Difference Between Joomla Vs WordPress Vs Drupal

Most of the CMS platforms have easy-to-use nature that makes them comprehensive for developing alluring websites. The top Digital Marketing Service in Bangalore uses these content management systems to develop, manage, and modify the web contents without the requirement of CSS or HTML coding. In this blog, we will go through the most popular and industry-leading CMS platforms and drive a comparative note among them. The best CMS platforms preferred by the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore are – Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

Comparison Between Joomla, WordPress, And Drupal

Before we start to understand the difference between the various content management systems, let us explore their popularity. There are less than 2% Drupal users, around 3% Joomla users, more than 35% WordPress users, and approx. 2% of all group users. All these platforms are open-source software, and they are developed and maintained by a well-versed community of thousands of dedicated developers. The top Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore makes the most out of the solutions to assist their clients.


This open-source content management tool is used for web content publishing. It is relevant for developing e-commerce or social networking websites. Joomla also allows users to keep track of their web content and develop a website with more structure flexibility and content as compared to WordPress.

The Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore uses Joomla as it offers brilliant flexibility and power. This content management system can also help retain users because of its friendly and intuitive design of the website that WordPress excels at, which makes it an ideal middle ground.


WordPress is an open-source web development tool written in PHP. It is extensively used for developing powerful websites and blogging systems. WordPress is capable of facilitating web developers and giving them access to advanced and easy-to-manage websites.

WordPress content management system comes with already installed template and plugin functions. On the plus side, it also provides numerous theme customization options to the users.

In terms of comparison, WordPress development is easy and it goes through real-time implementation changes.


Drupal is one of the most difficult yet powerful content management systems that require a functional understanding of CSS, HTML, and PHP. The platform has exceptional SEO-friendly understanding and it comes with clean and effective web development models. The leading web development and SEO Agency in Bangalore uses Drupal as it comes with advanced features and readymade professional themes.

In terms of comparison, Drupal is known for its powerful ability to categorize, tag, and organize complicated web content.

The Bottom Line

You can hire the most relevant SEO Services in Bangalore to develop comprehensive web solutions and CMS platforms. Joomla is the middle solution between WordPress and Drupal. On one hand, it provides a list of user expected features, and on the other, it allows the SEO Company in Bangalore to customize codes for the non-standard web elements. WordPress is a one-stop solution if you are willing to develop a DIY website with efficient features. If you want to develop a website having lots of custom functions and for class security measures, then Drupal is the best option.

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