites don’t need servers with PHP and MySQL. It will run on any cheapest servers with low resources. So, the cost of maintenance is too low when we compare it with WordPress websites.

Disadvantages of HTML websites

No Updates:

In HTML websites we can’t do the regular updates unless you know HTML/CSS. Else you should hire a web developer to do the changes. Even for the small changes such as change the content, add images, add pages also you need to hire a coding person.

No New Features:

When your business grows and you need to add more functionalities and add a shop or new features you should hire a web developer. It takes more time to complete it. Also, they may be recommended to switch the HTML site to WordPress site.


Let us consider for the small work like change the content we need to hire a technical person means it’s unnecessarily waste of money. The web developers charge more. When we compare with WordPress it will higher than that.

Which one is better whether HTML sites or WordPress?

Above we clearly explained both pros and cons. Now we are in the step to take the conclusion. Let’s finalize which one is better for the business. If you are fixed that you never change the website content and the pages mean you just choose HTML websites. Because it will run faster when compared with WordPress and the cost of the server also low. When the business persons just portray their business HTML websites are hardly enough.

If you want to have the freedom to control all your content and in the future, you may add more functionalities and add more pages means I would suggest going for WordPress. Because WordPress allows all perspectives. So WordPress is the better choice. Who wants to grow their business successfully and make money using websites means WordPress is the way to go forward.

When you choose WordPress you can always be connected with clients who are all on your websites using live chat. When you have a blog and news pages mean you can post the regular updates. Choose the best web design company in Bangalore to start your business website. Instead of paying money to the developer for the smallest things we just choose WordPress and do the changes by own. Initially, you may spend a little higher but after that, the website creates money for you. Use Tihalt Technologies to do your first WordPress website. Grow your business just choosing WordPress. 

Tips to Grow a Business by Using Website

Tips to Grow a Business by Using Website

There are a lot of Website development companies in Bangalore here we going to see about the benefits of a website to develop business. Whatever the infrastructure or size of your firm, a website is an important key to a tool for the grown of business. However, having a good looking website is not enough also need actively work for you by attracting new users or visitors that lead your company forward? Tihalt Technologies explains how to create a working website in ten simple steps.
For example, few small scale businesses have a lot of budgets to spend on their website, but they follow on certain principles to develop and manage your website that will certainly yield a healthy output on the investment made. Here let’s see the ten steps given by Tihalt to ensure your website works hard for your business.

Be Business Driven

Kindly remember that your website is the main business tool, so a good design is important, first, it should be business-led. Choosing a good website development company in Bangalore is a big task. Highly, current and existing potential clients engage with a company via their website so it is like a showcase for the business. Consistent branding and developing a good start with your website and then it is carried out in the market through promoting, stationery, brochures, and digital marketing.

Review and Reflect

You might be perfectly happy with your website, but like any procedure, it is really important to review regularly in order to make sure it still meets your needs and your customers. Go through whether your site reflects changes in the market place? Does it help you to achieve the target? Check the design, content, and graphics meets your requirement. Does it showcase your business? If your website is in life and running for the past few years it’s difficult to remain the same objective, so it can be a better option to get an opinion from Tihalt or an outside source with a new perspective.

Differentiation Through Design

People have such short attention and they would quickly leave a site that does not grab their attention and that’s where great design is highly recommended. Thus the website has evolved hugely, the design of a website can now be bigger and better, and it is a key part of establishing and reinforcing your branding and identity. A better design is also another way you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Mandatory to keep your website attractive, professional and functional. Ultimately this is improved visitors, View rates and business growth. Get in touch with the best website design company in Bangalore that will increase your business.

Work in Progress

A website should be continually developing, sometimes people think of their website as a finished project, similar to sending a brochure to the printer, a website has to be updated by changing and adding relevant content. This can be done by writing blogs, adding some news sections and creating links on your website. This is an important step because the visitors, clients and search engines are attracted by active sites. SEO Services in Bangalore would be the best for good Business improvement.
For example, if Google sees that site or content is being updated, it would visit a site more often, which is likely to improve both Google and page rankings. Whatever there is a special skill for writing such relevant content that specifies the most popular key search phrases on Google. These may refer to specific products or services.

Getting to Number One

When people look for products or services online, they use search engines. So it’s critical that your site is picked up by them. Smaller companies might think only large companies can achieve page one in Google listing, but actually, any company can hit in the first place of Google ranking if they use the right techniques, time and effort are required to both get and stay there.
However the process would get complicated because of the fact that search engines are constantly changing, this has to sort out by SEO ongoing. It also requires off-site Optimization which involves merging sites, carrying out social media marketing and creating blogs and current content to enhance your site with all the influences. Tihalt Technologies gives you the best SEO services in Bangalore.

Get Your Priorities Right

It is always good to keep a clear path when marketing any aspect of business and marketing should be unique. Set short, normal and long term goals but make sure that your designer is the best person to help you achieve them Tihalt Technologies are the Best SEO services company in Bangalore. In some cases, designers lack experiences in SEO, which means that any optimization of title and tags will be at a zero level or basic level and unlikely to generate traffic than an active marketing strategy can be done with an SEO or web marketing Specialist.

The Value Of Online Marketing

The website is essentially demanded with SEO and with some other web marketing like Google ad words, this is more highly targeted than offline advertising. This helps people who are willingly searching for your product or services would be directed towards your website. So you get more Inquires for the bucks invested in the online ad than a magazine.

New Marketing Methods

Add – on, companies should have new strategies for web marketing including social media, YouTube, some of them are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with. Financial and time constraints are mean that you will have to go through the media and tactics that work best for your business. Digital marketing is the best way to bring up any small scale companies. Get in touch with a digital marketing company in Bangalore for new marketing methods.

Be Mobile Friendly

Smartphones and tables got their way of accessing the market has risen rapidly and increased in the foreseeable future. So it is important to keep this in mind before setting up a website. The mobile-friendly website would help a lot to attract new customers, accessible Mobile users are highly likely to increase sales to raise your profile. A mobile site should be built based on the existing website carrying the brand identity. Digital marketing companies in Bangalore are the better choice to develop a mobile-friendly website.

Encourage Your Customers to Take Action

Tihalt has done a hard part like creating an attractive functional website that can be found and stay different from other competitions. Make sure that you did the final step to encourage customers to take action immediately. Adding a CTA button like Click here to buy, email us or confirm is simple and amazingly effective.
Generally, a website should be in working mode, Search engine continues to evolve, content and SEO need to be updated regularly. Tihalt Technologies’ experience has taught that sites are proactively managed and updated which gives more to company growth. The website development company in Bangalore will work in a partnership with the owner to make their website work with the best review.

importance of call to action in website design

According to the current world, any digital product available in the market has small elements that are expected to function in a specific way. This is to make the system so smart and self-explanatory and for this, you need to pay attention to provided details. The most important part of any website design or web app especially in e-Commerce is the Call-To-Action button (CTA) just simply placing the CTA button anywhere on the web page will not address your requirement. Hence it is very important to know the features of CTA and place it at its perfect position.

Every element or let us say the button is an important part of the user interface and that explains the quality of UX/UL design and also the conversation rates on the websites. Based on the features and Usability the UI buttons on any website are different. Tihalt Technologies is one of the best website design company in Bangalore. Tihalt is here to discuss the various types of Call-To-Action buttons and their functions, importance, its business goals and its important role in the navigation. Initially let us try to understand why a professional website design company in Bangalore emphasizes CTA implementation, Placements. You should know why it is important to attract leads.

Finally, the Call-To-Action button is an important element of any user interface like it is on the web or mobile. CTA’s aim is to encourage people to move towards a particular page or screen. For eg, sign – up, newsletter or to take any action in some kind of online booking.

Importance of a CTA (Call-To-Action) Button?

Let’s see about the major importance of the Call-To-Action button, Website development companies that gives prompt responsive website design services immediately make the Call-To-Action button noticeable due to those people could not ignore but click the tab and take the necessary steps.

Here you would notice many of the Call-To-Action buttons are bold and it has microcopy with a particular Call-To-Action Text. For Example, Book Now, Make Payment, Sign up, Confirm or Contact Today which includes users to act immediately based on the button that pops up. Tihalt Technologies has explained the importance of a CTA button in an elegant way which the user can understand.

How is a CTA button Beneficial to your website?

The ultimate business expectation through Call-To-Action buttons is mainly Lead generation and that leads to an increase in the online purchase. An attractive and appealing Call-To-Action button entices the customers or users and makes them quickly click and move to the next page like filling up the information like forms or order a product online. The client should choose the best website Design Company in Bangalore for their lead generation to pick up business.

Importantly, this is a great way to lead the sales to navigate from one stage to another and guiding the user to get more about the product and service. Sometimes content writing professionals to don’t guarantee how much of user-engagement a small Call-To-Action (CTA) button. In case if your Call-To-Action (CTA) button is not placed correctly then Users will simply visit your page and just leave. People will still have a wrong notion of how a Call-To-Action (CTA) button should be and how it works, they feel that a large surfaced button is enough to fill the requirement. However, there is much more to know about the Call-To-Action (CTA) button ensuring the effectiveness of a CTA.

What Makes A CTA Button Powerful?

The Size:

The best website design company in Bangalore always has an eye for detailing and hence size is one of the important elements for them. This is one of the major tools which separate the UI elements by the importance, Call-To-Action (CTA) is important among all, its main target is to grab the attention of the users and hence designers make them stand out from other buttons that can be done by size.

Large-sized buttons can be noticed very easily. When making the Call-To-Action button visible the Tihalt Technologies designers can’t come down on the aesthetics of the design and also the other segments need to be considered as balanced to the hierarchy. It depends on a few standards of companies, for example, Apple recommends a CTA button in a mobile UI should be 44×44 whereas Microsoft suggests it should be of 34×26 pixels.

Color and Shape:

In order to make the Call-To-Action button noticeable, it is very important to choose the right color and shape which fits on the website page. According to Psychology human mood and behavior highly relay on the visual surroundings, hence knowingly or unknowingly human mind reacts to colors hence choosing the right color and shape will do a lot of wonders. Just try to give priority to the background color, the buttons background color should be contrasting so that Tihalt Call-To-Action remains different from the other UI elements.

The Position:

The placement of the Call-To-Action button is a crucial part of any website. If the CTA if positioned in the area where the users can’t locate them then all the other facts such as size, shape, color won’t work in the best way as expected. Thus placing and locating the CTA plays a vital role. Based on expert custom website design company in Bangalore, their services would be like, when a user seeks a website the foremost thing they do is scan the complete pages which give them a clear idea view of whether they will be interested in the further browsing process. Considering this move into knowledge, designers should prominently place the buttons where the users are interested in and the scanning pattern for the web pages would be done among “F” and “Z” patterns.


This plays a very important role in dictating the action of the particular button on the page, it prompts the client of the next step they can work on the important page. Microcopy usually comprises buttons, menu copy, error messages, terms conditions, and other instructions. A unique, ideal and effective Call-To-Action Microcopy is normally short and powerful that usually grabs the user’s attention.

Key Takeaways:

CTA buttons on the website are the most powerful elements that are meant to drive leads and sales on any business. That could definitely encourage good online conversion and gives more sales. If you have outsourced your website to best website designing company in Bangalore or Especially in Tihalt Technologies, Definitely you can rest assured of this crucial part of your project designing.

Tihalt experienced designers pay deep attention to the given project and they make sure the CTA button on your site and each product are prominently placed to get the user’s attention ASAP.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business

When it comes to Small businesses, their focus is on how to get a group of the customer through the door and they may rely on the traditional norms like advertising such as through small broachers, coupon mailers other than like small signboards on the roadside. These ways they trust can offer good products and services to the customers, it might take a few months until customers would find their way to them.
At some point in time, online marketing was a new different way to peddle goods and services in the market but within the past few years, digital marketing has become an integral part of the business. It’s no longer enough to have a website and some un-focused ads if you don’t have integrated marketing strategies for your business then think that time is working against you. It is quite easy to get a digital marketing company in Bangalore.
As per now, the Internet becomes entwined with everything we do that how the importance of the digital market is clearly visible. Let’s look into why your business needs digital marketing to grow and thrive.

Reaches People Where They Spend Their Time And Money

Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business


Statistic report says internet user has at least 7 social media accounts in 2019. 97% of the Indian adults under 65 are on social media, the majority are on it every day. Hence social media is strongly preferred as a means of customer care.

The few top reasons why people say they are on social media is to buy products to see the advertisements or through the promotion ads. A best digital marketing company in Bangalore can make your business grow as the customer wants.



Importance of Digital Marketing for Small BusinessOnly a few are some winners and losers on social media, they would just have a profile and sharing some content once in a while and isn’t enough, of course, an SEO Company in Bangalore.
SEO and advertising are only a piece of marketing, it is very important though. Come-on throughout this article we will make you understand the online marketing methods and the importance of Digital Marketing.



The group of potential clients that are found online is much big group of people that are likely to be able to attract in the local market. Through digital marketing, you can reach an enormous audience in a cost-effective way.

  • The ability is to interact with your prospects and learn exactly what they want as a requirement.
  • Reach the global marketplace.
  • You could save money and reach more clients for less money.
  • Understand your audience and make them know personally, that helps to create brand loyalty.
  • Track responses to your marketing efforts immediately.

More Targeted

When you go for a magazine ad, for example, they, of course, do targeting like control over placement and size. You manage the massage within certain publisher guidelines. This ad can reach 1 million readers. One most gift that digital marketing has is the ability to dissect demographics, whittle them down in groups to focus on a particular kind of person who can purchase what you sell.
Tihalt Technologies in Bangalore provides the best digital marketing to hit that specific kind of person.
For businesses who’ve put a strong focus on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) with Tihalt has as much as 80% of traffic arrives for search results. Advertising, aka PPC (Pay Per Click), makes way for you to a position near the top of searches. With SEO, you can target people with a very specific:

  • Challenge
  • Goal
  • Profession
  • Education Level
  • Buying behavior
  • And more

SEO makes you narrow the target that they use the data they’ve collected about their users.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business

Can Be Hyper-Personalized

Tihalt Technologies just begun to discuss the importance of digital marketing regards to targeting people. Email marketing is another part of DM by this you can grab almost to the individual level. Tihalt call this “Segmentation”. Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore calls this “Personalization”.
Few Consumers prefer a business that happens with an email to communicate, this gives a sense of control that makes more comfortable for buying from you. If they don’t like to receive emails, they could unsubscribe. When you send them relevant content, Customers stay on your list and continue to buy products or use your service this gives lifetime clients.
Few programs are there that will allow you to add a person’s name or information automatically to an email.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Segmentation collects data about email subscribers and you can sub-divide the list based upon certain traits. After sending each segment content that is relevant. If not relevant, you don’t send it to them, Tihalt makes few changes to the content to make it more relevant. We do this to reach more people.

Automation allows sending the content at the optimal time to get the desired result. Finally, Tihalt Technologies recognize a person on the Individual level and we can be able to recommend the best products to them because we know their purchase history. Customers feel that we respect their individuality.

More Advanced Analytics

Few important points of Digital marketing:

  • People actually saw it, with ads or you don’t even know much.
  • If interacted with it
  • People like or not
  • Do they share it with a friend
  • What if it is promoted

You also learn more about people interacting with the ad:

  • Who’s most interested in your ads
  • What are they like
  • What makes them more likely to take an action
  • Who is easiest to convert
  • Who spends more
  • What do they do online
  • What terms do they use to find you online
  • Which websites do they visit that lead them to yours

By the above, this is pretty easy to track with analytics software like Google analytics or with some paid tool. Use to cut cost where you aren’t seeing any returns of your investment sometimes increase spend and more efforts to get the best results.

Are You Postponing Digital Marketing?

Why you postpone time and effort into digital marketing? Many digital marketing companies in Bangalore comes up with a variety of reasons to avoid marketing. Sometimes small business people believe they don’t have time to be competitive online and still learning all the input and output of business in general and believe to stick with one or two forms of advertising, assuming their business would evolve as time passes. They might wait for the customers to show up since they are a small business they think they only need a small number of clients.
Tihalt tells you that this is not an effective approach. No guarantee that your business would attract customers. Go for the digital marketing company in Bangalore and start digital marketing right away to improve your business and grab more customers.

Content Management System Used by Web Design Company

We are using modern technologies to make everything easy. By the way, when we are looking to expand our business in the market, we should adapt many ways like digital marketing. Most of the people still stick with the ancient way to attract their customers but it’s not a correct way to grab them. In this modern era everyone gets ideas online, for example, if someone wants to buy something, they never ask their neighbors instead they just search it online and get to know the ideas. If any businesses having good-looking websites for their promotion it’s hard enough to attract their customers in a modern way. It’s one of the powerful tools. Best looking websites giving more traffic to your business and it will convert as a customer too. The first step to creating websites is to choose the best web design company. Tihalt Technologies is best among them.

Making and maintaining as a website is an overwhelming task when we don’t have any knowledge about the content management system and we don’t have a web development team. The main defective thing is outdated content about our web design company in Bangalore. It reduces the reputation. The easiest way to maintain over the website is CMS (Content Management System). It allows making changes by ourselves without any knowledge of web development.

When we are creating the websites in WordPress it comes with a lot of benefits. All websites come with Content Management System. It means the clients who are using the website having full back end access. So, we will do the changes whenever required. Mostly we are creating websites in WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Drupal. All are coming with the most effective Content Management System in recent times.

Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is a fully developed web application that provides all-access to change the look and feel of the websites and gives an easy solution to change the content, Images and many. Here we can easily create a website and make it live asap. We have more experts to create CMS to maintain our client’s websites. CMS is looking very clear picture and behind many works are done to create in that way. We will create a suitable CMS for client requirements.
Our CMS developers having vast expertise to create good CMS for the business. They will give more solutions for all your needs. They build all kinds of websites with full functional CMS. If you need any requirements related to CMS don’t hesitate to ask us.
Tihalt having vast experience to develop websites and web applications, Lot of open sources Content Management systems are available in the market. Pick any one which is suitable for your business.

Details about Content Management Systems

Website development is no longer limited to static websites. Updating the static website is taking more time because we need to change the coding part. It is not easy to maintain without coding knowledge. It needs a lot of manpower also required for this. To negates these kinds of projects we are focus on the content management system. CMS gives solutions without wasting any time and not need any technical knowledge as well.
Content Management System handles all kinds of dynamic contents like images, content. CMS gives the solution to maintain, update with a simple control panel. Which is fully amplified your productivity. The most important thing you don’t require any technical professionals for making these changes.
CMS gives a lot of easiest way to manage the dynamic content by using the back end. CMS allows the user to edit, update, delete all contents. It gives the solution for increasing productivity either you have the technical knowledge or not. I hope you don’t have any technical knowledge to change the dynamic content. We can change the content daily basis.
Still, you are using the simple HTML website it’s the right time to switch your website into a dynamic website. Most of the websites are now in WordPress. If u a still looking for a technical support person and ruined your money to manage your website. This is a good time to change your ideology to enter the new world. Take a good decision to change your website into a dynamic one. Create a new website with Tihalt Technologies. We are providing world-class dynamic websites with high functional, Mobile optimized and content management systems.

Get some more knowledge about static and dynamic website difference

Web design companies are providing the following CMS designs and development services:

  • Web content management services
  • Component content management systems
  • Enterprise content management systems
  • Corporate CMS
  • Joomla Development
  • WordPress Design and Integration
  • Magneto eCommerce CMS
  • Drupal

Know more why the website design companies are giving more priority to CMS rather than other website development.

Here we are mentioned some of the main features of CMS

SEO Friendly Website:

Dynamic websites are mostly optimized for SEO. Because we are using dynamic content and images it will helpful for SEO purposes. CMS allows us to change the content periodically. Most of the plugins we can use while we are using the WordPress development. WordPress websites are fully optimized for SEO and its mobile-friendly along with CMS. When we can easily optimize the website for SEO it’s helpful to improve the ranking in google search. It helps increase business.

Multiple Languages:

When you are going to reach your business all over the world your website should have in every language based on location or manually change. We have an option to change the website language. It gives proper attention to the customers on our website. Only dynamic websites provide these kinds of options.

Social Media Integrations:

In the dynamic website we can integrate all our social media, it helpful for spreading our promotion all over social media. We are fully leverage of leading social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and more. If we are using social media gradually it is a new way to get a fruitful customer. Ask how?


Dynamic websites are giving you the solution for the customization. We can change the new features with our ideologies. We don’t need to worry about future updates.

Tihalt is one of the Best web design company in Bangalore. We create customer dreams into excellent websites. All websites are built with CMS it allows the customers to easily update their website content. All kinds of features including in this. If someone has any web related requirements don’t forget to call us. Enter the digital era with Tihalt Technologies.

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