Display Ads vs Text Ads: Which Should You Use?



Thankfully, there are ways to judge which is best for your business and which will generate more business and sales. Because our team analyzes thousands of PPC account and our customer pain points. Most Advertisers are using Search Ads and Display ads simultaneously.

In this article you will learn everything about display ads and text ads whether your goal is to increase branding and capture the business leads, So Don’t skip, read fully and carefully.

Here you will learn what is different between display ads and text ads, so before we start this process, let’s define what is Display ads and Text ads, and then let us discuss about advantages and disadvantages of Display ads and Text Ads.

What is Display Ads?

Display ads also known as banner ads are the process of drive the awareness of your brand message to your website visitors. This advertising on Apps and websites banner through or any other formats made of Images, Text, Video, and Audio. Display ads are the best tool to create a new business brand and company and re-engage with users who have previously visited a website.

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You can also target an audience by using contextual and Sematic advertising to display the ads to the related contents. Display ads can jump into the bulky boost to customer websites.

Types of Display Ads?

There are three types of Display ads you can start using today to spread your brand and grow your business get more leads and sales.

  • Remarketing Remarketing is also known as retargeting is creating ads generally banner ads for the user who has previously visited the website or content page. This is the best way to increase the converts more business from your visitors. Because Retargeting can hit an ROI (Return On Investment) above 130%.
  • Target by Website Placement – This is the best way and most effective strategy for capture more business and sales because lets you choose which website you can place your banner ads on rather than google spot to select the best websites.
  • Target by Interest – This is the process of target the visitors based on google search categories.

Advantages of Display Ads:

Still, you are not convinced about implementing the Display ads, here am listed five benefits of Display advertising that will make you consider.

  • Effective Targeting – You can also reach your exact target audience like where they are located, Age, and gender. You can also create the display ad with a specific parameter. Let’s you choose which website you can place your banner ads using the target niche.
  • Eye Catching and Visually Appealing – Display ads are the most effective way compare to the flyer, bulletin boards, and traditional billboards. Because Digital ads are a great platform to exhibit products and make-believe the customers that you can provide what you promise.
  • Remarketing Opportunities – Retargeting can hit an ROI (Return On Investment) above 130%. This is the best way to increase the converts more business form who have already visited your website.
  • Track and Monitor Your Ad Engagement – You can able to track your display ads performance like clicks and impressions, This will help decide how to attract potential customers like when you want to adjust your ad budget to improve the ad performance.
  • Control Your Cost – Easily you can able to control your cost of spending. If you feel your particular ads not achieving the desired results you can stop at any time, At the same time, you can spend the amount on well-performing ads.

Disadvantages of Display Ads:

Display ads are the best way to bring more attention from the customer, but it’s not perfect because easily a customer can able to find this is an ad and they don’t blend the native content. Compare to search ads, which are a low click-through rate. This also means lower business and sales for your business. Before creating the display ads you can consider the following drawbacks.

  • Lower ClickThrough Rate (CTR) – Display Ads is a lower CTR compared to Search Ads. Lower CTR is a huge problem for your display ads because easily a customer can able to find this is an ad and they don’t blend the native content.
  • Lower conversions – The Lower Click through rate means also low conversions such as Leads and email subscriptions. When website visitors saw your display ad if they are actively looking for your product or service So they were not ready for buying products or your business services.
  • Ad avoidance – When your business display ads get more high impressions, we can’t guarantee user paid attention to your ads, maybe customers are using the ad-blocking tool.

Now its time to go for the next topic “Search Ads”

What is Search Ads?

Search ads also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) are one of the best places to capture leads and grow your business. Actually, According to a google economic impact report Business peoples on average are making 200 Rs while they spending 100Rs on Google search Ads. So you are looking forward to doubling your investment in it.

So coming to the point, Search ads are content advertisements platform, Whenever customers search the niche on the google search engine, your ad will appear on the Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

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In Other words, not similar to organic results, Here advertiser who wants business or leads must pay for each click or conversions. This is the process of Pay per click (PPC) or Cost per click (CPC).

Advantages of Search Ads:

  • Highly Measurable – Google ads campaign tool provide the exact details about your ads performance so you can track your ads at any time. Also, you can take leverage of connecting with google analytics to have everything control on perfection.
  • Real-time monitoring – Google analytics are used to check your real-time ads performance and Enhance your ads if your ads do not provide the expected results. SO you can control your waste of cost here.
  • Pay per click – PPC or CPC only pays if customers buying products or your business service. Also, you can able to control your daily maximum budget and Cost per click. In this way, you can make your search ads more profitable.
  • Get Speed Results – Regarding the other strategies like Search Engine Optimization or Content Marketing, Search Ads gives you fast and large sale consequences.
  • Increase Brand Awareness – Google Search Ads allows you can add your business name at Title, Description, and URL, This is the best way to make awareness of your business.

Disadvantages of Search Ads:

  • High Competition – One of the most obvious disadvantages of Search ads from Google Ad, There is a limited number of Ads Slots on Search Engine Result pages principally the most popular target nice’s.
  • Big Reach = High Cost Per Click – In Search ads, you have to pay each click from Google SERP, Even customer does not buy products or any business. And Prices are fluctuate depending on your business competition.
  • People Don’t Click Search Ads—or Do They? – Habitually customers avoid clicking the Sponsored ads, Generally compare to Search ads, Organic results are getting more clicks. But According to Wordstream, 90% of customers consider paid ads to buy products or Business services.

Final Thoughts:

Paid advertising is a great way to reach your target audience and get business. Finally, If you are looking to increase your business return on investment you could consider Google Search Ads, Even if you are looking to brand your business then Display ads is the best way to bring more attention from target customers.

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