Important Guidelines For Improving Your Google Ranking

Google keeps changing its parameters for ranking from time to time. Google ranking is of the utmost importance for websites to increase their user traffic and thereby the leads. If your ranking game is weak, all your efforts put into website development and design will go in vain due to poor visibility on the search engine. Achieving the top ranking in search results is the ideal way to generate more leads for your company. SEO companies need to be persistent and dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing Google algorithms. If you are in Bangalore, you can hire the best SEO company in Bangalore and improve your game of SEO. In this article, we have collated a few tips that you can use to improve your Google ranking. Read below to find out more.

Important Guidelines For Improving Your Ranking On Google

1.Understand The Google Ranking Algorithm
Google keeps changing its algorithm to improve the user experience. Web Design company in Bangalore needs to be updated with Google’s latest algorithm. For example, a few years back, Google prioritized websites that are mobile-friendly. This is because users were found to spend more time on mobile phones than desktops. So, if you want to achieve a top ranking in search results, you must make sure that your website and content are mobile-friendly.
To ensure your site is mobile-friendly, you can enquire the SEO agency in Bangalore for Google’s mobile-friendly test. In this test, all you have to do is type out your website URL and you can check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. If you find any issue, you will then have to optimize the site accordingly.
2.Know Where You Currently Stand
To improve the ranking of your website, the SEO company in Bangalore first needs to know and assess where you currently stand in the search ranking. You can find this out using the website, wherein you need to put the keyword that you have used in the content to locate your site. On-page or off-page SEO will not work if your site takes time to load. You can check your site speed in Google PageSpeed Insights. Make sure your site loading speed is less than 2 seconds to ensure a good ranking.
3.Link Building

Google has updated its pattern for link building. Links in your content should not just look natural but be natural. Bad or unhealthy links can have a negative impact on your Google ranking and make your website unproductive. Links are major of two types: inbound links and backlinks. The digital marketing company in Bangalore can analyze your links using tools such as Majestic and SEOprofiler. Your backlink should be from a different IP address. Do not clutter your content with links from the same IP address. Your website should have a mix of do-follow links and no-follow links.

4. Boost Your Ranking With Keyword Research
Keywords play a crucial role in the entire game of ranking. The digital marketing agency in Bangalore can help you hunt down specific keywords that your target audience might use to visit your site. Now, you can use Google planner or any site to review the monthly volume of
these keywords. Once you identify your site-specific keywords, you should use them in the content. You can also use them in the title and write a search-friendly title. If you are thinking to boost your sales through traffic, you need to use commercial as well as informational keywords. Digital marketing services in Bangalore go for both short-tail as well as long-tail keywords. If you are a beginner in the field, you should incorporate more long-tail keywords in your content as short-tail keywords are highly competitive.

Wrapping Up

You need to stay up to date with Google’s latest ranking algorithms to boost your ranking on the search engine, or you can take the help of the SEO services in Bangalore. Here, we have enlisted a few tips that you can follow to enhance your search engine optimization strategy.
Hope it helps!

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