Ultimate 10 Steps to Recover from Website Ranking Drop


Google ranking drop can be affected for multiple reasons, similar to meta tags changing, content changing, algorithm update, technical issues, and competitor beats, etc. Mainly most websites are affecting with google penalty with the google panda algorithm and google penguin algorithm.

Even If your website suddenly dropped the ranking from the google result page. You must be aware of how to recognize and establish your website ranking again from the google search results when they drop.

That’s why we are going to explain conveniently the top 10 steps to recover from your website ranking drop, Keep reading.

Initially, make sure your website ranking dropped or Not?

First thing first, before reading those steps, you make sure your website was dropped or not? Your website ranking may not be working properly. Use the following steps to predict.

  1. Check your website Traffic Through Google Analytics – Compare your traffic which is affected page with week over the week, and check both before and after.
  2. Analyze Your Google Search Console – Use the google search console performance tracking section to analyze clicks, impressions, Click Through Rate, and average position.

If you have just seen for dropping the clicks, impression, CTR, and Average from the search console and dropping the traffic from google analytics keep eye on those things and don’t panic. Just Start reading these steps to figure out your issues and fix them.

Okay, this is time to learn how to recover if website ranking suddenly drops.

Pro Tips: Whenever your website’s rankings start dropping, keep quiet and start paying attention to causes and solutions.

Ultimate 10 Steps to Recover from Website Ranking Drop:

  1. Lost backlinks

Check your lost backlinks by the Ahrefs tool. If you see an abundance of backlinks this might be affected drop in the ranking from google search results. If those are backlinks deliberately removed by the google webmaster tool, because of google’s point of view those backlinks are unnatural links or spammy links, so we did not recommend create the backlinks again.

Sometimes your backlinks website is might be updating the content or republish the content, that time you losing the backlinks, this is happening all time.

Most Common Reason For Losing the Backlinks:

  1. Backlinks are might be a break, like 404 Error.
  2. Your content restrain with backlinks might be updated and unpublish, That time your backlinks will lose.
  3. The website was a redesign and most of the links are unpublished including yours.
  4. Creating the Unnatural or Spammy Links.


You can create backlinks manually using the following three criteria. Before creating the backlinks you must check Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score.

  1. Recent website changes

Google rankings drop repeatedly by changing or updating the website. When you have carried away more pages at the same time, rolling the redesign, or rework your website content, you will able to see some big dancing in your ranking. This is Natural but you should consider if website ranking doesn’t come back to the previous one.

How to Check:

Inquire your team or agency to see if they are high consequence changes to your website. And also ask them to see if any changes were done recently.


Continuously check your website traffic might be increase or not, if an increase means no problem your website come back to the previous one but it does not increase you could considerably increase the traffic to your website by using content marketing.

  1. Technical changes

Sometimes website developers are making some issues while developing or redesign the website. So check following information working fine or not.

  1. Indexed Or Not: Check your website is still indexed or not by using the following query site:example.com. If your website still appears on the google search engine result page, that’s a piece of good news. Otherwise, you can check your technical issues.
  2. Noindex Robots Tag: And Check your website have robots tag code “NoIndex”, these robots tags inform google doesn’t crawl and index my page on search results. If you are seeing this tag then you must change the “Index” robots tag. Also, go to google search console ask to google reindex your page.
  3. Robots Txt: Equivalent to the same Robots Noindex tag, The robot’s text disallow protocol tells do not to crawl and index your entire site or particular pages. Again its typically happen while developing the website or redesign the websites. This is very easy to check your website robots text file. Just enter your domain name followed by /robots.txt and Mainly you can focus on “Disallow: /” which tells google do not to crawl and index on result pages. If you are able in your website this tag then you can remove ‘’/” and goto the google search console resubmit the website.
  4. HTTP to HTTPS: If you are recently changed the HTTP status code to HTTPS, It might be deindexed to google. So we would like to suggest after redirect HTTP to HTTPS create the new property through the google search console. After confirmation has been done then you can create the XML sitemap to your website and sitemap the newly created google search console.
  5. Website hacked:Unluckily hacking is an active line business. If your website is hacked and once they put it inside some malicious code, spammy content, and links. It’s very harmful to your website ranking on google search results.

How to Check My Website Hacked Or Not?

The good news is within 10 Secs you can able check your website’s malicious report from the google search console. Because google scans your website code and malicious activity, If a google search crawler finds your website is hacked they will inform you through the google search console.


Just login to your website search console and goto the Security Issues sections. If you see a green tick with no issues detected then your website safe, Otherside use the following steps,

  1. First Login your website Cpanel server, and delete the website.
  2. And Upload the backup website which recently taken.
  3. Install the SSL Certificate for your website
  4. Change the website backend and Cpanel Server.
  5. Competitors making moves

Your business constantly moves and trying to overtake your website. If Competitors got more number keywords good ranking from google search results then they probably implemented some sitewide advancement. In this case, analyze their website through woorank, seositecheckup tools, and check their technical optimization for how they outrank you.

Track their website backlinks, Contents, and Keywords optimization and borrow those steps to your website, and beat them.

Questions Ask yourself:

  • Did they get a snippet featured on the google search result for your target keywords?
  • Analyze and compare your content and its contents.
  • Check your Competitors get good and quality backlinks
  • Analyze their website loading time and website user experience
  1. Google Just Updated Their Algorithm

The final cause why your website ranking dropping the google search results may be google changing their algorithm. If you feel the google algorithm affected the ranking, check search engine news is there any information about it. Sometimes Google will confirm their algorithm rollout and this information immediately published to search engine news websites like a Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch. If Google updates are covered in the news you will find the type of algorithm and what needs to fix your website. Otherwise, ask to google webmaster community they will help you.


Now you have a good list to run through when your website gets to drop the ranking on google search results. I would like to suggest again if your website gets drop ranking don’t panic just analyze your website and your competitor websites and You can easily bring back from a ranking drop.

Let me know if we missed any steps about the sudden ranking drop. We are always ready to absorb if you have experienced ranking drop and how you are bring back them.

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