White Hat vs. Black Hat vs. Gray Hat SEO: What’s the Difference? & Which is Good For You


Do you know what type of search engine optimization techniques you are using? it’s very hard to know where to start SEO. Most SEO experts have an opinion on what works and what does not work. In this article, we will explain the difference between white SEO, black hat SEO and highlight some important practices you will want to avoid for the cause of ranking at google result pages. By the end, you will be clear on most organic ways to use bring the ranking on Google result pages.

The white hat and black hat SEO is describing the process of ethical or organic and maleficent steps. If you are good at SEO Marketing you already know what is white hat and black hat SEO. However, if you are new to this field and don’t know about white hat SEO and Black Hat SEO keep read this article.

If you want to improve the ranking of your website to google’s first-page you will love this article.

First Let me start by most common questions,

  •  What is White Hat SEO
  • What is Black Hat SEO
  • What is Gray Hat SEO

This is the time to learn about White Hat SEO,

What is White Hat SEO and Its Most Common and Effective Steps:-

White Hat SEO is the process of bringing the ranking at major search engines like google, yahoo, bing with using search engine guidelines. White Hat SEO helps to increase the positive signal by search engines. White Hat SEO is performed by ethical link building in other words creating the backlinks to another website manually.

Generally, we would like to highly recommend white SEO practice, while maintaining the honesty of your website.

First thing first, Before read about white hat SEO steps you need to understand about White Hat SEO Rules.

  • Follow the Google Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions.
  • Optimize your website User, not for Search Engines.
  • Create Quality and Informative content that is used for your target audience.
  • Create the Good User Interface Website  

Should You Implement White Hat SEO Methods?

Yes, Implementing the white hat SEO practices is the best way to create an organic and successful website and business. Here are the top five steps are you should follow to make sure your SEO strategy is White Hat.

  • Offer Quality Content – Content is King of SEO. Write and Optimize the High Quality of content for your business website is one of the most remarkable search engine ranking factors.
  • Use Descriptive, Keyword-Rich Meta Tags – Follow the good practice when creating the meta descriptions for all pages on your business website to help to search engines and target audience understand your website content.
  • Make Your Site Easy to Navigate – Be careful when designing your business website information architecture. Business websites are easy for users to get entrench oversee to perform better in organic search results too.
  • Fast site loading times – it’s very important because business websites don’t frustrate the audience or encourage bounce. In SEO Point of Fast loading website is one of the best-ranking signals to bring the ranking at google.
  • Creating backlinks from high domain authority websites – Still generating the Authoritative Backlinks is the most important element in SEO. Building the Quality backlink is take time and dedication but a massive impact on how your business website ranks on Search engine result pages and increases the traffic makes it well worth the effort.

Next, this the time to learn about Black Hat SEO (Strictly don’t follow these Steps)

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO strategy as opposed to white hat SEO or Search engine guidelines is used to improve the website ranking in search engine result pages. These inorganic steps do not solve the user problems and ordinarily, the end is a penalty from search engine. Getting the business website ranking at search engines is important, but there is a right way or wrong way of doing a search engine optimization. The Balck Hat SEO Strategy is the wrong way. These steps are didn’t solve the user problem rather is seeks the search engine guidelines. Also, Black Hat is damage you’re your online presence in search engines and trustworthiness for your business website.

Black Hat SEO Techniques List:

Here we mention top black hat SEO tactics to avoid when improving your business website ranking at major search engine result pages like google, yahoo, bing.

  • Keyword Stuffing – It refers to create content with irrelevant keywords to manipulate where the website rank on search results pages at google. Optimizing the more keywords on content there is no value and it creates a bad experience for users.
  • Meta Keyword Stuffing – abnormally placing more keywords on-page meta tags, page titles, and backlinks but it does not positively impact the ranking at search engine results page. And also it can turn away from the search engine bots.
  • Paid Links – Major search engines like google ban when buying or selling the links. You should avoid buying the links from any irrelevant websites. If you are buying the backlinks without realizing the risky your business website goes to SPAM.
  • Cloaking Your Content – Its process shows one piece of content to users and different pieces of content to search engines. Spam websites will repeatedly do this to try and avoid search engine crawlers detecting the out of the spam content they serve to website visitors.
  • Publishing Bad Content – It’s the process of providing the no value piece of content to search visitors. If you provide the Duplicate contents or poor quality content major search engine like google automatically down the rank from the search results, because search engines have an algorithm which detecting the poor and duplicate contents.

Before we discuss white hat SEO and why it’s important and black hat SEO why it’s a dangerous practice but what about gray hat SEO.

What is Grey/Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO is dangerous than white hat SEO but one that may or may not results in your business website being banned from the major search engines. Normally Gray Hat SEO is a tactic that belongs to neither Black Hat SEO nor White Hat SEO because it’s the terms of services regarding the issues are not clear.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques List:
  • Purchasing old domains – This strategy refers to buying the old expired domains and improve the ranking at major search engine result pages.
  • Social media automation and purchasing followers – Buying the Follower to your social media account is a good idea but if there is no engaging means is risky.
  • Using Private Blogging Network (PBN) – Maybe you are heard that using the PNB concept is Black Hat SEO, Yes it’s true only if you are using poor quality backlinks and duplicate contents. If you are creating great original content and good quality backlinks relevant to your website it becomes a Grey Hat SEO.

Yes Grey Hat SEO is the best practice to improve the ranking at google but it’s a guarantee for a long time. So we did not recommend these techniques.


SEO process can help to improve your business success, but before you start the SEO you could select the HAT which is helpful for a Long Time. White Hat SEO is Powerhouse, provides good quality content, creating high domain authority backlinks, increases the ranking, and generates more conversions. So White SEO tactics are much better to approach search engine optimization. Don’t follow the Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO is might affect your business website credibility.

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