Best CMS For Website Development

Best CMS For Website Development

CMS (content management system) is software that helps to manage the content and allows creating a website and blogs. For creating a website or page, usually, programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML were needed, but CMS helps to sort out this issue. It helps to create a website without using code or programming languages. It can be used in all kinds of project works.

How to choose the best CMS for website development

Before working with the CMS, first, it is necessary to choose the best CMS platform for the website. There are so many CMS there; here are some points to check a good CMS.

Easy to use

A CMS must make the work easy to create and edit website content. After publishing content, it must help to make an easy and spontaneous change or adding new information into the web content.

Design options

A CMS must provide so many website design templates to choose and it should easily personalize the designs to their necessities.

Data Portability

A good CMS platform should have all the tools and techniques to make it easy to move all the files to another device or elsewhere when needed. It must give complete independence to move all the files wherever a person wishes to take. Data Portability is the most option it must have.

Extensions and add-ons

It is nothing but installing separate software for more features in the CMS software. To get more features and settings, by adding new software it can be done.

Help and support options

There may be few questions that arise when working on the CMS platform. Good CMS must provide a great service team to clear the doubts day and night. Few were completely free and some charges monthly fees. It is necessary to check before working on it.

Best CMS For Website


Word press was launched in the year 2003 and it is one of the major CMS, which is used worldwide with more than 18 million installations. It is best for simple and medium organized websites. Particularly, for bloggers, it is very useful to show their visitors regularly modifying content with impressive layouts and designs, mainly for the website development in Bangalore. WordPress sets high demand on the server correspondingly when the customers dealing raises. Because of its ease of use and large scale of customization, it is recommended to the users like Tihalt Technologies, one of the best website development companies in Bangalore. To create a personalized site, WordPress gives all sorts of information’s a person needed. It works with all the industries. It improves its software so often to make it the best CMS. It also gives one-click installation to the customers.


Joomla was launched in the year 2005. It has a lot of templates and extensions. It is free to use, but need a host and a user name. It is perfect for the developers and website creators like website development company in Bangalore. For beginners, it is not a good idea to use. Joomla shows a wide variety of options to develop your idea. Particularly, it is very useful for the developer, who doesn’t want to use the code for editing or creating their content. As same to word press, Joomla also has a lot of support, if work stopped in-between. There are many extensions available to use an e-commerce store. It has multilingual support. Joomla is one of the best software that is flexible to the users, but it is not beginner-friendly software.


Drupal is another open-source in CMS development. It covers so many specifications as Joomla does. It also has multilingual support with flexibility. It is a strong and powerful software amongst its competitors. It shows a wide range of options, modules, and templates to develop the site. Moreover, it is considered as the most secure platform to work with than Joomla and Word Press. Only by having web development experience once can use Drupal comfortably. It is the best option for business enterprise sites for its development.
For a few great and popular websites, Drupal is the CMS helping them to develop their sites, which includes The Economist’s site and some University websites. It is a better option for a personalized site handling more data. Drupal is eminent for its extensibility and certainty.


Typo3 was launched in the year 1998. It is one of the best open sources available because there are huge varieties of extensions for Typo3. More than 6,000 extensions and applications are accessible which includes new features. It can pick up large websites and multiple websites with different languages with a single installation to save much work. It is kept updated always by a team of expert developers, thus Typo3 is widely used in corporate and e-commerce platforms. Typo3 provides a huge community that offers fast and simple help for beginners with technical problems and questions. Typo3 has many features such as multilingual support to web developers like Tihalt website developers.


Wix is one of the popular CMS platforms. It is a cloud-based website development system that helps to make HTML5 and mobile-optimized websites so effortlessly. It is a beginner-friendly CMS. Its drag and drop connection makes it easy to create a good look at the website page. There are a lot of templates already there in Wix. It can be good looking in mobiles and computers with fully responsive. Wix app market gives enormous apps to the site.


Squarespace is another famous CMS platform that started at the same time when Word Press was started. It is very famous for its omnipresent podcast advertisements. It is not an open-source so it cannot be downloaded and installed in the server. It is the main difference it has from the other CMS software. If a person doesn’t have any web development experience, this platform helps them to make it easy.


Impresspages is not a well known CMS platform, even though it gives the best blogging experience to the website developers. It also contains drag and drop builder, so creating a new page is not a great task. Using plugins and themes it can be customized. It permits us to use or add some elements that other CMS software doesn’t have. It can be done without extensions they are maps and forms. Impresspages acquire a high mark when coming to its design. The dashboard of the Impresspages looks so modern, thus it makes it easy to use. It also promotes more options to edit the pages of the site looks attractive.


To choose the best CMS software, there are so many choices and options. The best CMS will lead to the best way the website and the team could get for attaining success. WordPress is completely planned only for bloggers, it needs extensions. About 35% of all websites were worked with WordPress. By using WordPress one could handle an eCommerce store, online forums LMS, a membership site, auction site, a market site. It is easy to work anything by WordPress. But for Typo3, the basic installment is made and it has a large scale of functions. It is not much required for mini-projects online. To create a difficult multi-domain project with a multilingual focus, users must pick a CMS like TYPO3 for Word Press for their content or website blog. Drupal started from a community project but now it distributes an extensive range of web functions to its users. Joomla provides a huge range of extensions to adjust to each system in different situations. Deciding which CMS to use is like choosing a personal OS to the system. Choosing the best makes the work best in every way.

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