10 Things to Choose a Best Web Design Company in Bangalore – 2019

Choose web design company in Bangalore

A beautiful and understanding eye-catchy website of the company can help your business to reach new heights. In the current market scenario, it is very difficult to find the best web design company in Bangalore. The era of globalization has been emerged in a good way of marketing but also plays a battlefield on how a consumer behaves. OMG! Just imagine a world where everything can be done through the internet. However, people need to create their website to get more revenue by reaching mass height through the internet.

There are many web designing companies in the market with different skills and functionalities, but the client needs to be very selective in finding a right web design company in Bangalore that understands your requirements and handover the project within your budget. Are you looking for a new website design company in Bangalore from scratch or want to revamp your existing website?

Well let’s get into the point here are 10 things that can tell you how to choose the best web design company in Bangalore.

Here are the 10 things that you can look into while selecting your web design company:

1. Good listeners are the best

As said in the topic, who listens well are the one capable of doing the clients requirement well. The web design company in Bangalore that you want to choose must have enough patience to listen to the customer’s points very well and they should have the ability to execute your ideas perfectly as expected.

Thousands of known web design companies around the world have come before media because of not focusing on the client and force them to follow their ideas upon. Business can’t run this way, you need to be very careful in choosing a web design company, it’s very important to know their patients by approaching them with some crazy ideas by the way here crazy ideas doesn’t mean that they resemble some storybooks but the truth is yes, this might sound crazy.

We know what we are serving and also have an idea of how to present it to our clients. Initially, you can make a list of companies that you see in Google or by your known friends around and then interact with them to know more. If you are from the non-technical background, you can show your admired website this will make the designer understand more about your ideas.

However, it is must for the agency to listen, you don’t want anyone to nod their head and produce a mock-up of what you say. The website must be designed by the one who knows designing well and brings exciting ideas to the table.

2. Understand that content is Important

Clients website framework needs more than functionalities and out sketch, it also requires CMS(Content Management System) with word press, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and quality content is essential for the great user experience.

It is must know what CMS is used by the website design company in Bangalore and particularly in the company you preferred. Because you will be able to edit and update the website when needed. Without it, you will be requesting every time to update your website.

3. Responsive design

The design of your Website should be responsive on mobile devices, as a ranking factor Google uses mobile responsiveness. End users want to buy and visit your website that functionalities well on all their mobile devices. If the web design company is not skilled enough to produce a responsive design, then they are not probably the right choice for your needs.
As the growth of mobile usage in the current society, you need to modify your website suitable for all types of devices. Tihalt is very specialized to build your site on a responsive framework.

4. Company has a portfolio of live websites

Taking a look at the designer’s portfolio with a clear focus on what you seek to hit is a good way to see if the company knows what they do. It helps you to understand if the work they have completed suits your requirement and matches your taste of what you are looking for. Don’t ever judge by seeing a screenshot of homepages. Request them to provide an actual website they worked on

Take your own time to go through the portfolio and review the sites they already designed to get an exact idea of their skills and expertise. Sometimes you may not like their past designs, in that case, they might not going to be a good solution for your needs.

In some rare cases, the designing company may not have a live portfolio, also you can ask them to send the samples they designed. Ensure to observe the clients website closely. If they look significantly worse, it is a sign that the company is outsourcing the work to another small scale company at a low cost.

Tihalt Technologies has a lot of live portfolios so that the client can come to a conclusion and choose the best website design company in Bangalore.

5. Longevity

The best web design company will be existing for a long period and stick to the plans for a longer time. This is the real test to check the designer’s ability. Each Year lots and lots of new design companies pop up around the world and just as tons close down. Clients should not trust the companies who fly by overnight. What if the company you chooses won’t be around in a year to support further. Better to look for a company which exists for more than two years.

Longer the company stays around, the more experience, the expertise they hold. And they adapt to the changes of new trends that come up on the internet. Generally, it is important to make sure that the company provides a physical address, Phone number (landline) and an email address for its visitors.

If a website company provides you virtual mail address and physical details, then it would be a trouble to contact them in the future. If neither of this is available then, of course, it must be a red flag and we suggest a negative answer. Tihalt Technologies was established in the year 2016 and exist for more than two years. We provide all our Company address to our visitors to grab us easily whenever there is a need.

6. Social Media Presence

The reliable indicator is the social media presence of a website design company in Bangalore. Many promote and Market their services on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. It is a two-way process, social media can be a good way to sell the products and services and also it can damage a company’s reputation.

Most of the cases, red information about the web design company will be visible on the social media page. On Instagram and Twitter, the negative side of the company may show up in the hashtags. On checking the social media review of a web design company services, you can come to a point that the company has not had too many negative feedbacks from the client’s.

7. Experienced in more than one field

The web developing company has the ability and skill set to be very effective in all aspects of your projects including development, marketing, and design and it is very important to create a unique website design that will increase your business growth and your website will reach a bigger audience.

Will a website developing company have the skill set to improve and design a website up to the market standards? And have to check do they have experience with modified web projects that has the complex problem-solving ability and high-end coding potentials? Do they build mobile applications and SEO (Search Ending Optimization)?

8.Customer support

There are many stories of web Design Company and their missing action after they develop a website running and leaving their clients in dark. Few companies may give you a 100% dedicated point of contact details in which they will be available 24/7. But that person may not be available always, they might get sick or go for a vacation or have to look after their personal lives, they are human after all. Tihalt will provide the agency’s customer support policy.

9. Solid track record of accomplishment

The website design company in Bangalore which is been existing more than 10 years old does not mean that they are the best option for you. Here in this field, time does not determine experience. Strong record of accomplishment is required to know how well they have performed from the day the company accomplished.

The chooser of best web Design Company in Bangalore should be confident to know the team of respected professionals in giving the best output for your business and that can give you a return on your investment.
You can read the review of the clients given to the company in social media, the company you hire for your project is reliable and trustworthy or not, also you can check the past client references. Do call the old clients to check the service provided.

10. Cost-effective service

Costing of a project will differ from one company to another. Mostly web design companies don’t disclose their pricing. If you are not careful in your budget, that might end up in spending more for the services.
Seek a website design company in Bangalore and approximately ask the proposal or estimation for your project, then compare it with other company estimation and choose the best web design company which can be affordable for you.


Hereby, we have given ten points to choose the best design company in Bangalore. Hope this information would help you get a designer to create your project. Tihalt Technologies keep up all the above ten notes for customer satisfaction.

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