7 Secrets to Remove from Your Website Immediately, Want to Get Your Website Top on Google


There are things on your site that are undermining your Google rankings and traffic. Regardless of how much exertion you put into composing content, improve your specialized SEO, building backlinks, they will hold you down. Today I will show you eight things that you need to eliminate from your site promptly on the off chance that you need to rank better on Google.

Tips 1: Avoid Out-Dated Content:

Google’s mission is to provide the user fresh, quality, and authoritative content. That is the reason Google has given the importance of fresh content rather than old content and outdated content. According to google search quality evaluator if the content was inaccurate or meaningless information google considers low-quality content.
So if you have more low-quality content on your business website, it’s harder to rank on google search results pages. Now you have one question right, which content is outdated and which can I keep, Here are the answers.
Ask yourself after reading your pages:

  • Are the contents are relevant to your business audience?
  • Are mentioned pages receiving organic traffic?
  • Check that pages have a lot of backlinks?
  • Is there possible to improve the content to make it again relevant?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above mentioned then you can consider update the content rather than delete.
How to Remove Outdated Content without Affecting your website ranking?
If your business website content doesn’t have traffic, backlinks, and no relevant information then you can delete with using the following method.

  • Redirect To Relevant Page: Once outdated content was deleted then you can 301 redirect to your deleted URL to the most relevant and recently posted article and pages.
  • Add 410 Errors: if your business website does not have relevant pages to redirect outdated content you can delete and set the server code 410. The 404 mentions can’t find the page, but 410 errors mention permanently deleted that is not coming back.
  • No Index: If you don’t want to delete the content from the website and want to remove it from google then you can use NO INDEX meta tag on your outdated article or pages.

Tips 2: Remove Pages with Small or Thin Content:

What is Thin Content? Thin content is a low amount of words or the contents don’t value for users. Google considers that are doorway pages. Also, Google does not like thin content, duplicated content, and Autogenerated content with stuffed keywords.
In 2011 google released the google Panda Algorithm and the purpose of dropping the ranking of which website have low or thin content and poor quality content.

So, How to find duplicate or Thin Content on my website?

Very simple to find duplicate or thin content, When you are posting the article to your business website, and that article does not generate the traffic from search engine result pages for at least a little bit then you are published thin or duplicate content.
In another way to find the duplicate content to your website, Just login to your website google analytics analyzes every page. Just look at the website bounce rate and user spend time.
Matt Cutts Google’s webspam team says when you publish content must have some value to the user. If it’s just there because you want traffic, then you’re doing it wrong.
So still content is the King Of SEO. If you want to rank in google then you must find the duplicate content and remove it. Also, provide a great answer to the search User.

Tips 3: Avoid More Irrelevant Ads:

If you want to increase the ranking from google or other search engine results pages, then you must concentrate on the website loading time. Because All kinds of Search Engines are penalized if your website loads slowly. But more importantly when visitors are coming to your business for buying a product or services if your business website takes more time to load they stop visiting, bounce, and don’t buy. According to Google in 2018, 53% of mobile users leave a website if it takes more than 3 mins to load.
If you are using more irrelevant ads on your website it takes more time to load. So that remove irrelevant ads from your business website.

Tips 4: Spammy Website Backlinks:

Every business website and digital owners want to rank on Google or any other search engines nowadays high-quality backlinks website are achieve it. This means you need to audit your business website backlinks and remove them day by day.

Before website owners or digital marketers getting the ranking on google just create a more number of backlinks. But Now Google has Penguin Update Algorithm, which uses to dragging the ranking or penalize the website from the search results if you are doing unnatural links or spammy links.

Still, backlinks are a more important ranking, but If you are generating unnatural or irrelevant backlinks to your website it’s affecting your website quality. That’s why tihalt Technologies best SEO company in Bangalore recommend removing the unnatural links or spammy links from your business website if you want to rank google or any other search engine results.

Tips 5: Irrelevant internal link:

Internal links connect from one page to another page from the same website. In other words for internal links, the source website and target domains are the same. The main purpose of internal links aids in website architecture.

Every Digital or SEO marketer knows that internal links are the most important ranking factor. But it’s a crucial part to evaluate the internal links strategy to your business websites. By adding the right internal links to your target page google was understand otherwise drop the ranking.

Wrong Internal links affect your website ranking, for example, In my website has a Cat Food Page, and am going to create an article related to the dog, Should I link two pages? No, because both are different. There is no strong relation between the two pages but I have another page that is related to Cat. That time I can link to my cat food page. Finally, wrong or irrelevant internal links drop the ranking from Google or any other search engine results pages.

Tips 6: Long Paragraphs

Before creating the article or blog post think carefully, What you want to share with your readers and what they want to do at end of the article. Make your reader interested, and happy, if they understand the article they are share with others and traffic will increasing your website will get the best ranking on google and other search engines. And think about your content structure if you are writing the content long paragraph users get bore and possibly leave your website. That time your page bounce rate will increase, cannot get ranking from google.

So How do write the content, what is the structure of the Article?

Create readable and SEO friendly content with a clean structure, Use the following three steps for creating the extraordinary article.

  • Introduction: Introduce your article
  • Body: Main Message about the article
  • Conclusions: Summarize the article

Bonus Tips: Break up your article paragraph every 2 to 3 lines and Use Subheadings to introduce sections and use bullet points and highlight the important points.

Tips 7: Auto-play videos and music:

Autoplay videos or music seriously interrupt the website user experience and increase the website bounce rates. Recently Mozilla Firefox blocked the auto-play videos and music. Why because users are getting upset about getting information through the website.

If you make your website using Auto Plaining videos and Music, you lose the website traffics. Simply AutoPlay = Higher Bounce Rate and Lower SEO Score. So delete the auto-play videos and music from your website.


There is no doubt your website provides great information and services to your search users. If you want to deliver leads or needs to grow your online business then you must need to preventing some risk fragment to your website.

If you need any help above mentioned don’t hesitate to take a call or mail to Tihalt Technologies – One of the best SEO company in Bangalore, We have well-experienced developers and Digital marketing experts.

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