Top 5 Facts about Why Local SEO is Important for a Business

Why Local SEO is Important for a Business


Are you looking to increase a locally based business website on the search engine result page(SERP), then you are in a right place. According to a google search survey, 46% of customer’s searches are Local. Because customers search best service provider near them and also want FAST.

Especially nowadays, In the Covid-19 Pandemic period, most of the customers are trying to reach Online business than offline. It’s worth investing money in creating a website with Tihalt Technologies and doing a Local SEO in Bangalore.

Read this article and learn how to do local SEO in Bangalore and bring your business website to the top on search engine result pages (SERP) like Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc. Because we are covered 90% on optimizing your local business website to bring the Ranking on Google.

What is Local SEO?
Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a sub-services of SEO, its mainly focused on optimizing the website to be a local search result like following search keyword,

  • Web development company in Bangalore
  • SEO Services In Bangalore
  • Doctor near me
  • Lawyer near me

In other words, This is the process of optimizing your online website to attract more business from target customer’s local searches.

Example of Local SEO SERP,

Web development company in bangalore

Why Local SEO is Important in Bangalore?

Local SEO is very important for small businesses like Dental, Lawyers, Restaurants Etc…Because 4 out of 5 customers are searching for local business information. This means if your business website is not focused on Local SEO in Bangalore, you could be missing out on 80% of potential customers.

According to Google, Here we stats some important information about why Bangalore Local SEO is important for your business website.

  • Per day 50% of customers are searching for google using mobile phones and went to a physical store.
  • Per day 34% of Customers are searching for google using tablet and desktop and went to a physical store.
  • Per day 18% of local mobiles searches are lead to a sale.
  • Before making a purchase, 78% of local-based searches on mobile phones.
  • Per 12% of Local Based searches looking for Online business, 97% of Local based searches are looking for online business at 2017
  • Before arriving at a physical store 1 in 3 mobile phones conducting searches.

First Things First: Before You Get Started

Make your local business website mobile-friendly and high speed because 61% of mobile device searches are contacting a local business service.

Web development company in bangalore

Web development company in bangalore

  • Finally, I would like to recommend make a note of your business Brand Name, Current Mobile Number, and exact Physical address.

How does Google Local Algorithm Works.

Google local algorithm works based on three things,

  1. Relevance – Google tries to provide the exact information to search users. To provide the correct information about your business website.
  2. Prominence – How well your business website provides the information compare to others, epically your competitors.
  3. Proximity – How near there is the business to relevant.

Top 5 Local SEO Ranking Factors:

The local SEO process is not a different process from Organic SEO, All those things are the same as keywords research, internal linking, external linking, On-Page Technical SEO, and Content Optimization. But all are Locally focused, When you are optimize a local search customers are easily get more business Online.

  1. Create and Improve Google My Business.
  2. Optimize URL Alias, Meta Tags, Heading Tags, and Content.
  3. Add location pages to your website.
  4. Create and Optimize online directories profiles.
  5. Get Review on Your Google My Business and Local Business Directories.
Create and Improve Google My Business.

Google My Business is a Major ranking factor of Local SEO Because 80% of business peoples lose the business inquiry if customers see the wrong information like a Business name, mobile number, and address.  So create your google my business profile very carefully. Here we have listed the information about how to create the google my business profile.

Step to follow create a new Google My Business Profile:

    1. Set up a new Google Account
    2. Head to
    3. Enter your business name
    4. Enter the address of the business location
    5. Specify service areas (Service Area Businesses only).
    6. Choose your business category.
    7. Add a contact phone number and website URL.
    8. Complete your Google My Business Verification. Want to know about Verification ClickHere
2.Optimize URL Alias, Meta Tags, Heading Tags, and Content.

The meta tag is the most important ranking factor for bringing the ranking in google search engine. Those tags help to search engines understand what the page is about. Whatever you are targeting the page you can clearly state who you are, and where you are located and what you do. If you are doing something like google or other search engines are easily understand your business website. Mainly focus on the title tag, description, URL alias, and heading tag.

A title tag appears on the google search engine result page, and a description Is short information about your business website. It also appears on the google search engine result pages. If you want to improve the local SEO website then you can optimize the title tag, description, alias, and heading tags on location-based keywords.

3.Add location pages to your website (NAP)

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone. Add your NAP details on the Contact Us page to help the google search engine understand where you are located. The major important thing is to take a look at your google my business details before adding the NAP details on your website. If you have a single location you can footer otherwise you can create the page and add NAP details unique page for each location.

Don’t forget to add local business structured data schema code on your website. This information helps to google associate your business with a particular region’s area. On your business website contact us or location page, embed the google map iframe for showing the business location NAP.

4.Create and Optimize online directories profiles.

Google my business listing one of the major and best business citations of Local SEO, and another business listing also helps to bring the ranking on google search results pages. It takes time for building the profile but it’s more effective.

Here also major important thing is before creating the business citation consider about Google My Business Listing. Because if you are using a different NAP for each listing you can’t get ranking from google. We would like to suggest Moz Local Tool for building a Business Listing. Which provides a quick and free audit about your business listing current status.

5.Get a Review on Your Google My Business and Local Business Directories.

Generate the Reviews of Business is another biggest factor for Local SEO Because google considers and trying to understand your business website trustworthy. Google Search engine looks at how many reviews your business has and what types review your business when determining the ranking.

The most important place to collect the reviews is Google My Business Listing also considers other business citations like Facebook, yelp Etc.

When you are trying to search google on your business brand name Yelp and Facebook will appear on the Google results page, It increases your business trustworthiness. While customer reviews may not be on the business website google, yelp and Facebook is the best place to collect the business customer reviews.

Top 10 Business Citation of India:



SEO factors are rapid changes, you peoples are never known google have local search algorithm, by implementing whatever we mention in this post about local SEO actionable steps your business website always stay on top of the google search results pages. And if don’t know to make those changes, you may want your business website on top of google then don’t hesitate to contact Tihalt Technologies.

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