When the people are decided to make the website in WordPress, often we will get confusion “can WordPress do?”. The answer is yes. The coming article will show how many types of websites we can able to do in WordPress without knowing any programming skills. Some of the best website design company in Bangalore has more idea to create world-class WordPress website which one is suitable for the business.

Getting Started With WordPress

You will need WordPress hosting and a domain name to get started with your WordPress site. We have a step by step guide on how to make your website with WordPress.
When you are trying to do a WordPress website you should have to host along with the domain. The WordPress developers have an idea of how to 0.

If you just want to play around with WordPress, then you can install it on your computer.

Here What are the Website Could Make With WordPress

What Type Of Website Could Make With WordPress

Blog or Personal Websites:

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform and quickly evolved into a powerful CMS. During the last 12 years, those blogging and personal website components didn’t disappear.
They have become more polished, sophisticated and mature. If you are going to create a blog or personal website, then you will find plenty of tools to manage and grow your WordPress quickly.

Business Websites

Many big companies are using WordPress for making powerful websites. It makes the more powerful in their business. WordPress gives the easiest way to create their business websites. So they can easily launch the websites and then enlarge their business in the use of the WordPress website.

Example: Tihalt Technologies – Web Design Company in Bangalore

eCommerce Websites

WordPress gives the major part of developing the online store for the new startups who they are not want to spend more money on the initial stages. WordPress plugins give a more valuable solution for e-commerce needs like woo-commerce. It gives the proper and good solution for e-commerce website building and it allows us to create payment gateway integration, Manage inventory, Shipping, Taxes, and all users come under the same roof.

Job Websites

Most of the popular businesses having the job portal for earning more. Several popular websites like smashing magazine, a pro blogger and many use the job portal for increasing the income. WordPress allows people to create a modern job portal website most quickly at a low cost. It includes a lot of functionalities that make the user find many details in the fingertips.

Business Directory

Business directories are another high demand services in the business world. WordPress allows some great ways to create wonderful business directories by the use of plug-in and in build themes. You can create a business directory in WordPress without any limitations.

Question & Answer Websites

WordPress providing online Question and Answer site for your needs. You can build yourself a thriving online community website in WordPress with the help of plugins. We can easily create a website like yahoo answers, Stack exchange or Quora.

Nonprofit and Religious Websites

WordPress provides the source free of cost by the way you can change on your own. It makes the ideal solution for nonprofit and religious websites. Here they are providing the donate form along with payment integration. Many plugins make it easy to do this. Would you like to raise the money from all over the word press you can use the PayPal plug-in? Many free WordPress themes are available for churches and not profit firms.

Portfolio Websites

When you wanna showcase your work to the public or customer don’t hesitate to choose WordPress. WordPress provides a lot of solutions for this like you can add the galleries, good looking sliders. WordPress can be used to provide a very sleek and polished user experience for your portfolio site and make it easier for your users who do want to know more about your work.

Online Communities

You can use WordPress as an online forum using the bbPress forum. You can add all social features on your websites by the use of the BuddyPress plugin.

What type of website could make with WordPress

Coupon Website

When you want to earn an affiliate commission from hundreds of websites offering special discounts on their particular products and services. You just use WordPress to create a coupon site. It allows easily create add and manage the coupons. Your user can vote, put reviews and many. WordPress gives a better solution for the coupon sites. The admin panel completely suites for the coupon sites.

Multilingual Websites

In WordPress, you can create a website in any language. And its give a solution for the other language peoples. We will set a language by the way of Geolocation wise and we will give the easy way to change the language. WordPress provides a single plugin to change the entire website language in a single activation. You can see how easy to create the Multilanguage website.

Knowledgebase / Wiki Websites

Do you want to create a website like uploading the documents with a knowledge base or like Wikipedia? Just choose WordPress, it comes with a lot of plugins that quickly turn your website into easy browsing look like Wikipedia site.

Photography Websites

When the professional or amateur photographer looking for the website to promote their business means they can choose WordPress to show it in a good way. There you can add galleries, albums, titles, captions, slideshows, and the attracting contents. In WordPress, we can find out many templates for photographers.

School or College Websites

WordPress provides thousands of WordPress templates for schools and colleges. That is more secure, easy to manage. You can find out how popular universities are using WordPress.

Examples: PTInstitute, Parishrama NEET Academy Bangalore

Private Blogs

If you want to create a word press blogging site to yourself? See how easily you can manage the website in WordPress. Here you can give the accessing control to the persons who are all involved in that. We can restrict access to the persons by their way of work. It’s a safe environment to manage all of your blogs in a good way.

Family Blogs

WordPress is the perfect medium to create a wonderful website for your family rather than manage a user management system. Here we can easily create a wedding website, upload the family photos and family gossips. WordPress can give endless fun for all family members. You can a lot of websites that are created by the use of WordPress.
We hope that this article provides the overall idea of the websites and what are all the types of websites we can create using WordPress. Choose the best web design company to build your new websites for your personal and professional use. We are the best web design company in Bangalore. Ask us to know more details.

types of websites

According to the latest scenario, the Web is of great extent. As per now, there are tons and tons of websites are available which all are competing for some reason to get the attention from the people to give to their online browsing each day. If you are planning to start a website for business, also think about all the other website out there.
Here Tihalt Technologies have categorized the most popular types of websites available around the world. Especially Tihalt has differentiated about the websites developed in India and those are done the best designer’s presence in website design company in Bangalore. In general, every type of website has particular goals to hit and its own set of amazing practices and this is to explain which one your website be?

website types, tihalt

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is used to buy products from online where the user can buy whatever they need by sitting at the home. The user might have used many e-commerce websites early, most big brands and n number of smaller ones have their own. This kind of web site includes payment information of credit and debit card to make a purchase.
If you are planning to set up a website for your business which is to sell your products online, then this is the right website you need to build. Before that, you need to follow few steps like investing in e-commerce software and get your certificate to make sure your customer’s safe transaction. And the main goal of the website would be making sales.

Business Website

The business website is a kind of website that is dedicated to representing a particular business. It has to be branded as the business, For example, Logo or positioning and promotes the products or service and business offers.
As per now, every business out there must have a website, it is a widespread expectation. All potential Customer will browse your company details and learn more about you before approaching. If they don’t find your website, it makes the business look less professional.
Tihalt Technologies has best designers to develop online selling website(E-Commerce) also it is possible to develop a website without online selling and normally it is made to get Google ranking to get in touch with the people who sell their services or products.

Entertainment Website

Most of the people have internet browsing habits, they surf into purely for entertainment purposes that could be humor. These websites are with fun entertaining and hold interesting contents.
Most of the website design company in Bangalore has the aim to make money by creating E-commerce websites, Entertaining website has more growth rather than selling specific products.

Portfolio Website

These sites are designed to show examples of past work. All the website development companies in Bangalore will always have a portfolio in their sites to show potential clients about the quality of work they can provide. Portfolio websites are very easy to develop than the business website.

Media Website

These websites are more like Entertainment sites. They collect news or reporting, for example, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hot Star and so on. But in other hand media websites are to include reported pieces besides, instead of being purely for entertainment.
Sites like media website make money by the advertisement that comes as a pop up on the sites like subscription models or the combination of the given two. In India, Tihalt Technologies has the best designers to develop media websites with properties that often exist in other forms like TV channels, Magazines, and newspapers.

Brochure Website

Business websites are also known as Brochure sites. These websites are very simple and they just need an online presence and don’t want to invest a lot into it. That includes only some pages that give the basic outline about a business like a contact info and service they give. Always remember if you have a business and if you feel like having a website just as a marketing tool that gives you leads and more like an online brochure card that may do magic.

types websites, tihalt technologies

Nonprofit Website

Generally, the same way that businesses want websites to be just online and non-profited as well. This kind of website is the easiest way for many donors to do donations and by doing SEO. Tihalt can put such websites in the first place so that many people will look into it and learn more about a nonprofit site and they declare if they want to support it.

Educational Website

The educational website is like those offering online courses and educational institutions available in online. They have a primary goal of providing educational material to users or giving information’s etc. also they have advertisements like entertainment or educational products for purchase. The educational website also serves as an online appearance for an existing institution.

Infopreneur Website

Generally, this site overlap business and e-commerce a bit, they got a unique type of online business. Here these sites create and sell informative products that can be in the form of courses, tutorials, Videos or EBooks.
If you are planning to build an Infopreneur site in a website development company in Bangalore then they have to hard work of building up a knowledge of infopreneurs. The site has to convince the visitors that they know enough to make their educational and informative products worth buying.

Personal Website

Here we explain about the personal website, not all the sites are designed to make money. Few people find value in creating these sites to put in their own thoughts and throw it in the outside world. The personal website includes blogs, Vlogs, and photos of people and shared with the outside world.

Web Portal

Often websites are developed for internal purposes in business, organization or institution. They collect information about each department and put in together on a site so that people can read and gain knowledge about what they wanted to know. They have login id for different users to make sure that it is accessible to most useful viewers and to their particular needs.
Generally, these websites are more complicated in programming and designing than other sites. So pick the most experienced website development company in Bangalore.

Wiki or Community Forum Website

Most people are much familiar with Wikipedia. It is a site where various users can be able to collaborate on content and make their own changes as they see it fits in. mostly this is for fan communities, business resources and for collecting valuable information’s.

What Type of Website Do You Create?

Tihalt Technologies concludes this topic by saying “whatever website you prefer to choose, it is very important to think what you want from it and ensure the design is based on your goals in mind. One more important thing you will need to find out before your website goes live in the outside world is where to host it”

Choose web design company in Bangalore

A beautiful and understanding eye-catchy website of the company can help your business to reach new heights. In the current market scenario, it is very difficult to find the best web design company in Bangalore. The era of globalization has been emerged in a good way of marketing but also plays a battlefield on how a consumer behaves. OMG! Just imagine a world where everything can be done through the internet. However, people need to create their website to get more revenue by reaching mass height through the internet.

There are many web designing companies in the market with different skills and functionalities, but the client needs to be very selective in finding a right web design company in Bangalore that understands your requirements and handover the project within your budget. Are you looking for a new website design company in Bangalore from scratch or want to revamp your existing website?

Well let’s get into the point here are 10 things that can tell you how to choose the best web design company in Bangalore.

Here are the 10 things that you can look into while selecting your web design company:

1. Good listeners are the best

As said in the topic, who listens well are the one capable of doing the clients requirement well. The web design company in Bangalore that you want to choose must have enough patience to listen to the customer’s points very well and they should have the ability to execute your ideas perfectly as expected.

Thousands of known web design companies around the world have come before media because of not focusing on the client and force them to follow their ideas upon. Business can’t run this way, you need to be very careful in choosing a web design company, it’s very important to know their patients by approaching them with some crazy ideas by the way here crazy ideas doesn’t mean that they resemble some storybooks but the truth is yes, this might sound crazy.

We know what we are serving and also have an idea of how to present it to our clients. Initially, you can make a list of companies that you see in Google or by your known friends around and then interact with them to know more. If you are from the non-technical background, you can show your admired website this will make the designer understand more about your ideas.

However, it is must for the agency to listen, you don’t want anyone to nod their head and produce a mock-up of what you say. The website must be designed by the one who knows designing well and brings exciting ideas to the table.

2. Understand that content is Important

Clients website framework needs more than functionalities and out sketch, it also requires CMS(Content Management System) with word press, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and quality content is essential for the great user experience.

It is must know what CMS is used by the website design company in Bangalore and particularly in the company you preferred. Because you will be able to edit and update the website when needed. Without it, you will be requesting every time to update your website.

3. Responsive design

The design of your Website should be responsive on mobile devices, as a ranking factor Google uses mobile responsiveness. End users want to buy and visit your website that functionalities well on all their mobile devices. If the web design company is not skilled enough to produce a responsive design, then they are not probably the right choice for your needs.
As the growth of mobile usage in the current society, you need to modify your website suitable for all types of devices. Tihalt is very specialized to build your site on a responsive framework.

4. Company has a portfolio of live websites

Taking a look at the designer’s portfolio with a clear focus on what you seek to hit is a good way to see if the company knows what they do. It helps you to understand if the work they have completed suits your requirement and matches your taste of what you are looking for. Don’t ever judge by seeing a screenshot of homepages. Request them to provide an actual website they worked on

Take your own time to go through the portfolio and review the sites they already designed to get an exact idea of their skills and expertise. Sometimes you may not like their past designs, in that case, they might not going to be a good solution for your needs.

In some rare cases, the designing company may not have a live portfolio, also you can ask them to send the samples they designed. Ensure to observe the clients website closely. If they look significantly worse, it is a sign that the company is outsourcing the work to another small scale company at a low cost.

Tihalt Technologies has a lot of live portfolios so that the client can come to a conclusion and choose the best website design company in Bangalore.

5. Longevity

The best web design company will be existing for a long period and stick to the plans for a longer time. This is the real test to check the designer’s ability. Each Year lots and lots of new design companies pop up around the world and just as tons close down. Clients should not trust the companies who fly by overnight. What if the company you chooses won’t be around in a year to support further. Better to look for a company which exists for more than two years.

Longer the company stays around, the more experience, the expertise they hold. And they adapt to the changes of new trends that come up on the internet. Generally, it is important to make sure that the company provides a physical address, Phone number (landline) and an email address for its visitors.

If a website company provides you virtual mail address and physical details, then it would be a trouble to contact them in the future. If neither of this is available then, of course, it must be a red flag and we suggest a negative answer. Tihalt Technologies was established in the year 2016 and exist for more than two years. We provide all our Company address to our visitors to grab us easily whenever there is a need.

6. Social Media Presence

The reliable indicator is the social media presence of a website design company in Bangalore. Many promote and Market their services on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. It is a two-way process, social media can be a good way to sell the products and services and also it can damage a company’s reputation.

Most of the cases, red information about the web design company will be visible on the social media page. On Instagram and Twitter, the negative side of the company may show up in the hashtags. On checking the social media review of a web design company services, you can come to a point that the company has not had too many negative feedbacks from the client’s.

7. Experienced in more than one field

The web developing company has the ability and skill set to be very effective in all aspects of your projects including development, marketing, and design and it is very important to create a unique website design that will increase your business growth and your website will reach a bigger audience.

Will a website developing company have the skill set to improve and design a website up to the market standards? And have to check do they have experience with modified web projects that has the complex problem-solving ability and high-end coding potentials? Do they build mobile applications and SEO (Search Ending Optimization)?

8.Customer support

There are many stories of web Design Company and their missing action after they develop a website running and leaving their clients in dark. Few companies may give you a 100% dedicated point of contact details in which they will be available 24/7. But that person may not be available always, they might get sick or go for a vacation or have to look after their personal lives, they are human after all. Tihalt will provide the agency’s customer support policy.

9. Solid track record of accomplishment

The website design company in Bangalore which is been existing more than 10 years old does not mean that they are the best option for you. Here in this field, time does not determine experience. Strong record of accomplishment is required to know how well they have performed from the day the company accomplished.

The chooser of best web Design Company in Bangalore should be confident to know the team of respected professionals in giving the best output for your business and that can give you a return on your investment.
You can read the review of the clients given to the company in social media, the company you hire for your project is reliable and trustworthy or not, also you can check the past client references. Do call the old clients to check the service provided.

10. Cost-effective service

Costing of a project will differ from one company to another. Mostly web design companies don’t disclose their pricing. If you are not careful in your budget, that might end up in spending more for the services.
Seek a website design company in Bangalore and approximately ask the proposal or estimation for your project, then compare it with other company estimation and choose the best web design company which can be affordable for you.


Hereby, we have given ten points to choose the best design company in Bangalore. Hope this information would help you get a designer to create your project. Tihalt Technologies keep up all the above ten notes for customer satisfaction.

Web Development Life Cycle is same as like software development project, a particular method should be followed to make sure the project consistency and completeness.
The exact core part of a website and design is not necessary for coding the entire process. Indeed few technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript give a specific way that we are able to easily interact with the information and play with website development and usually certain things which stay behind the scenes and being the crucial part of website development company in Bangalore are few stages of Preliminary information gathering, analysis, detailed planning, post-launch maintenance.

Alright, let’s see what are the things need to be followed while developing a website in Tihalt. Its strength seems like baffling for most of you but every people should be aware of the development process. Especially, if you are looking to hire a website development company in India to build one, you must be aware of some ideas to know how a project works and we going to give you a brief explanation about the seven stages of a development cycle in General, Particularly we follow in Tihalt Technologies.

Straight away let us get into the seven points, 1) Information Gathering in detail. 2) Planning before the development, 3) Designing 4) Content writing and organizing 5) Coding 6) Testing, Review, and Launching, 7) Maintenance of the site.

Website Development Timeline:

When there is any requirement of developing a website usually everyone gets confused around two major issues – pricing and time. And these two relay on the requirements, size, and scope of the website. The whole process, you can add in a website timeline, involving tasks, establishing milestones for the project. This is the very best way to keep your project on track and to ensure you keep up with the deadline.

Step 1. Information Gathering: Purpose, Main Goals, and Target

Often every developing company believes it starts with a development process but the fact is to understand the client’s needs and this is the crucial one, most ignore it. Identify and understand what the client exactly needs, in most cases if the client has a technical background, it would be much easier to understand their needs technically in projects. However, when the clients are entirely new to the website world then it would need little more clarification for further proceeding, to the processing we ask several questions to know their requirements to serve better.
The stage of understanding and researching makes how the subsequent future will look alike. A most important task is to get a clear understanding of our Clients future website purposes, and our main focus is to target the audience to get attracted to your site. These kinds of website development strategy helps to develop better project management.
Each portal differs from one another, the news portal, entertainment websites, online resources for the teenagers differs than the site for adults. The difference in the website provides customers or visitors with different functionality. Technologies should be used according to different functionalities. Well described planning of a project prevents from the issues that occur in a later stage like, spending extra on getting the exact result or might be design change or adding extra functionality that was not planned in the early stage. The estimated time for planning a project in Tihalt Technologies if 3 to 5 days.

Step 2: Planning

Above we mentioned, understanding the client’s requirement is the crucial stage? Also, we add one more point in the list, it is planning. Strong planning requires deep research and analyzing the exact map towards the destination. At this part, we provide Gantt charts with the timeline and the resources we need to complete the project based on the needs explained.
The other two major decisions are such as calculating sitemap, wireframing, Layout Planning, UI/UX, choosing the fit technology stack are done at this stage.
Meanwhile, wireframe and mockup in the planning stage give the client a perfect outline of the web pages, a low fidelity frame without logo and Pictures. You can find many tools out in the market that gives ease of creating a wireframe. At this stage, all the planning is done with the client’s involvement so the client will come to an understanding of how the blueprint of the project is formed.
Here is the example of a sitemap how it looks like:

Planning - Web development life cycle

The sitemap has to describe the connection between the important areas of your website. This kind of representation can help to understand how usable the end project will be. It can make you understand the relationship between different pages of the client’s website. The main reason for creating the site map is to build a user-friendly website.
The created sitemap from Tihalt Technologies could have given an inner structure of the entire project looks like but doesn’t show you a user interface. At times before you start coding or even before your designing process, it is must get the client’s approval whether he is ok with a mockup. So that you can start you’re designing phase. If the wireframe is created, it can be a visual representation of a user interface that going to create. It only describes the elements, location kind of outer sketch of a drawing.
The most website development companies in Bangalore use any mockup to do this purpose but we use particular stack technologies and few other to create a mock-up. Selecting technology is also an important part. Estimated time for creating mock-up would be 1 week.

Step 3: Designing

In this designing stage, the customer’s website takes shape. Includes visual content, for example, images, photos, and videos are created at this designing phase. While working off the designing part it is must keep in mind, the customer and target audience.
The best designer’s work can be seen in the website layout that can be a graphic sketch or an actual graphic design. The prime function of the layout is to present the information structure, visualizing the content and demonstrating the base functionality. Most of the web developments company in Bangalore and their layout has colors, logos, pictures and gives the client a common understanding of the website.
After the completion of the layout, the client can review the layout and send his comment. If the customer is not satisfied or not sure about some perspective of your design, you have to change your design again according to his need and send him back. This will repeat until the client is satisfied with the design. Estimated time for designing part in Tihalt Technologies would be 1 week.

Step 4: Content and Organizing

In general, writing the content and compiling normally overlaps with the other stages of the website development lifecycle. Its importance cannot be underestimated, at this phase of writing content is necessary to add in mentioning the very essence that you’d like to interact with the audience by using your website. All website development company in Bangalore has this features of wringing content, this involves the developing catching headlines, Line editing, writing a new text, compiling the existing text, organizing it accordingly, etc. this takes time and effort. As the thumb rule, the content for the website has been ready to migrate to the site which the client undertakes to provide. It is always better to provide the contents of the website on or before coding. Estimated time would be 4 days.

Step 5: Coding

Finally, we came to the coding nitty-gritty of website development. In the coding phase, the client approves all the above steps and it transformed into a working model. The website development process includes two major stages which are frontend and backend.
Graphic elements mentioned in the previous stages are used to create the actual website. Normally in Tihalt, the homepage is created first and all the subpages are added as next, based on the web development hierarchy that was created before in the form of sitemap or wireframe. It is needed to check the server whether it can handle the installation and set-up everything smoothly by implementing Frameworks and CMS.
Every static web page that is designed during the mock-up and layout creation should be tested and special features like interactivity should be added.
Hereby we are about to see frontend and backend in a detailed manner.

Frontend Development:

Well, the name itself would give a short understanding. This is a general step that is followed by all the other web development company. As the name refers, this development takes place in the client-side app and that is seen by the users. Previous stage designs are converted into HTML pages with other features like animation and effects. If there are some other needs, We would add some sophisticated functionalities such as JavaScript framework/Libraries like React, Angular, Vue, etc. according to latest growth of mobile devices, it is equally important to develop a mobile app or mobile-friendly website development.

Backend Development:

As per the name refers, this development takes place in the server-side which is the soul of frontend and makes the user interface into a working web application. Backend developer creates the server-side applications, integrates logic, a database that works underhood.
Most website development company in Bangalore use CMS for site creation. Also can install CMS plugins in this phase if there’s any necessary. After developing a website, equally important to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This can help your site to attain higher rankings in search engine elements. At last the valid coding is pretty important for SEO. Estimated time would be 1 to 3 weeks.

Step 6: Testing, Review, and Launching

Here comes, after developing the web app, before deploying it into the server, it goes through several stages of the test. To find there is no bugs or issues in the coding which could cause final stage error. Tihalt has a quality team who performs tests like functionality, Usability, performance, compatibility test, etc. this make sure that the website is ready to launch, Testing also helps in identifying the paths to improve the website for the client in better ways. Once the green flag is shown from the quality assurance team for the web app, it is deployed in the server through File Transfer Protocol. We commonly use BeanStalk, Bitbucket, Github, and FileZilla.
You should run yet another after uploading all the files after you check and re-check and be sure that all your files have been installed correctly. Estimated time would be 2 weeks.

Step 7: Maintenance

What’s important to remember after deploying the coding, it is not important to hand over the website to the client. Should ensure that all the pages of the website working fine and everyone is satisfied with the product to deliver and on the other hand also be prepared to make a change in another case. Yet finished, there is several post-effective task need to be carried out by the website development company in Bangalore such, providing the customer with the source code and project documents. Feedback system will be added to the site it allows the client to detect the problems end-users face. There are few other things which equally important they are support and maintenance.

The highest priority task is to fix the problem as fast as you can. If negative, you might find one day the user moved to another website rather than putting up themselves with the inconvenience. Tihalt Technologies is good in keeping your website up to date and we use CMS, that will prevent you from bugs and decrease security risks in the future. Estimated time would be ongoing.


However, you should always keep in mind that the website development doesn’t start straight away with the coding and end by launching it. Web development life cycle includes certain stages that have to follow to get a good result. For awesome result, it might take some time. Tihalt Technologies gives you a neat explanation about the steps that are followed and there is a lot of website development company in Bangalore catering services to the clients from various countries.
Projects will be agile and flexible enough to change the website according to the user’s feedback. Better keep in mind that there is nothing as a significant website development life cycle that would prevent you from unexpected errors or troubles. Finally, We give you confidence that everything flows with how it should be and have full control over the project.
Believing, this blog provided valuable information and you can easily develop your dream website with us.

Advantages of Using WordPress Website -tihalt technologies

In this modern era lot of peoples aware of the websites and its need. They use the website for their business growth and establishment. Most of the technologies there to build a website like HTML, PHP, and many frame-works also. That all helps to build websites easily. Commonly the developers choose WordPress among all other platforms. Many blogging platforms come and go but WordPress sustains for long years. Because of its performance and user-friendliness. It an open-source web development platform and it is widely used for content management systems. Website Design companies using WordPress for website development. Get the benefits of WordPress by choosing the best website design company in Bangalore.

Advantages of Using WordPress Website Design in Bangalore - tihalt technologies

Most of the publications using WordPress as their content management system to publish their daily news such as The New York Times and CNN. A lot of topmost companies using WordPress for designing and developing their websites. At Tihalt Technologies, We create world-class websites for all your needs. Some of the following advantages show why WordPress is superior one among all CMS system and why its unique one. See the benefits of WordPress…

1. WordPress is Cost-Effective

WordPress is open source so its free to use. If we choose some other platform for creating the websites means its cost too high rather than creating the website in WordPress. WordPress allows us to create a website at a minimal cost. Besides, it’s given the easy wat to maintain the website without developers’ help. So, no need to hire a developer for maintaining the website.

2. Update the Website at Anytime

Planning to make the WordPress theme website you can feel free and make the changes at any time and anywhere you are. Just you need the internet to access your website.

3. SEO Compatible

WordPress is fully SEO friendly. When we built a website using WordPress and its coding make the website in google indexing. And it has an SEO component in all pages and we can customize the website according to getting the good traffic via SEO. Choose the best SEO company in Bangalore that can able to take your website in google front page. It allows our site to show various people and make them as our customers.

4. Convenient

WordPress gives an efficient way to grow the inbound links in your websites. Whenever we create a new blog or post it will automatically create the RSS feed and easily integrate with other directories and other websites. It helps to get good indexing on the google page.

5. Responsive Mobile-friendly Websites

In studies and statistics says the mobile usage surpass normal desktop traffic. Nowadays we can see the changes around us. Even we cannot create a website only for mobile. So, we need a solution for this. WordPress gives a better solution for that. It is a responsive design. Let know the benefits of responsive web design. We create a website for the desktop and its automatically compatible with all size devices. It gives the solution for creating separate websites for mobile devices.

6. Upgrade Your Site’s Easily

In the web development, whenever we need to upgrade our websites a lot of work and time consume to improving the look and the functionalities. WordPress gives a contrast solution to that. If some new functionalities or features needed just get a plugin for that and it allows us to easily integrate with our website. WordPress community always aware of giving the best plugin to provide the customers for getting good service. All are having good documentation so we can use that easily. Choose the best web development company in Bangalore and they know the value of your time and money.

Advantages of Using WordPress Web Design in bangalore - Tihalt Technologies

7. Suitable for Aggressive Content Marketing

In this modern era for online marketing, fresh content is most important. WordPress website is not a traditional one to give more complications to build and promote. In a minute we can able to change the website content and it helps to improve the SEO related improvements. Once we using the ordinary HTML sites means we should expect the help of some developers to changes the content. But WordPress gives the proper solution for that. It helps to increase the credibility of our company. We can update the website design also in an easy way. Publishing blogs and promotion posts are very easy in WordPress.

8. Social Media Integration

We can easily integrate social media with our WordPress website without login linked in, Facebook, Instagram and many. It allows us to connect the customers via social media. It helps to know all our followers know about our business with the help of WordPress.

9. Increased Site Security

One of the major criticisms against WordPress is its security. This myth is not true. As long as you choose a good developer or a renowned web design company for developing your websites. They know how to secure the websites from hacking. A lot of hacking proof functions are available in WordPress. The traditional websites cannot be adopted by these kinds of security. WordPress is hack free when you choose Best web design company in Bangalore.

10. Easy Change One to Another

We eagerly create a website for your business to enlarge the business into the world market. It’s helpful to get valuable customers. The good websites work for you 5 times rather than the salespersons. Use valuable content its help for SEO. Tihalt Technologies is the top web design company in Bangalore having 100+ customers all over the world with good service for the past 4 years. Having well-known developers and 24×7 support. Used to build many websites in WordPress to get a good ranking on google. Having all kinds of services such as Digital Marketing, SEO Services, Software Development, website design and many. Ask them what is the use of WordPress and why they are using WordPress.
The best website design company in Bangalore knows the value of WordPress. Make changes in the digital world.

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