School Management System

Theme's Elements

School Administrative module

It is very easy to use

School Administrative module allows you carry out all the administrative tasks which consume a lot of time and requires much attention and efforts, easily and effortlessly. 

School Academics

Notifications System to send important notifications

It allows you to carry out all the tasks required you to manage the school academics better and efficiently. All the activities to manage and enhance the management of school academics can be carried out very easily and fast.

Reports Management

A list of the reports that can be generated using the system.

Its gives great benefits to the schools by providing a lot many reports which are beneficial for better and efficient administration of the schools. The schools administration with the help of such reports can improve the working of the school and keep a track record of the ongoing in the school.

Our Products

School Management System

Teacher Mobile Application

Mobile Apps are great for Teachers and Parents. It makes learning more fun as it brings the concept of gamification. Any perfect built Mobile app will lead to an advantage for producing humanistic & intelligent information. This teacher app is a platform where high-quality content is delivered on a smart app, and student can access it anytime. The Mobile application focus on shifting to eLearning completely

Student Mobile Application

We deliver a Mobile App that meets your strategic goals and keeps students satisfied & informed. The app comes with tools that help you to connect with other campus students with ease. One can find the best faculty or staff and can call them whenever required.

This Student App integrates with user’s academic data and provides real-time information directly on to their devices. Moreover, it offers personalized services with a professional and quick support system.

SMS Web App - Features

  • Deliver 24/7 Positive services enriched by innovative learning tool
  • Identify the Customer’s need
  • Evaluate the system concept for best feasibility
  • Perform technical and economic analysis
  • Established cost and schedule constraints
  • Allocate functions to hardware, software, and other system elements        

We provide a dedicated support team 24/7 to assist local clients as well as international clients with their technical queries. Here we develop a set of reform education to raise each kid in a better way. Our expert team would be pleased to take a regular follow up and fulfilling the needs regarding School Management software.

School Management Software & School ERP Software

School Management Software is a perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. We formulate the excellent software for the best team. The software can maintain the academic history of students, staff, and other inventories record. Additionally, the tools add different departments, functions and all relevant data in one place only. Mainly this tool is developed to facilitate paperless administration of schools.