Types Of Websites

types of websites

According to the latest scenario, the Web is of great extent. As per now, there are tons and tons of websites are available which all are competing for some reason to get the attention from the people to give to their online browsing each day. If you are planning to start a website for business, also think about all the other website out there.
Here Tihalt Technologies have categorized the most popular types of websites available around the world. Especially Tihalt has differentiated about the websites developed in India and those are done the best designer’s presence in website design company in Bangalore. In general, every type of website has particular goals to hit and its own set of amazing practices and this is to explain which one your website be?

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E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website is used to buy products from online where the user can buy whatever they need by sitting at the home. The user might have used many e-commerce websites early, most big brands and n number of smaller ones have their own. This kind of web site includes payment information of credit and debit card to make a purchase.
If you are planning to set up a website for your business which is to sell your products online, then this is the right website you need to build. Before that, you need to follow few steps like investing in e-commerce software and get your certificate to make sure your customer’s safe transaction. And the main goal of the website would be making sales.

Business Website

The business website is a kind of website that is dedicated to representing a particular business. It has to be branded as the business, For example, Logo or positioning and promotes the products or service and business offers.
As per now, every business out there must have a website, it is a widespread expectation. All potential Customer will browse your company details and learn more about you before approaching. If they don’t find your website, it makes the business look less professional.
Tihalt Technologies has best designers to develop online selling website(E-Commerce) also it is possible to develop a website without online selling and normally it is made to get Google ranking to get in touch with the people who sell their services or products.

Entertainment Website

Most of the people have internet browsing habits, they surf into purely for entertainment purposes that could be humor. These websites are with fun entertaining and hold interesting contents.
Most of the website design company in Bangalore has the aim to make money by creating E-commerce websites, Entertaining website has more growth rather than selling specific products.

Portfolio Website

These sites are designed to show examples of past work. All the website development companies in Bangalore will always have a portfolio in their sites to show potential clients about the quality of work they can provide. Portfolio websites are very easy to develop than the business website.

Media Website

These websites are more like Entertainment sites. They collect news or reporting, for example, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hot Star and so on. But in other hand media websites are to include reported pieces besides, instead of being purely for entertainment.
Sites like media website make money by the advertisement that comes as a pop up on the sites like subscription models or the combination of the given two. In India, Tihalt Technologies has the best designers to develop media websites with properties that often exist in other forms like TV channels, Magazines, and newspapers.

Brochure Website

Business websites are also known as Brochure sites. These websites are very simple and they just need an online presence and don’t want to invest a lot into it. That includes only some pages that give the basic outline about a business like a contact info and service they give. Always remember if you have a business and if you feel like having a website just as a marketing tool that gives you leads and more like an online brochure card that may do magic.

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Nonprofit Website

Generally, the same way that businesses want websites to be just online and non-profited as well. This kind of website is the easiest way for many donors to do donations and by doing SEO. Tihalt can put such websites in the first place so that many people will look into it and learn more about a nonprofit site and they declare if they want to support it.

Educational Website

The educational website is like those offering online courses and educational institutions available in online. They have a primary goal of providing educational material to users or giving information’s etc. also they have advertisements like entertainment or educational products for purchase. The educational website also serves as an online appearance for an existing institution.

Infopreneur Website

Generally, this site overlap business and e-commerce a bit, they got a unique type of online business. Here these sites create and sell informative products that can be in the form of courses, tutorials, Videos or EBooks.
If you are planning to build an Infopreneur site in a website development company in Bangalore then they have to hard work of building up a knowledge of infopreneurs. The site has to convince the visitors that they know enough to make their educational and informative products worth buying.

Personal Website

Here we explain about the personal website, not all the sites are designed to make money. Few people find value in creating these sites to put in their own thoughts and throw it in the outside world. The personal website includes blogs, Vlogs, and photos of people and shared with the outside world.

Web Portal

Often websites are developed for internal purposes in business, organization or institution. They collect information about each department and put in together on a site so that people can read and gain knowledge about what they wanted to know. They have login id for different users to make sure that it is accessible to most useful viewers and to their particular needs.
Generally, these websites are more complicated in programming and designing than other sites. So pick the most experienced website development company in Bangalore.

Wiki or Community Forum Website

Most people are much familiar with Wikipedia. It is a site where various users can be able to collaborate on content and make their own changes as they see it fits in. mostly this is for fan communities, business resources and for collecting valuable information’s.

What Type of Website Do You Create?

Tihalt Technologies concludes this topic by saying “whatever website you prefer to choose, it is very important to think what you want from it and ensure the design is based on your goals in mind. One more important thing you will need to find out before your website goes live in the outside world is where to host it”

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