What Exactily is Content Maketing and how worthwhile will it be in 2022?

Content marketing

Content marketing strategy is a way of attracting, engrossing and retaining a large audience of potential customers by creating and promoting relevant content blogs, white papers, social media posts, email, videos and so much more. The content marketing strategy could be said to one that is biased more towards the customer rather than on the seller. It focuses more on building a longstanding  relationship with customers, and acts as a valuable source of reliable information for the customers. 

Does content marketing really work? 

Content marketing has always been known for being a sure to work strategy, providing a competitive advantage. But does it actually work when compared to the traditional marketing strategies? Well, scientific data says as follows: 

  • Content marketing has led to generational stats 3x greater than traditional marketing. 
  • 82% of marketers prefer and actively invest in content marketing strategies rather than traditional marketing strategies.
  • 79% of companies prefer to gather more leads and retain them through digital marketing. 
  • Content marketing is also shown to be cost effective, costing 62% less than its traditional counterpart. 
  • 87% of Business to Business marketers would rather use content marketing on social media. 
  • Companies using content marketing are said to see approximately 30% higher growth than the ones that do not use it. 
  • 47% of buyers agree to have viewed at least three to five pieces of content before making the decision to purchase any product. 

These statistics only give a glimpse of how content marketing is, and will be the largest interpersonal approach to bond building with potential customers, which in turn leads to a boom in the growth of the concerned companies and individuals who put it to good use. 

Though all sounds all and well with content marketing it is also not something to be one that is done and dusted with. Sharing valuable and original content every single time that your consumers would engage with is quite a complex playground where the rules tend to shift every single year. And that being said, how would it vary in this year of 2022? 

Content marketing and its importance in 2022:

In the year of 2022, the world of content is predicted to evolve with the marketing strategies of various brands. To quench the needs of the changing rules of the game, there are out and coming trends that are predicted to run wild in the world of content marketing. Here are some of the biggest impacting trends that’ll boast their power in 2022. 

1.A/B testing of website content
2.Metaverse Marketing
3. Podcast Marketing
4.Growth of individual content creators into marketing ambassadors
5. Leveraging UGC and UDC
6.3D Imaging and AR in the world of E-commerce
7.AI generated content
8.Social media video platforms
A/B testing of website content

A/B testing is often just put away for paid advertising landing pages and not used on high-end and high-value SEO pages. However, in 2022, it is predicted that running A/B testing on your most popular blogs of yours will prove to be useful as it’ll help to judge whether it helps in increasing the conversion rate. 

Metaverse Marketing

A whopping estimate of 85 million people are said to have used augmented reality or virtual reality recently, and these statistics might just prove to be the next breakthrough in the world of content marketing. As Tihalt Technologies  of augmented and virtual realities become more and more exciting over the years, it seemingly calls out to content marketers to make use of it. Well according to the data acquired, it is quite necessary to start with marketing on metaverse.

Podcast Marketing

Audio marketing is a semi-grown content strategy and is surely to continue to grow further day by day. It is a vast platform, which includes musical platforms along with podcasts. The number of listeners has increased by 25% percent when compared to 2021 and podcasting just proves itself to be an amazing opportunity for marketers. 

Growth of individual content creators into marketing ambassadors 

This year is predicted to see another spike in the creation of content by individuals rather than an organization, using blogs, vlogs, social media and other platforms to share educational, entertaining or news related content. Several brands that have already acknowledged the power of the individual creators will strive to get them on the company ambassador wagon, or to take notes from them. 

Leveraging UGC and UDC

Leveraging user-generated content and user-directed content might just be be thing thing year. The whole world has been quite inactive during the last two years, and the consumers are more and more eager to get out there and to be active again. What does this mean? An endless amount of usable content, which will keep the on their feet gathering UG and UD contents.

3D Imaging and AR in the world of E-commerce 

Even though this is highly dependent on the type of audience that you’re catering to, 3D Imaging and AR have become irreplaceable as promoters of content. For Business to Business, video methods have been the ‘it’ factor for a while, but using 3D Imaging and AR are quickly taking over, as they promise more visibility for customization of products for clients. 

AI-generated content

Jarvis and other tools of Artificial Intelligence are predicted to have both positive and negative effects on content marketing. While AI generated content give an advantage in the less amount of effort it requires, they also equalize the advantage with the fact that authenticity could be taken over completely. Nevertheless, AI generated content will still witness a boom in 2022.

Social media video platforms

To say, the top content marketing trend would be the growing social media video platforms, out of which shorts of YouTube and reels of Instagram have seen quite a quick rise in popularity. Using the trends of these platforms, like trending remixes, lip syncs, hashtags etc to the best of their extent will be the hottest content strategy

With these trends leading the world of content marketing, the statistics claim success in 2022 too. And hence, here are some of the most significant content marketing statistics that you should know:

  • 51% of businesses publish content every single day. 
  • Content creation is the most popular form of marketing activity among business to business (B2B) marketers.
  • Only 10% of marketers report to not have used content marketing. 
  • Content marketing generates 3 times more leads, but costs 62% less.
  • 70% of people claim to get way more information from blogs than from actual advertisements. 
  • How-to videos lead with the highest popularity percent, followed by news, trends, guides and e-books. 
  • Engagement with content starts to drop if and when it gets longer than a reading period of 7 minutes. 
  • YouTube is the second-most visited website. 
  • 70% of viewers purchased from brands after coming across them on YouTube. 
  • Content marketing is on the path of beating its previous record of being a 412.88 Billion worth industry in 2021.

These growing demographics show the unending possibilities that lead to an even larger success for content marketing. The importance of content marketing strategy is unquestioned in a world where it has become a necessity. 


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