Difference between static and dynamic websites

Whether you have come across the term online or have heard about it thrown around by your web designer. It is important to know the difference between static and dynamic websites so that you can have the best solution for choosing your websites.

In simple words, the static website page is with content which can’t be changed without the developer editing the source code. But dynamic websites page is with different content which can be changed with the same source code without helping of any developer. when it comes to static or dynamic websites pages for the part of your company, having the advanced code is not important. What important is the purpose each code serves for your company and it’s processed? Whenever think to enlarge your business worldwide don’t forget to choose the best web design company in Banglore for creating your valuable website. This is the visiting card for your international business and it conveys your business and values. The customers who are all come and look at your websites whether it’s static or dynamic they initially judge by the way how it looks like. Try to present eye-catching website with the best quality of contents.

Static Websites:

static websites

Static websites have fixed number of pages and format of web pages are fixed which delivers information to the clients. We can’t do any changes in content in webpages while the page is running on the client’s browser. This kind of websites is created by HTML and CSS coding by the use of simple text editor like notepad.


For instance, the organization site and institute site, etc

Static website pages display the same information whenever any visitors visit the page. static website page does not require simple plain texts, it also has multimedia design and videos. However, every visitors will be greeted with the same multimedia design, videos, and text until the page’s source code is changed.

Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic web pages can change the content dynamically while the page is running on the client’s browser. This kind of websites uses server-side programming like PHP and JSP to modify the page content on run time. Dynamic websites use client-side scripting for preparing the dynamic design and server-side code to Handle events, manage sessions, storing and retrieving data from the database.


For instance, E-commerce sites, social networking sites, etc.

Dynamic websites are capable of producing different contents to different visitors from the same source code. Static and dynamic websites simply serve a different purpose.

Static vs Dynamic Creations :

The developer generally uses static web pages like HTML but use language like PHP, Java scripts to create dynamic pages. Dynamic language and frameworks have the technical capacity to create static web pages. While creating like that, the unnecessary source code is created and it is difficult to maintain. Ask with best web design company in Bangalore.

  • In a static web page, the contents and theme are already fixed whereas dynamic web pages change according to run time
  • Browsing and loading static web pages are more quickly than dynamic web pages.
  • Changing the content in static is a more difficult task because we should develop and upload a new page but in dynamic the server application do this automatically.
  • Static web pages are created with HTML language while dynamic websites are created with PHP and Java scripts.
  • Static webpages are an easy and cheap method while dynamic websites are more advisable.

What Should You Choose?

Many people prefer Dynamic web sites because it has a lot of benefits. Dynamic websites ongoing maintenance cost, make data management efficient. They also make it impossible to destroy the layout, as it might happen if you edit it from the web page editor.

Some drawbacks of using Dynamic webpages,

Initially, they usually cost more for developers because they require complex coding as well as the development of a content management interface enable you to maintain your website. The first one its need a lot of effort to make and maintain its content management system and it’s development cost is more when we compare it with static websites. Because of the static websites no need of having a content management system.

The second one is we need to spend a little more amount for hosting providers. Because it’s should support database and it’s language versions also. Most of the hosting provide their features by default.
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