how does google bert work and why it is used
Google has become so ingrained in our lives that many of us already interact with it directly. Users type queries such as “when do Summer start” or “how do I get to the hospital” as if they were conversing with a person in person. But bear in mind that Google is an algorithmic company. And...
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Useful tips to remember in SEO for interior designers Wondering why you should use SEO for interior designers? If you own an interior design business, having a well-optimized website is essential for you to generate leads and build a strong brand. Google has become a modern-day Rolodex. No matter what people need, whether it’s a...
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SEO Trends For 2020
Tihalt Technologies has been working hard to provide its clients with the best SEO services and for that, they always keep an eye on the latest trends. Everyone including the clients must know what are the trends that will rule the SEO industry in the year 2020 The year is not going well but digital...
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