Web Design Tricks To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Web Design Tricks To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Many business firms have excellent products or services with good marketing teams and SEO experts but it fails to increase their website conversion rate. Increasing the conversion rate helps in boosting your return on investment. So it is worth knowing the important website design tips for higher conversion rates.
Developing a good website is crucial not only to attract visitors to your page but also to convert them into your customers. Even making a small change in your website design will help to boost your website conversion rate.
This article explains the eight best web design practices that you need to implement through a website design company in Bangalore on your website to grab visitors to your website and convert them as customers.

Know Your Audience

You must know the type of audience visiting your website. Different segments of the audience have different expectations and the way they understand your content differs widely. It is essential to develop a good website design with excellent content that meets your audience’s expectations. So, you must first understand your audience type and their expectations before starting your website design

Add High-quality And Large Size Images

Use the images that are relevant to your website content as this can clearly express the message of your product. Usually, the website with a high conversion rate use images with the same coloring, style, and flavor for all the images. You must ensure to add fewer images which are simple, clear, and high quality for the webpage. You should never add images bland to the website. Adding high-quality and convincing images attracts more views to the website so you should be very careful when adding images to your blog or website.

Color Matters A Lot

Color plays a crucial role in website design for usability and expressing the overall view of your products or services. The use of various colors on a page can express different reactions and emotions. It is a good practice to create a different color combination of a website that promotes the emotions you want your brand to communicate.

Decrease The Page Load Time

The page load time of your website has a great impact on conversion rates. Always ensure that the page takes only minimal seconds to load since a second setback reduces the conversion rate widely. You can check your website loading speed using the tools like Pingdom and GTmetrix. With Tihalt Technologies, you can increase the speed of any business website.

Ensure Clear Branding

You should make sure to use the same design and layout throughout your website. The logos used on every webpage must be the same color and style. Branding for your product starts from slogans and, logos used on the website. Visitors judge not only the bulk text you use on the website but also the titles, layouts, and images. It is vital to consistently brand the three elements – images, layouts, and titles to reduce chaos for your readers.

Use Negative Space Properly

The space lines of text, paragraphs, and letters refer to negative space. A good website must use properly the black space when giving information. The latest web design involves strategic methods to use negative spacing effectively. Using the negative space appropriately makes the content easy for the users to understand and easy for their eyes.

Minimize User Clicks

Design a good website that is easy to navigate and allows the users to get the required details with minimal clicks. It is good to prevent pop-ups and other interventions since this will increase the number of clicks by the user to get the services or details they are looking for. Check the number of clicks for the user to reach their desired information and think about how to reduce it.

Mobile-friendly Website

The recent website templates and designs are developed by default. So they always fit automatically to all types of devices that trying to use these sites. If you are not sure of this, then you can test your website in Google’s mobile-friendly. Since most of the users are accessing the website on their mobile phones most web traffic is happening on mobile. Users face complications on filling data, read the information on small screens, and clicking interactive options on mobile. So you want to make sure whether your website is comfortable and highly accessible in all types of devices

Now you have understood the important website design principles you want to implement in your website design process to enhance your conversion rates. Apply these tricks through a website development company to see improvement in your website conversion rate.

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