Examples Of Static Websites

Examples of Static Websites

Introduction of Static Websites

Websites that contain stable contents that are displayed using web pages are known as the static website. Here all pages are encrypted using HTML and those WebPages displays provide the same information to all visitors. Dynamic websites require much web design but the static website doesn’t require any web design. That’s why static is the very basic type of website which is very easy to create.

Static Website/Webpage is otherwise known as a flat page. According to Wikipedia, A static website is a web page that can provide exactly all stored information to users. A static web page is a kind of only way to publish the contents on the internet on the lead to CGI. Most of the network originators are way too familiar with static web pages.

The reason why you should go for a static website is mainly because of the security they have. There are many website development companies all around the world among the best website development company in Bangalore provides you with better security and they uses encrypted HTML to display webpages. So that you can attain more reliability and speed while using search engines.

In Tihalt Technologies, the programmers who used to design static web pages are very experienced and they work for big teams. This is the best quantity they have in their designing company. By working as a team they can easily exchange their designing knowledge to their fellow workers. So it is very easy for them to design websites using encrypted HTML codes. 

Details About Static Websites

In the early stage of the internet, static websites are the only sites that can be consistent. The first initial static website was created on August 6, 1991.

Static websites are created to display the same information to every person using their web pages. This is the main reason for the creation of static websites. But nowadays the users on the internet have grown extremely so Tihalt Technologies is developing a vast amount of static websites to avoid network traffic.

Static websites are built and maintained using static site generators. The Static web site generators fundamentals are very simple and easy. The static website generators take in vital content and designs and output static HTML, CSS, Javascript files, etc.

Static Sites Generators are used globally throughout the world. And there are more than hundreds of static website generators are used literally.
Most of the Static site generators have many common qualities and they are as follows:

  • Most of the static website uses more than one templating languages and this act as a key part of building a layout theme in our static website. Example: liquid, handlebars, etc.
  • Static website generator uses more than one lightweight markup language which makes the static website easier to write any content using pro editors. Example: Markdown, AsciiDoc, etc.
  • Static website generators run through several command line provided by the developer. Though it runs via several commands it has become more complex to add GUI in these website generators. Example: Terminal or command prompt

The website development company in Bangalore encrypts the static website page using HTML codes and provides you the excellent service in all ways. Tihalt Technologies uses these static generators to develop and maintain static websites to avoid network traffic.

Examples of Static Websites

The major examples of static websites are as follows:

  • Documentation
  • Developing Cache
  • Website presentation
  • Communication cache-scrapping buffer
  • Forms
  • Newsletter Contents
  • Disaster page
  • Recovery from disaster status
  • Landing page/scales
  • Blogs.

These works can be done in Tihalt Technologies websites in an easier and simplest way. The most usual example of a static website is to develop a webpage in the absence of a rear-end. Blogs, documentation, and website designing are the most regular usage of static websites. By using generators or scratch the writing of Blogs and documentation becomes easy.

The static websites use HTML webpages as their cache to avoid usual data traffic and to improve the performance of the website. Some examples showcase the exportation of dynamic content into static webpages.

HTML architecture generator is still used by craigslist which means if an existing user adds or updates the content within the respective website; the disk will show a new HTML fine as opposed to the dynamic website.

Tihalt Technologies has many partnering companies among them the best website developing company provides description too many products available on static websites.

During Holidays, Christmas, summer vacation, and black Friday the traffic was on its peak and it’s become a nightmare and bliss to the DevOps. So the salespersons use static websites to tackle this situation and use those websites as their main landing page or sales banners.

Newspapers, Sports results, Historical events, newsletters change its content day by day unlike this there are some HTML webpages that do not change its content.

There are many static websites CMS across the globe. This static website CMS uses a static website generator to generate its content. Among them, five CMS is considered to be the best. They are as follows:

  • Netlify CMS
  • Site Leaf CMS
  • Publii CMS
  • Dato CMS
  • Forestry CMS

WYSIWYG is an app that allows the non-existing users to add or update the contents on a static website. Netlify, with the help of this app and Static website generators, updates its content. Thus Netlify acts as an open-source of tool to update static web pages.

Meanwhile, site leaf CMS uses API as a source to update and integrate its content within the website. A clean admin interface can be provided by this CMS.

Publii is a website developing app used by desktop users to develop static websites rapidly and in a well-organized manner.

Dato CMS is similar to Site leaf CMS. It also uses API to provide an admin interface. It amalgamated with all the static site generators. Also using this Dato CMS you attain the freedom to advertise your provoked website wherever you want.

Jekyll or Hugo is the best option to develop static websites. Using these two options the Forestry CMS provides the best static websites.


Static Websites are the best options for you to start a website in the easiest way. I explained many myths about static websites and how they work. Above all static websites are highly dynamic. Static websites are highly recommended and are suitable for the biggest projects. The codes that are needed to start the static websites don’t change and you can run the codes anywhere you want.


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