10 Precious tips to help you get better at achieving a higher domain authority


With these 10 very simple yet highly effective tips, we’ll ensure your success at achieving a higher Domain authority.

10 Precious tips to help you get better at achieving a higher domain authorityDomain authority is a metric that calculates the authority that your website has over others. And it is only relevant that the higher your domain authority value is, the greater are your chances at ranking at the top of search engine result pages, subsequently leading to a higher percentage of website traffic.

The idea of ranking domains based on their authority came from Larry Page as Pagerank. However the present DA metric was initially developed by Moz, but other companies have followed suit in coming up with similar metrics that rank domains and give them a rating.

The DA of a website is the ranking of the website from 0 to 100, and it is thus predicted on its performance on search engines. DA depends on the data collected from your website by Moz, yet Google seems to have more accurate data. Hence it is only natural for a website to have a low Domain Authority, yet an unquestionably higher ranking when related to Google.

Some things you should keep in mind about DA

  • Domain Authority only takes about 40 factors into account, while Google ranking takes over hundreds of factors.
  • But unlike Google, Domain Authority doesn’t take into consideration the penalty points of a website.
  • A domain could be under a penalty, but it would still rank the same on DA.
  • Domain Authority is only to be taken as a website metric for comparison purposes.
  • Domain Authority is based on a logarithmic scale, and as you go higher on the scale, it is harder to improve your ranking.
  • DA changes quite often, and so it wouldn’t be the best metric to evaluate your SEO performance.

Ways to achieve a higher DA

  1. Off-Page SEO Optimization
  2. On-Page SEO Optimization
  3. Make your website mobile friendly
  4. Produce content that is worth it all
  5. Let your domain age like fine wine
  6. Improve the loading speed
  7. Post and update frequently
  8. Build your Technical SEO better
  9. Increase your social media presence
  10. Be very patient

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Website with a stronger link profile will surely have a higher DA score. You can and should improve your link profile first of all, and the process involved with this is known as Off-Page SEO Optimization. To improve your link profile and eventually your Domain Authority, you need to:

  • Get rid of those bad links that are taunting your profile.
  • Turn your link profile stronger by:
    • Natural link building
    • Blogger outreach

On-Page SEO Optimization

While Off-Page is about optimizing your link profile and everything that is external, On-Page is the optimization of everything within the website. Still, the quality of the content is equally important for both of these. Some of the most important factors are:

  • Better title and descriptions
  • Apt use of headings and related formatting within your content.
  • SEO optimized permalinks.
  • An abundance of keywords without overdoing it.
  • Promoting internal links within the page.
  • Trying to get the attention of Google and eventually aiming to be ranked in its featured snippets.
  • Keeping your content up to date.

Make your website mobile friendly

Providing a mobile-friendly website is nowadays a basic necessity, and not a luxury that could be avoided with. As per statistics,

  • Mobile searches are about 60% more than laptop searches.
  • Users are more prone to start a search with their phone and continue it on a wider level on a desktop.
  • Google is using a mobile-friendly index for ranking and websites that are not, will just not be taken into consideration.

Produce content that is worth it all

Only by creating amazing content will you take your page out to the world. People share pages with great content, and including useful content in your website will only promote it amongst the general public. It also increases your chances of getting backlinks from high authority websites, which will eventually boost your root domains.

Create articles, blogs, vlogs, video/audio guides, podcasts, slides etc with valuable content and analyze the most popular pages on your sites so that you can pump out more of those.

Let your domain age like fine wine

Be patient and persevere with putting out great content on your domain day after day, month after month and year after year. After all, domains can’t just age in an instant, they take time. When it does reach a maturity of about 2-3 years it would be possible for you to have had a good DA record of about 30 or more.

Improve the loading speed

If a site takes too long to load, we’ll exit it. And so are other people on the internet, who want answers when and where they search for it. They have a minuscule amount of patience, and would absolutely refuse to waste their precious time on a slowly loading website. So always aim to have a loading speed that is within 3 seconds. Some practices that might increase your loading speed are:


  • Optimizing your large images.
  • Controlling the size of your JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Avoiding cheap web hostings, and using an apt browser caching tool.

Post and update frequently

If you’re serious about improving the Domain Authority of your website, then posting, publishing and updating your content often is a must. Publishing regularly will keep your site on top of the hot ones and eventually give you a higher DA score. Apart from DA, it also increases the site traffic.

Build your technical SEO better

Technical SEO is usually considered to be only a low-level SEO task and is often overlooked. It is nevertheless necessary to have it built correctly rather than to regret it after a badly built one has a negative effect on your DA and rankings. Some critical SEO settings that you need to keep keep eye on:

  • Registering your website with Google.
  • Optimizing your XML sitemap and submitting it.
  • Check your robot.txt settings.
  • Make sure that Google and other search engine spiders can crawl into your site without facing any problems.
  • Add Schema information and help search engines with understanding the concept and context of your content.

Increase your social media presence

Pages that are quite popular on Google tend to be so in various social networking platforms too. And it has become quite necessary to stay on top of the social networking game in order to keep your site on top too. So, always have an active presence on one or two social media platforms, promoting your site now and then.

Be very patient

It is very important to stay patient and persevere. One cannot put enough stress on these, no matter what. Your Domain Authority isn’t something that would be an overnight hit, but something that requires a lot of time to get going.

It will take quite a long while for the crawlers of Google, Moz, and other search engines to evaluate your website from the very top to the bottom. Work systematically on improving your Google rankings and stay patient.

To wrap it all up, just don’t be too obsessed with your DA score. By the end of the day, it is just another score, and just another ranking. A high DA score does not promise you better rankings or traffic, but it will show you that you’re on the right path.
Always keep an eye on the big picture and put these tips to build a site with a solid basement which will for sure gather all the rest on its own overtime.

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