Difference Between WordPress Website And HTML Website

Different between WordPress Website and html website

WordPress and HTML is the most used one to develop websites in recent times. All web development people used these two to create all kinds of website like static and dynamic websites.

If you don’t have an idea in coding, the concept of creating the website in HTML from the scratch is very difficult. Fortunately, today we have WordPress, it allows us to create and update all kinds of websites without any coding knowledge. Many of the best web development companies using WordPress to provide easy and attractive websites. Tihalt Technologies is the best web development company in Bangalore having 150+ happiest customers in the last 5 years. Ask us how to start good websites.
However, both WordPress and HTML have their pros and cons. We will have a look at the following article. It will help you to take a concrete decision.

Know More About WordPress

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to create, update and modify website content easily without any knowledge of coding. Specifically, it fully designed user-friendly. In any part, it will not force the user to do the coding.

More than 30% of the websites are built in WordPress. It’s a big number when we compare it with other CMS, so it’s a well-known platform for all on the market. WordPress used massive media companies such as “The New York Times, MTV News” and many other companies.

There are two different WordPress platforms are available in the market. One is WordPress.org and another one is WordPress.com. We should know the idea of both. It is very important not to confuse both of them. WordPress is the open-source CMS that is available in wordpress.org. On the other side, wordpress.com is a blog hosting service.

Advantages of WordPress

Easy to Use: 

The user can log in to their WordPress admin and add the pages if they required any changes in that they can update and modify the pages. WordPress has an intuitive user-friendly interface. It gives the user just open their admin panel and start their works without knowing any programming knowledge.

Attractive Templates: 

There are millions of ready to use templates available in the market. By using that templates user can start the websites which one they like most. Just choose the paid or free templates and do the changes as their wish. All themes are developed by professionals all over the world.

More Add-ons: 

WordPress websites are easily extended by the use of plugins. If we need any new functionalities needed to enlarge the website. It’s just like that. Choose the plugin and activate that. Our new functionality is almost ready. The lot and lots of plugins available such as contact form, gallery, booking system, multi-language and many.

Full control: 

The user will get full control of your website, its domain name, hosting control, all content on the website. They can make changes when they want. There is no limit on traffic, sales, and users.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Learning Part:

As I said WordPress is allowing using very easily. But before using that we should learn something about how to set up and install themes and many. It will take plenty of time to lean. Many WordPress leaning websites guide you on how to start WordPress sites. It needs some effort too.


The use is the full responsibility for WordPress, plugin and theme updates, whenever that are all getting updates the user should update manually. Also, the hosting part managed by the user.

Know Something About Static HTML Website

HTML is a mark-up language, its useful to create the web pages. Most of the websites are designed by HTML on the internet. By using HTML, we will create a variety of websites what the user thinks in their mind. Customized websites are created by HTML only.
When you are planning to create a website by using HTML you should hire a web developer with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some other technologies too. Then only they can build a full-fledged website.
CMS websites stores their data’s in the database, but HTML sites are store all content in static files. When you need to change anything on the websites you should contact the web developer to do the needful. Now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of HTML websites.

Advantages of HTML websites

No Maintenance:

Once the website development did we just take the site live and just relax. Because you don’t need to install or update plugins and no need to take regular backups. If nothing is changed then you take backup once and forget about it.

Low Requirements Needed:

HTML websites don’t need servers with PHP and MySQL. It will run on any cheapest servers with low resources. So, the cost of maintenance is too low when we compare it with WordPress websites.

Disadvantages of HTML websites

No Updates:

In HTML websites we can’t do the regular updates unless you know HTML/CSS. Else you should hire a web developer to do the changes. Even for the small changes such as change the content, add images, add pages also you need to hire a coding person.

No New Features:

When your business grows and you need to add more functionalities and add a shop or new features you should hire a web developer. It takes more time to complete it. Also, they may be recommended to switch the HTML site to WordPress site.


Let us consider for the small work like change the content we need to hire a technical person means it’s unnecessarily waste of money. The web developers charge more. When we compare with WordPress it will higher than that.

Which one is better whether HTML sites or WordPress?

Above we clearly explained both pros and cons. Now we are in the step to take the conclusion. Let’s finalize which one is better for the business. If you are fixed that you never change the website content and the pages mean you just choose HTML websites. Because it will run faster when compared with WordPress and the cost of the server also low. When the business persons just portray their business HTML websites are hardly enough.

If you want to have the freedom to control all your content and in the future, you may add more functionalities and add more pages means I would suggest going for WordPress. Because WordPress allows all perspectives. So WordPress is the better choice. Who wants to grow their business successfully and make money using websites means WordPress is the way to go forward.

When you choose WordPress you can always be connected with clients who are all on your websites using live chat. When you have a blog and news pages mean you can post the regular updates. Choose the best web design company in Bangalore to start your business website. Instead of paying money to the developer for the smallest things we just choose WordPress and do the changes by own. Initially, you may spend a little higher but after that, the website creates money for you. Use Tihalt Technologies to do your first WordPress website. Grow your business just choosing WordPress. 

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